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Chapter 2

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Back in Jump City, the Titans sulked and struggled as they desperately continued their attempts to find their missing leader. "Robin, Robin answer me. Where are you? Robin please we wish to locate you! Ro-"

"Give it a rest Star," sighed Cyborg.

"Yeah, if he was gonna answer he would've done it by now," said Beast Boy as he and Cyborg searched the city for their friend. "Besides, you're kinda giving me a headache."

"But where could he have gone? I can't find him anywhere." cried Starfire as she frantically searched the city from the skies.

"No sign of him here either," replied Raven, scanning the town via satellite back at the tower. "His locater is still offline."

" Oh we are terrible friends! We never should have left Robin to do battle alone; we have to keep looking," cried Starfire despairingly.

"Ugh! This is all my fault!" grumbled Cyborg as he angrily punching a nearby wall. "I should've stayed and helped him; I should have known!"

"Yeah especially since Slade's decoy was a dud," added Beast Boy.

"It wasn't a dud, it was a distraction," stated Raven. "It was designed to get us away from Robin, and we fell for it." She sighed as she closed her eyes- shielding herself from the unrelenting guilt. Spread across the city, each of the Titans shared a moment of silence as they blamed themselves for Robin's disappearance. Though no words were exchanged, similar thoughts passed through their minds: 'It's my fault; how could I have been so blind? I should have known. Why did Slade wish to separate us? What did he want with Robin? If the detonator was a decoy, then what did Slade really want?'

"We have to keep looking!" shouted Starfire. "We-" the distraught alien was quickly interrupted by the signal of a robbery...
The young heroes quickly reported to the scene of the crime to investigate the alert. In no time, they arrive at a government arsenal. Upon arrival, the team finds that they're just in time to catch the thief before he can escape. Chasing the perpetraitor through the night, following close behind and showing no signs of backing off, the Teen Titans continue to pursue the criminal with righteous fury and intent. "Titans GO!" shouted Cyborg as he lead the chase through the facility. Immediatley, the team sprung into action and contiue the chase with firey determiniation, even without their leader, that is, until they corner the perpetrator and discover that the thief is their leader- working for Slade! After cornering their target, the Titans all stop and stare in disbelief at the masked bandit who once fought by their side.

"That's not Slade! That's-"

"Robin..." the Titans all exclaimed in disbelief, their mouths wide open in response to the unbelievable sight that stood before them. An angry scowl on his face, Robin simply stood still, crouched in an apprehensive position as he silently stared down his friends; his stolen prize- a thermal blaster- clenched tightly in his fist.

"Robin, what are you… why are you doing this?" asked Starfire in despair. However, instead of a verbal answer, the ex- Titan responded by hurling explosives at her and the rest of the team.

"Dude, what is your deal?" yelled Beast Boy in shock, but under the command of Slade, Robin still wouldn't answer and continued to fight. Confused and angry, the Titans continue to battle their former leader until finally, with a swift move and some helpful exploives, the traitor managed to escape- with the thermal blaster in-hand. Dazed and confused, the Teen Titans all looked at one another in silence. Though it was clear that they had all just seen the same thing, not a one wanted to believe it. And despite thier best attempts to block the scenario out, the Titans are all hit with the disturbing reality that their friend had become a criminal- completely unaware that their thieving friend had only joined the dark side, to keep his team in the light. And whilst they sat and sulked over the cruel reality, it seemed they weren't the only ones in a rutt. What could the Boy Wonder do? With Slade threatening to eliminate his friends if he disobeyed, and the Titans determined to take him down now that he was a criminal, it seemed like Robin had nowhere to go, and no one to turn to. All hope seemed lost for the fallen hero; and unfortunately, it seemed like the only choice he had was in the form of another robbery, and this time, he'd have a conspirator...
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