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Chappy Four!

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What.. can it pssibly be? An update?! What has the world come to?!

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Wow.. So sorry I didn't update for so long! D: But finally, here's the new chapter! Hope you guys like it. Please Rate&Review, it means a lot. And thank you to all the people that are reading this!! ♥

Bob's P.O.V.



It's been two days since Gerard and Mikey moved in with Ray and Frank.. and about seven hours since Benji decided she was going to live on their couch and bring me with her to 'sleep' on their insanely comfy chair. We've all been having an awesome time for the past couple days.. or at least that's what I thought before I realized Frank hadn't really been hanging out with us and that when he /was /with us he seemed really distant; and so I declared to myself that I was going to make friends with the kid.

I knock on Frank and Mikey's bedroom door; everyone is out right now with the exception of Frank and I, so I figure now would be a good time to talk to him. To try to make him my friend.

The door opens, revealing a tired looking Frank sporting stripy neon blue/black boxers and a sleepy smile.
"Hey Bob, what's up?" He asked as he beckoned me inside. I did as told and stood awkwardly in the center of the room.
"Ah nothing, just wondering if we could talk for a while?" I informed, but it came out more like a question. Frank's facial expression morphed into one of concern; "Sure.. Everything alright?" He asked as he slipped on some skinny jeans and began looking for a shirt.
I nodded though he couldn't see me and sat on the edge of his bed. "Oh yeah, everything's just fine. I just thought, ya know, we haven't seen much of you the past two days, ya know? And Ray says your always 'round." Frank nodded so continued, "So I was just wondering if everything was bothering you?"

Frank and I were both silent for a good two minutes while he finished getting dressed. He finally came to sit y me, now wearing far too tight black skinny jeans (A/N Skinny jeans can NEVER be too tight on Frank Iero!), a red and black The Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt and a Misfits hoodie. Kid's obviously got a good taste in music!

With a sigh be began his reply, "Well it's just that.. That Ray hasn't been this happy in /months/, neither has Benji. And it's because you, Mikey and Gerard are all back. I-I just can't help but feel like I'm intruding on everyone else's happiness with my.. Presence." I frowned at his reasoning and put a hand on his shoulder.

"I promise you, we all want to have you with us. You seem like a really cool guy and you have a damn good music taste! Benji is worried about you, about why you've been so distant and Ray is missing you like mad." I reassured him. I'm not just making it up, either; even Mikey wants to get to know Frank.

And as if he read my mind; "And I suppose I should try to make friends with Mikey, I am sharing a room with him after all." I glanced in the direction of Mikey's bed; sheets and blankets a mess, about a years worth of clothes spewed around it, and his favorite stuffed unicorn sprawled out on one of his pillows. Seriously MikeyWay? Boy's only been here two days and he's already made a giant mess of his living space. Typical Mikey. I sigh to myself and return my attention back to Frank who has started talking again... well, more like stuttering and spluttering.

"Y-Yu know Ger-Gerard?" he asked, blushing. I gave him my best 'Duuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh!' look and he continued his embarrassing stutters. "Um.. Well, I.. I th-think I-" he stopped when the apartment door slammed open, his eyes widened at the sound of Ray and Gerard's laughs drifting in through the still open bedroom door.

I smiled slightly at him "We'll talk later, yeah?" Frank nodded his head in response and I left to go say hi to the others now inhabiting the apartment

I found them in the little kitchen, Gerard sitting on the table swinging his legs back and forth, sipping at a coffee; Ray was making himself a cup. When they noticed me Gerard greeted me and Ray offered me a cup of my favorite drink. Gee visibly cringed, I suppose he knows what's coming up next.

A sad smile overtook my face, "I really would enjoy some, but.. But there really isn't any point, I cant actually taste anything."

Ray slumped, "Oh.. If you don't mind me asking -I know it's really rude- But, what happened?" He blushed at his own question, it was so cute!

Hold up, I didn't just say he was cute. Noooo, not attracted to him, my brain is just being stupid. Yeah, that's all.

I snapped myself out f my inner thoughts t respond.

I raise an eyebrow, "You mean how did I die?" Ray nodded, Gerard stood and began to leave. He paused at the door way and turned to look at me, "Sorry Bobert, I just can't hear this again." I nodded in understatement, "S'okay buddy." I smiled, which he returned before leaving the room, mumbling to himself. Hmm.. Gerard mumbling stuff to himself is never good, I'll have to tell his brother about that.

I clasped my hands and sat down on a cold wooden chair, motioning for Ray to do the same. "Ready?" I asked. After receiving a nod from Ray and his 'fro I began my short story.

"Well, I was 17, just three short months from turning 18. A few years before I had gotten into drugs and alcohol and.. And sex. I completely ruined my life, and my uncle liked to make sure I knew just that. When I turned 17 he started beating me.. Every single night when a got home -My parents sent me to stay with him, y'see?" a nod "And one night we were both piss face drunk and he beat the living fuck outta me and I blacked out. When I woke up I was in the basement with my uncle ontp of me." I could feel warm tears running down my face now, "He slammed into me, screaming things like 'You like sex so fucking much?! How's this?!' And all I c-could feel was p-pain! I juh-just wanted to curl up and duh-die." I'm sobbing now and for some reason I take special notice to Ray's arm slipping around me. "He.. He beat me to the p-punch, though. When he finished he stabbed my chest 17 times. Once f-for every year of h-his pathetic bastardly life th-that I ruined..."

He didn't say anything, Ray just pulled me into a tight embrace. I breathed in his scent.. That's when I blacked out.
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