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For the love of MCR, this better have uploaded the right chapter..

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Hopefully, this is chapter two.. and not chapter one again -_-

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Oh fuck me, this was the third time uploading this..

Holy crap guys. I JUST realized that when I tried to upload the second chapter (like yesterday) I re-uploaded the first chapter! You must all think I'm SO smart..... sighs sorry* I'm kinda a dumb ass................. Oh and then I re-uploaded this AGAIN and half of it was cut off! Geesh, this better work this time!!

Oh I typed part of this up on my I-pod so sorry if there are some spelling mistakes or anything like that.

X- A

Frank's P.O.V.

I'm sat on the window seat in my room, strumming away at the strings of my old beat up guitar. Everyone says I should get I new one, but how can I do that when this guitar, Pansy, was given to me by my step-sister Benji? I close my eyes, still playing as I think about Benji. I swear, at the lowest point of my life she was the only reason I remained alive; she's been my best friend since we were about seven, and when our parents started dating and eventually got married it made everything impossibly better; she moved in and we used the basement as a giant room to share. The only thing bad about the living situation and our incredibly strong friendship had that everyone thought we were dating. They still do think we're dating, despite my living with my new friend. But really, Me liking Benji? No.. just no. I mean, Benji is awesome and pretty and smart, no doubt about any of those things, its just that.. I prefer guys.

I was jolted out of my thoughts -and almost dropped Pansy, to my utter horror- by the door of the apartment creaking open and slamming shut. The living space I share with my best bud Ray was flooded by two unfamiliar voices chatting and laughing with the latter. I placed Pansy on her stand in the corner and walked out of my room to see who our guests were. I emerged from my dark lit room only to come face to face with the two cutest things I have /ever /laid eyes on.

(Just pretend that they somehow managed to get their hands on some real clothes) A way too skinny boy with some damn sexy hips was wearing a black beanie, tufts of mousy brown hair sticking out at odd angles. His shock widened, deep brown eyes are framed by black and white rimmed glasses.. Very geeky (but cute) glasses. Ray's arm is slung around his waist, just below Ray's arm is a pair of tight fitting black skinny jeans with rips that make his awkward knees look slightly less awkward. He looks my age, so about 16. Next to the skinny, awkward kneed boy was- Oh jizz.. Was the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life! Raven locks of shoulder length hair framed his angelic face. He looked up from the floor and cocked his head, shifting his hair so a pair of hazel orbs with very noticeable green flecks were boring into mine. I'm surprised I didn't gasp, his eyes are so pretty.

For the second time in five minutes I was jolted out of my thoughts by Ray "FRANKIE!" I shifted my gaze away from the pretty eyed boy to my friend "Huh?" I said, clearly dazed.

"Frank, what's up? You kinda.. Um, zoned off staring at these two.." Ray said softly, not /wanting /to embarrass me but doing a shit job. I could feel the heat radiating off my cheeks and then even more so when I realized I was still wearing my south park boxers, with the character's faces plastered onto my ass.

"Oh.." what was I supposed to say? /'Oh, sorry for standing here staring at you like some creep pedophile at a playground. It's just that you're so impossibly beautiful that I can't move from my current stance of drooling with my jaw on the floor and quite possibly having a boner..'/? um no. I don't think so.

"Fraaaankiiiiiieeee!" Ray whined, I looked at him again and he sighed. He probably knows exactly what's going through my mind at the moment. "Moving on from what ever that was.. These are my friends, Mikey and his brother Gerard," he motioned to the two boys as he said their names "And they, uh, they're gonna come live with us." he gave me a grin.

I mentally flipped off Ray. Of course, he just /had /to take in a adorably awkward kid and his hot older brother. Sure, they're Ray's friends, but they will probably hate me. If they turn out to be homophobes or jerks at all, this wont work. I did my best to smile "Oh cool, I'm Frank by the way." I stuck my hand out towards Mikey who instead pulls me into a bone crushing hug. I patted his back as I struggled for breath. Ray and.. Gerard? Yeah. Ray and Gerard were laughing their heads off "Mikes is a hugger" Gerard said still giggling; a really fucking adorable giggle, not like my own high pitch girly laugh.

Mikey finally let go of me "Well, it's nice to meet you too!" I gasped. He chuckled "Sorry, like Gee said, I'm a hugger!" I cracked a smile and turned to the other boy. He stuck his hand out to me which I took and shook (points for rhyming?), glad I didn't get engulfed in a pair of arms again. Although.. I wouldn't mind being tangled up in Gerard's arms.. Wait, what? Frank, get a grip! I've only just met the guy and I'm thinking things like that? he could be a complete douchefuck for all I know. Get a grip.

(okay, totally random but I'm watching Law and Order SVU and I was just wondering.. Does anyone else think Munch is just the shit?! I do.. Anyway, back to the story.)

(Oh, oh wait, if Ray seems SUPER gay then.. Well, its just sorta a theme in everything I write. :D back to the story for real this time!)

"Frank, show them to their rooms, please. I'm going to make something to eat" Ray said from the 'kitchen' he was busy fastening a ridiculously frilly pink apron around his waist.

