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Chappy Three!

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And here we have Bob..

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Geesh, it took three or four tries to get that last chapter up. I kept uploading the wrong thing. I feel so stupid :P I’ll have my little sister upload stuff from now on because she is really good with computers.
Ok, so I went to seven eleven this morning with my thirteen year old sister (the one uploading from now on) for some coffee and a slurpee and guess who I saw? The guy I have liked for.. Oh, I dunno.. FOREVER. Like really, since the third grade! And now it’s eleventh grade. Guess who was with him? His new slag of a girlfriend. Ugh.
So Here’s what happened-
Walks through seven eleven with arm around sisters shoulder and two family sized bags of chips in my other hand, sister (Shea) holding another bag of chips, my coffee, her slurpee
Boy I’ve liked since forever (known as ‘him’ from now on) “Aimee? Is that you? You look great!”
Me- Looks down at my old doc martens, yesterday’s t-shirt and a pair of my friend’s (who is a guy, mind you) sweat pants, remembers greasy hair or make up free face, blushes like mad “Um thanks? You too..”
Him- “Thanks! Oh, did you wanna-”
Slaggy girlfriend of his (or ‘slag’) appears out of nowhere, slinks an arm around him “Hey baby! Let’s go.” then notices me and Shea “Oh, Hi Aimee.”
Shea - looks really awkward
Me- “Hey Juliana, how’s summer goin?”
Slag- “A helluva lot better then yours, it seems. You know eating chips is going to make you even more fat?”
Him- “Jule! That was a bit rude, yeah?”
Shea- before the slag can even say anything, “Well me and my pretty -unlike you- sister should be going now. It was nice seeing you, nods to him and as for Ms. Slaggy Lindsey.. Don’t you know tank tops are actually supposed to cover your plastic boobs?”
Me and Shea- walk away, Shea grinning, me loving her for using an Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging reference.
Sorry for boring you do death, on with the story.


Mikey's P.O.V.

When Benji finally got off of me and allowed me to stand, everyone sat down at the table. I guess its time for Gee and I to tell them all why we have been gone, locked away in a mental institution for the past seven months and twenty four day (according to Benji).

I heard Gerard sigh, I figured he wanted me start the story. And so I did. Everyone was looking expectantly at Gee since he was the elder; slight looks of surprise crossed their faces when they heard me speak first.

"No point in beating around the bush, to I'll just get straight to it." Nods from everyone "Gee and I have been in a mental institution for these last few months. Out parents thought it best to have us treated there because I can see ghosts.. Which they didn't believe, of course."

Frank choked on his soda, to which Benji patted his back. "You can what?!" he asked, rather rudely in my opinion. I rolled my eyes. "See ghosts, talk to ghosts, you know. Those kinds of things.. But you u don't believe me, do you?" in response he shook his head.

That's when Benji piped up; "No Frank, it's real. He isn't delusional or trying to play April's fool. Mikey really /can /see ghosts!" Frank gave her a sarcastic look as if to say 'Pfft, how would you know?' in return. Benji slapped him round the head, he scowled up at her. Did I mention Frank is a like a midget? Pretty sure he's only 5'5". Well yeah, so he always has to look up at people.

Since Benji is my closest friend, it was just natural that I tell her about the ghosts; introduce her to one, actually. I can do this freak thing where I make ghost go from only being visible to me, to making them visible to everyone, as if they are a real person and not just a spirit.

"Mikey, show him. Is he here?" Benji asked, everyone -with the exception of Gerard- looked at her like she was crazy. Of course /I /know what she's talking about. She is referring to Bob; a ghost that I made visible so she could meet. They became quite close, very good friends and Bob often hung out with us.

"Is who here?" Ray asked, he looked nervous but there was that unmistakable glint of excitement in his dark eyes.

"Why Bob of course! A ghost." Benji informed him, Frank visibly tensed up, his jaw clenched. This must be super weird for him; poor kid. Must be weird for Ray too, although its very clear he's enjoying this situation. I glanced at my brother, he was listening intently to the conversation I zoned out of, he was throwing in a few comments here and there but mostly he was just watching Frank. I felt my lips curl into a smile at this, Gerard hasn't been able to find any one he likes -/really likes/- since Bert. But Bert wasn't real, just a person he thought was real but it was truly just something his schizophrenia brought on.

Benji snapped me out of my thoughts, I blinked stupidly as I returned to reality. "Mikey! I asked if he's here?" she said impatiently.

I nodded, Bob was standing Benji's chair smiling at me. "Yeah, he's behind you." I informed her, she squealed. "Well, what are you waiting for? Let us see him!"

I nodded and put all my concentration on Bob, who was being all fidgety, "Bob, stand still!" Frank squinted and looked where I was as if trying to find out if he could see Bob too. Bob stood still and I put my concentration back onto him. I could feel Gerard's intrigued eyes on my, studying me, like he always does. He always tries to figure out how I do this to no avail; I have never told him it has to do more with the brain then the body.

After a few moments of me transferring energy to Bob he faded into view of everyone else. After being tackled down by Gerard and Benji -and gasps from Frank and Ray- the first words out of his mouth were "No one ever said why Gee was sent there."

Ah, that's right. Now no one except Gerard and I know about this, not even Benji or Bob. Gee sighed and started to explain "I have schizophrenia. I was seeing and hearing people that weren't there. For three years I was dating a guy named Bert.. Only to find out he wasn't really even there." he frowned, as did I. He hates talking about these things and it truly brakes my heart to see him in so much pain from having to remember; this is just one of those things that he wants to forget.

Bob placed a reassuring hand on my brother's shoulder, Ray looked kind of freaked out. I'm guessing its more from the fact that Gerard didn't tell him about it then the fact that he actually does have schizophrenia. Frank, I could tell, wasn't about to question this like he did to me. As for Benji.. She just looked fascinated. She loves anything that has to do with mental disorders; she wants to work as a psychologist when she's done with high school and college.

So I sat in front on my computer for about ten minutes before I thought of something to write after that.

"When did they let you out?" Frank asked. Oh fuck. Gee and I didn't think of anything to say if we got asked that question. I can feel the anxiety coming on, my chest tightening, as Gee stutters out "Uh.. Thu-They didn't. Wuh-We ran away.."

They all looked at Gee and I, shocked and my breathes quickened "Mikey, are you alright?" Frank asked.

Gerard told me to take slow deep breathes and helped me calm down while Benji told Frank about my anxiety.

Meanwhile, Ray and Bob were staring affectionately at each other - wait, what?!

Next Chapter - I dunno, stuff that has to do with Bob and Ray, most likely. Stuff having to do with Bob at the very least.

Oh my god, my little summer job thing starts on the 24th of this month.. I'm not gonna be able to write as much.. But I'll find a way to get chapters to you guys :D


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