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Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

Twelve sets of eyes were suddenly cast on me, each looking as if I spoke in tongues. “Well?” I shot back, staring at each of them in return. “I know! Lets paint each other’s nails and braid our hair and oh! And talk about our secret crushes!” Jess looked at me dazed and I knew what she was thinking. This had to be the first time Jess and I heard Niall speak, his Irish accent coming through thick. “Girls have you forgotten that were guys and we really don’t do slumber parties” Harry replied. “Really? Hmm, you had me mistaken then” Jess said managing a chuckle. One look at Jess and I too found that funny. “Ok, so painting nails and doing each other’s hair is out of the picture. How about a movie, you guys pick?” “Nope. We know how girls work; you’ll end up making us watch The Sound of Music or worse, some hopeless girly movie about feminism” Liam said all serious. Louis spoke up; “I know” Trust this guy to come up with something. “Let’s play a game, any game” We all looked around nodding at each other in agreement. “Ok, what game?” Jess asked, still sitting next to Zayn. “Interesting question you pose my dear friend, how about-“I was cut mid sentence when the door bell rang. Again we all looked at each other. It was really starting to look like a bad horror movie. No one spoke as I got up and began to cross the living room to the big wooden door. Right behind me was Louis. We approached the door, each positioning ourselves on either side. Louis put his finger to his lips, motioning everyone to be quiet. His hands slowly turned the knob.

Thinking we were about to be attacked I closed my eyes. After a few seconds of silence I opened them and realized it was the girls standing there looking innocent s ever. “Oh” I sighed. “Come on in girls” I smiled. Maria and MC walked into the living room, each sitting next to their boyfriends. “How did you know they were here?” Jess asked curious. “Oh that, yeah I called MC and told her” Niall confirmed. We all looked at him. “What she was hungry!” he protested. “The more the merrier” Jess said with a smile. “Yeah you’re just in time. Were about to play a game” I said. “Yeah, Truth or Dare” Louis chipped in with a smirk across his face. I had a feeling this isn’t going to end well.

“Ok who’s going first?” Louis asked. We were all seated in a circle, feet crossed and bottle in the middle. No one replied. “That means me then” Louis continued. He looked at each one of us, trying to intimidate us. It wasn’t working so he gave up and spun the bottle. After a few spins, it finally landed on Liam. Poor Liam, I thought. “Truth or Dare?” Louis asked him. “Truth” he replied. “Ok, have you ever worn your mums…ah, bra?” What! We all looked at him like he was crazy. “What? Some people do that you know” “Wore my mum’s bra I have never but once when I was little, and don’t judge, I found one of my underwear and wore it as a heroes mask” He began to blush as we laughed, all turning red.

“Ok, funs over, my turn” Liam tried to shut us up. We settled down. He spun the bottle, the first go landing on someone imaginary. On the second go, it landed on MC. By the look on her face, it seems like she doesn’t know what was going on. “So MC, Truth or Dare?” “Umm, dare” she replied. Wow, this girl has guts. “I dare you to go to the kitchen, open the cupboards, mix whatever you find and eat it, ALL OF IT!” he added. I made a mental check of what we had in the kitchen. Bread, a can of tuna, milk, anchovies. Yepp, it’s going to be disgusting. A few minutes later, MC returned with a bowl. She sat down next to Niall and produced a spoon. Staring at the contents in the bowl, my stomach began to churn. The color reminded me of the inside of a baby’s diaper. She began to eat it, face remained expressionless. Hmm, must be good. A couple of mouthfuls later, she was done. “Accomplished” MC proclaimed. “Quite the girl” Liam announced.

