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Chapter Four

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Chapter Four

“AHHHHHHH!” It’s Sunday morning and Jess and I are still in our pajamas sitting on the kitchen bench eating cereal. Who in the world brainlessly names cereal ‘Camel Balls’? I mean come on, really. We were sitting in peace until Jess declared the need to scream. “What, what’s going on?” Jess set aside her bowl, looked into my eyes and very softly said “Zayn texted me” I too mirrored her actions. “Really what did it say?” “It says” Jess cleared her throat like she is about to make an important announcement which to her is. “Thanks for a great night; I really enjoyed getting to know you. How about I take you out for lunch today? Just me and you. And he put a smiley face” Jess exclaimed hyperactively. “So, did you reply?’ “Reply to what?” “The message you blonde!” “Oh, what do I say, I mean should I go?” With a sigh I snatched the phone out of her perfectly manicured fingers. “Hey!” I tapped away at the buttons, composing a message. “You’re welcome” “What did you send him?” “Well I declared your undying love for him and how you can’t wait to be in his arms” “Really?” “No, I just told him you’ll be there”. We both burst out laughing. Jess cut through the laughing and in all seriousness she said “What do I wear?” It’s the same problem every girl has. I took her by the arm. “Follow me”

Standing in front of her wardrobe staring at all the possibilities, it actually was a dilemma. “Well?” she pleaded. “Ok”, I said chucking around a bunch of clothes on the bed where she was seated. “You don’t want to go over dressed, like you’re going to a high class cocktail party” She picked up a black satin dress with lace on its collars and sleeves. “You’re also not going to a funeral”. Because of Jess love for fashion, she had a lot of clothes and it was very hard to pick something. “I know, go in jeans and a shirt” “What?” “You know, something comfortable and laidback, after all it is your first date and you’re a natural beauty”, I said already rummaging through her collection of jeans. I found a pair of light colored skinny’s with a few rips running along its legs. I chucked that at her. Digging further, I managed to find a long white silk blouse. That was thrown at her too. “How about a coat?” I said to her. “Of course, it’s freezing outside”. A white and black embellished tulle blazer went flying her way. “Go” I pointed to the bathroom. Jess disappeared as I managed to stick all her clothes back in the wardrobe. She appeared a short time later all dressed. She looked great, as always. “So?” “If I was a boy I would totally ask for your number, but since Zayn already did that, I’m limited to only complimenting you” Jess laughed at that. “Shoes” I said pointing to her bare feet. “I’ve got just the ones”, she said walking to the other side of the bed. Bending down she picked up a pair of mustard heels with thick straps running along. Jess slipped them on. Twirling her around, she looked amazing. Staring herself down in the mirror, she commented, “I’ll just put my hair in a neat bun with pins, apply my makeup and I’ll be ready”. “Yepp”. Watching her prepare, I remembered something. I ran to my room and came back with a ring that has a huge black beetle. “Here put this one” “What’s this?” “Just my way for spying on you” I teased. Putting it on she was ready to go.

“Don’t forget you start work tomorrow so no staying up late, oh and stay safe” I shouted down the street and she disappeared. I felt like a proud mother. Shutting the door, I retreated to being lazy by watching movies. I started feeling myself falling asleep. I must have slept a few hours as I woke up to something rattling outside. Thinking it was Jess having trouble opening the door; I got up and went to open it myself. Nothing, instead I was greeted with a splash of cold air. I put it down to the wind and went to the kitchen for a glass of milk. Staring at the clock, it was 5:24. Jess must be having fun as her lunch date is turning into a dinner date. “Lulu, I’m back” Jess voice startled me, causing me to spill some of the milk on myself. “In the kitchen Jess”. “Why are you still in your Pjs?” Jess looked really happy, her face glowing. She must have enjoyed her date. “How did it go?” Jess smiled, thinking back. “Well, when I met up with him, he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then we took the subway downtown and he held my hand. We ended up finding a small pizza place where we stopped and ate. We discussed everything, it’s like we’ve known each other forever. After we had lunch we took a stroll in a nearby park where he surprised me. Zayn said he liked me. I was in shock until he surprised me again and kissed me on the lips. And now I’m home”. Jess said all that in one go, without pausing for breaths. Wow, she was in love. “I’m so happy for you Jess, first week in England and you have already scored a husband” I said squeezing her. “It’s just around him, I feel comfortable, and I’m me”. I couldn’t help but be happy seeing how happy she was.

