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Weeelll, everyone else was doing one so I decided to further contaminate the feed. :D

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Real Name: Adrianna Vidal
Username: ThanksChemVenom
Gender: Alien
Country: NARNIA
City: Miami
Religion: Agnostic/odd creature of a mormon home and anti religious friends
Relationship status: LONELEY
Picture of yourself (optional): (but my hair is black now and soon to be red)
Favourite musicians/bands:
Green Day
Iron Maiden
Rise Against
Bright Eyes
Bring me the Horizon
thislistwillgoonforeverandeverandever... I'll spare you now.

Movies: The Breakfast Club; Angus Thongs and perfect snogging; Chicago

TV Shows: SYTYCD; Ellen DeGeneres

Books: -The Perks of Being a Wallflower
- this list will go on forever too!

Heroes: REALLY? My Chem, OF COURSE.

Bandoms/ Pairings: MCR (maybe more in future) FREDARD. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE SOME HOT GAY SEX WITH THEM UP IN HERE?

I think the best story on here I've written is All The Lies in The Books. It's gotten alot of good feedback, and even though I don't like my own work, I'm proud of it.

Favorite Fics: Meh, too many

Extras: I have this horrid love for 80's movies, I'mcurrently saving up to by myself a beautiful baby boy named Mikey Fuckin' Way. (it's a bass. and it is beautiful.)
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