The bottle began to spin and to my horror, it landed right on me. I looked over at Jess and she had a smile I did not like. Jess called MC over and whispered in her ear something I couldn’t hear. I didn’t like this one bit. “Since you happen to be the lucky third player, you have to do a dare” MC said. How bad could it be? I thought. “I dare you to re-enact that lovey dovey scene from Titanic with-..” Oh, God no! “Louis and he has to be Rose” I was speechless; I looked over at Jess and knew this was her doing, always playing the match maker. I don’t want to do anything with Louis over there. “Can I pass?” I asked hoping for a ceasefire. “Nope, rules are rules”, Jess reminded me. “Fine, let’s get this over and done, Mr. Pirate guy”. I got up in front of everyone, standing awkwardly next to Louis, not knowing what to do to. “This girl cannot wait any longer, she has a date with her other lover”, Louis joked referencing himself. I walked up to him and put my hands around his waist. I hid my face behind his top, not wanting the others to see my embarrassment. He lifted up his hands as if he was standing on the ledge of the boat. Zayn got up and standing in front of Louis face, began to blow, pretending its wind. Louis stepped on my foot and I let go, twisting over my own legs, I fell hitting my head on the leg of the couch. “Ouch!” I whined.

“Lulu! Are you ok, I’m so sorry” Jess cried out. Little did she know that she just confessed to her crime. “Yeah, I’m fine, I’ll just go to the bathroom and put water on it” I said getting up. “Do you want me to come with?” Jess certainly looked worried. “Nah, I’m fine, honest”. All eyes were on me as I walked out and headed towards the bathroom.

I stared at myself in the mirror, studying the corner of my head. “It sure is going to leave a bump” I said loudly to myself. “Here, let me have a look” The voice coming from behind me startled me, turning around I saw it was Louie. He walked over and grabbed the towel on the rack, wetting it, her pressed it against my head. I winched as he accidentally applied pressure. Well this was certainly awkward. “I’m really sorry”, I heard him say softly. Did I just hear the cockiest guy apologize? Wow, must be a first. “It’s not your fault, I just slipped” I corrected him. “Yeah, but I was there and I could of done something to stop you from falling but I didn’t and-‘’ Louis was rambling by now. I couldn’t help but think it was adorable on his part. I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back, his rambling stopping. We stood there for a fee seconds staring at each other. It wasn’t awkward, it felt comfortable. “Let’s head back” he said grabbing my hand. That caught me by surprise, it was warm and firm. I didn't let go.

Back in the living room, everything was settled down and rather quiet for a bunch of silly adults. Harry sitting on the long couch, with Maria in his lap talking and laughing at something inaudible. They looked happy together, almost perfect. Maria looked up at where I and Louis were standing and I instantly let go of his hand blushing. She smiled at us. “How’s your head?” “Its better”, I replied. “Where the Niallster and his gal?” Louis asked “Oh, I think they are dozing of somewhere after demolishing everything edible and Liam’s on the phone in one of the rooms” Maria answered him. I remembered that his girlfriend- Elissa I think was overseas at the moment. I heard a string of laughter coming from the kitchen, instantly picking up on Jess laugh. I’ve never heard her laugh so much so I guessed Zayn’s with her.

Entering the kitchen, it was a site to be seen. Zayn was in a pink apron with flowers draped on it while Jess was sitting on the counter, licking cupcake batter form a wooden spoon. Both their faces were covered in the batter and what’s that, Jess dress is covered in sticky batter and she’s not panicking? Defiantly love then. “Oh, hey Lulu, were making cupcakes” She told me smiling at me. I smiled back. “I’m just here for a cup of water”. Walking over to the tap, I realized that the batter was splashed everywhere. Yepp, it seems that more play than work is being done here. I placed the cup down and turned around. Jess was still on the counter; Zayn had his arms wrapped around her waist. Their lips locked on each other. They looked so adorable and both looked happy. I’m glad Jess found someone that makes her happy. I walked out silently, not wanting to intrude. Although I should of have gotten a picture.

Back in the living room, Louis was sitting in front of the TV, watching some cartoon. I went and sat next to him. “Hey” I said quietly, realizing Harry and Maria have fallen asleep in each other’s arms. “I’m going to offer you a deal of a lifetime”, Louis whispered in my ear. “What’s that” I replied. “Let’s watch a movie and you get to pick” He told me, looking proud of himself. “Wow that is a bargain, deal” I got up and went over to the TV stand and plopped in a DVD. I went back to sitting next to Louis. “So, what are we watching?” “You’ll see” I said not giving anything away. The screen lit up and the title appeared in bold. ‘The Sound of Music’. I looked over at him expecting protests. Instead he reached out for my hand. For the second time that night I didn’t resist.
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