“What’s that?” Jess said, her expression changing. The rattling sound was there again, but on the other side of the house. “Don’t know, I’ve been hearing that for a while but I thought it was someone next door”. Suddenly we both saw something rush across the window. “Shit, someone’s outside” I exclaimed. “What if they are after us, you know to steal and stuff. What if they hurt us?” Jess began to panic. We have never been in a situation like this so the best thing we knew was to hide. I pulled Jess into the pantry and closed the door. It was even scarier as there was no light. Jess took out her phone, since mine was still on the couch. “What do we do?” I asked her. “I don’t know, let’s call somebody” “Who but? We hardly know anyone here that can come to our rescue” We conversed in hushed whispers fearing who would be heard. Jess dialed someone and was waiting for the phone to pick up. “Hurry over please, there’s someone outside our window. I think they are breaking in- Yeah we are hiding. Ok but hurry” Silence. “Who did you call?” “Zayn” she replied. “Ok, so now we wait until he shows up”.

There was a knock at the door. We froze. “Go open it Jess, it’s probably Zayn” “No. you open it” “Please, you do it and I’ll wait here for you” “Really, what if it’s a killer and not Zayn?” “We won’t know unless we open, unless you want to spend the night in a pantry” “Fine, but stay tuned in case I call out to you” “Ok”. I opened the pantry door; looking sideways hoping nothing catches me by surprise. I tip toed to the door. I leaded over, placing my ear on the door, seeing if I can make out whose outside. Nothing but heavy breathing. “Well Lulu, just open the door and take it as it comes” I lectured myself.

One, two, three! I closed my eyes and twisted the handle, suddenly falling to the ground with someone on top of me. “Get off me” I screamed. I opened my eyes and found myself staring into familiar blue eyes. “Why do you smell like milk?” It was none other than Mr. Pirate guy- Louis pinning me down. The door closed behind us and I saw the usual gang standing there minus the girlfriends. We were staring at each other, our breathing labored. Mine mostly from fear. Someone pulled him off me and in return helped me up. It was Zayn. “Where’s Jess?” he said. “Follow the leader” I replied. I lead them to the pantry and told them to be quiet. I slowly opened the door. “Please don’t hurt me! You can have my makeup and clothes, just leave me alone” Jess screamed, her eyes shut. “What?” I managed to say dumbfound. Jess opened her eyes and saw us standing there. She looked over at Zayn and suddenly went red. “Oh” she said, Zayn helping her out, giving her a cuddle, wishing someone would give me one. “Did you catch them?” said, feeling normal again. “We didn’t see anyone”, Liam said speaking up. “But we saw someone outside the window” I repeated. I looked over at Niall and saw that he was already raiding our fridge. Why is he not fat yet, I thought. “But to make sure you’ll be safe, we are going to spend the night here with you guys. If that’s ok?” Harry looked over at both of us. I looked over at Jess and she just shrugged. “Ok I guess” I said frankly. Zayn had his arm around Jess, walking towards the lounge room. The rest of the guys followed, Niall clutching a bag of chips. Or so I thought. I turned around and Louis was standing there, staring at me. He smiled and I smiled back. “So, you didn’t tell me why you smell like milk”. “I had a little accident before you came” “Really?” Without another word I walked out and he followed me to the extent of sitting next to me on the sofa.

“What do we do know?” I heard myself say.
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