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A profile of a Ficwaddian.

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Read it to find out what hides under the ever-so-elusive KilljoyKid. I am a sad, sad person with no life -___-

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Real Name: Megan

Username: KilljoyKid

Gender: undecided. Just kidding, female :)

Country: Okay, so this is where it gets super fucked up. I was born in Ireland, lived in Denmark for 8 months as a tot (my father was Danish), moved back to Ireland, at the age of eleven moved to Australia, lived there for the best 9 months of my life in Perth, and moved back to Ireland again :) I'm 14 now and planning my future in Australia :D

City: Ireland doesn't really have cities.... I am from Galway, the county, though... not saying where abouts though :)

Religion: Roman catholic, but in Ireland (well, to me) that's really the same as atheist, so atheist. I don't even go to Christmas mass anymore. I didn't want to go to my half-sister's communion. I think you get the point.

Relationship status: Chasing someone I can't have. :(

Picture of yourself (optional):(Please use for this) it's not tinypic but deal with it.

Favourite musicians/bands: My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Black Veil Brides, Falling In Reverse, LeATHERMOUTH, Pencey Prep, Pierce The Veil, The Used, Panic! At the Disco, Tokio Hotel, Breathe Carolina, Fall Out Boy, Blood On The Dance Floor, Olly Murs, Rizzle Kicks, Lady Gaga... You're all probably like :O LADY GAGA?! She has some good songs! And she fights hard for LGBT rights :)

Favourite movies: Ummm, The girl with the dragon tattoo, Nightmare before Christmas, and that's about it.... I don't watch tv or movies ^^

Favourite TV shows: LA ink. I've started actually watching something! :O Well... on my laptop, but same thing! It's still t.v!

Favorite books: Harry Potter, House of Night, Narnia, anything really but twishite.

Heroes: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Mikey Way, Hermione Granger, and Christian Novelli, who is a youtuber you should look up under touchtheskyfilms.

Bandoms you write for: My Chemical Romance :3

Pairings you ship: Frerard, Frikey, Waycest, Ray and Mikey, Pikey.... Mikey gets around a LOT! Drarry, Deamus, Wolfstar, and some moar :D

In your opinion, what is the best story on Ficwad you feel you've ever written? I'm Not Okay

Your favorite authors on here: favorite ALLL The authors :D

Your favourite fics on here: Too many to say D: But I heart Unitedsuck007 and CosmicZombie :)

Sample of your writing:

"Faster. Faster! Come on! Faster!" Fran screamed shrilly.

"I'm going, I'm going!" Gerard replied, red in the face from the effort.

Mikey cringed. He was afraid to go over and pull back the curtains on Gerard’s bunk for fear of what he might be interrupting.

"There! There! COME ON!" Frank screamed. The following moan was disturbing. Mikey didn’t want to know what was going on.

“Harder! PLEASE!!! FRANK!” another moan. Gerard was a loud motherfucker. Usually they didn’t do...well, that when the others were on the bus. Mikey now knew why.

Finally, after an especially loud moan that was from Frank (who knew such a small man could make such loud noises?!), he had enough. It wasn't anything he hadn't seen before. He had walked in on them once and... well, he didn’t want to repeat it. Besides, Frank and Gerard were well known for PDAs- they made fangirls all over the world scream and shout. He braced himself and yanked back the curtains... only to find the two playing driving video games. He sighed, relieved.

"Guys, just SHUT UP and DRIVE!" He yelled, then pulled the curtains together again. He grinned at the sudden silence, thankful his prayers were answered, when-


It was going to be a long night.

So that is what's inside my head. What I mean by the title is my father is remarried and living in Thailand, I've never met him and all I can ever inherit from him is diabetes. I had written more about it but it all dissapeared and then I tried doing it again, and it didn't work, so third time lucky and fingers crossed! Also, Jacks_Demons, my twin sister, is going doing one of these too :)

I just realized I eat really wierdly. Today I had three bowls of cereal, about 14 biscuits, two cups of coffee, two litres of water and four bottles of apple juice. I am starving.

Bai Bai, Megan :D
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