"And that would be..?" where the fuck are they supposed to sleep when we only have to bedrooms? Ugh, I hope I don't have to share my room with anyone..

"Oh, right. We discussed this on the way here. Gerard is sharing my room and Mikey is bunking with you.. If you don't mind." I nodded, I guess I can share.. Unless Mikey is a douchefuck.

"M'kay. C'mon guys, lets get you to your rooms." a motioned for them to follow. Gerard sniggered "Yeah, lets go exploring!"

(So I just left to polish my nails.. -im such a girl- and they somehow came out to say -I always write stuff on them- 'Gee' on one hand and 'Way' on the other.. I'm just that awesome. And Creepy.)

I grinned and took them to their rooms and showed them the rest of the apartment when I suddenly remembered Benji is coming over for dinner. I informed Ray of this and went back to the room that I now share with Mikey. I walked in and saw him gaping at my guitar.

"Mikey... you, uh, okay?" he jumped a foot in the air and turned to face me, "You play guitar?" he asked. I nodded, "I play bass!" he exclaimed. I couldn't help but smile at his enthusiasm towards this instrument. Then I remembered he didn't have a case when he came in; or anything for that matter, him and Gerard both came in without any bags.

"Where is it then?" Mikey frowned "They took it away from me." he replied.

I cocked my head "Who took it away from you?" I asked, confused. Mikey shook his head "That's a story for another time.." he said uneasily. I'm getting the idea that he has anxiety.. Probably gets panic attacks. I can tell by the way his breathing has hitched and his hands are trembling slightly. I shook off the previous conversation not wanting to give the poor kid a panic attack.

"So, Mikey, how old are you?" I asked "Tell me some stuff about yourself!" I smiled and sat down on the floor, Mikey joined me in the middle of the room.

"I'm fifteen, turning sixteen in two weeks, on September 10th. I play bass, it's like my entire life.. Obviously Gerard is my older brother, my only sibling. Oh, this is really important so listen up; I'm addicted to coffee! It's amazing." he giggled, yes, giggled. It was cute.. But not as tantalizing as Gerard's. "Oh, and I love The Misfits, Anthrax and The Smashing Pumpkins. How about you?"

"Well for starts, just let me say that we're going to get along just fine. I love those bands too! And coffee.. Yum." my eyes fluttered closed and I sighed. My eyes snapped open again when I remembered I was supposed to be telling him about myself. "Lets see, lets see. I play guitar -obviously- I've been playing since I was seven and I got my first guitar" I motioned over to Pansy "when I was ten, from my step-sister." I finished.

"What's your step-sister like?" Mikey asked. This is really weird for me, nobody ever wants to know about me or my family. "Well," I started "She is pretty crazy; but not in a bad way. I mean like.. She is so rebellious towards all adults accept her singing teacher. She bites people, has violent tendencies; but only when someone is being a jerk to her friends. That's actually an understatement; she took a chuck -literally- out of some kid because he made fun of my stripped sweatshirt in primary school." I chuckled at the memory, I was about to continue when I realized how wide Mikey's eyes were.

"Oh my FUCK. Does she happen to have neon purple hair and nails of all different colors?!" he asked, quite loudly if I do say. I nodded, how the hell did he know that? "OH HOT BALLS. I'm pretty sure you're describing my best friend. Does she have a cat named Gir from Invader Zim (HOLY CRAP I LOVE INVADER ZIM!)?" I nod again and he erupted in a fit of squeals. For a kid that looks so nervous and anxious he sure doesn't act like it when talking about Benji.. "Well.. She's coming over tonight for dinner.." more squeals from Mikey; I just had to laugh.

"Mikes?" Gerard was now standing in the door way "You.. Okay?" he asked. Mikey nodded erratically. "YES! Benji is coming for dinner!" he exclaimed. It hit me- this is that kid Benji talks about a lot.. Mikey Way, if I remember correctly. She is going to piss herself when she sees him. Apparently he has been gone for a pretty big portion of the year.

Gerard looked confused "How- Mikey you can't just have people coming over!" he sighed. Mikey and I laughed "No, No. Gerard, Benji is my step-sister." I explained "She texted my this morning and said to have an extra plate at the table for her. Mikey didn't do anything." Gerard blushed "Oh. Never mind then.."

There was a knock on the door followed by Ray yelling at me to answer the door. Mikey's face lit up and looked at me expectantly, I nodded and he shot up, racing to the door. By the time Gerard and I made it out there, Benji had tackled Mikey to the floor and was currently shouting at him "Mikey! What in fuck's name are you doing here?! Jesus, I thought you were like dead or in prison or something! Where were you?! Why didn't you inform me I wasn't going to see you for SEVEN MONTHS AND TWENTY FOUR days?!" she paused and looked up at me and Ray "and why are you in my step-brother's apartment?"

Next chapter- Mikey and Gerard's explanation to Benji.. And to Ray and Frankie. And then I'm not sure what'll come after that. Let me know how you like this :3

Ooops, just realized that like half of this was Author's Notes..




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