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Reaching Out

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While still struggling with the Phoenix, a mysterious force is plaguing Scott Summers and it's a force that's frighteningly similar. In addition, a powerful warrior becomes involved and the Xmen fa...

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Heart of the Phoenix
Chapter 8: Reaching Out


With Logan, Ororo, Hank, and Laura staying with Emma and the Professor confronting Scott, the rest of the staff handled the students who didn't have the slightest idea of what was going on.

Rogue, Remy, Kitty, Piotr, Kurt, Amanda, Bobby, and Jubilee had done what they could, but in the end it was unanimously decided that classes should be cancelled for the time being. With so many reeling from what had happened, everybody was just trying to make sense of all this.

While they had all tried to get whatever rest they could, it was hard when their friend was out there alone and confused. Add to that, seeing how much this hurt Scott and Rachel was just too difficult to bear. Rachel had always been a beacon of happiness. She just had a knack for getting everybody to smile with her radiant aura. But seeing her cry was more than anybody could take.

Eventually, they gave up trying to rest. Rogue and Remy stayed awake the whole time, holding each other in bed, not wanting to let go. Kurt and Amanda spent all night praying for Jean's safety. And Kitty, Piotr, Bobby, and Jubilee gave up on sleep after a mere two hours and spent the rest of the night in the living room talking about what had happened.

Now, they were all gathered in the kitchen, trying to refuel their tired bodies in whatever way they could. But after last night, nobody had much of an appetite.

"So what do ya think is gonna happen wit' dat Emma woman?" asked Remy as he shared a cup of coffee with his wife.

"Beats me," said Jubilee as she casually swirled her cereal in her bowl, "I guess the Professor will let her go if she doesn't know anything more."

"Well that's totally not fair!" said Kitty in frustration, "She, like, helped those people turn Jean into that monster! I know she was close to Xavier and all, but..."

"Easy Katya," coaxed Piotr as he placed his strong hand on his girlfriend's shoulder, "You heard what Logan told us about her. She had no choice in the matter. She was just as much a puppet as we were."

"Yeah right," said Rogue in a cynical tone, "Do ya really believe that?"

"Personally, I believe that Logan wouldn't tell us anything unless he was sure it was true," answered Piotr confidently.

This silenced the table. Piotr was right. Logan didn't say things without certainty, but regardless of the answers Emma provided, there were still so many questions left unanswered. But some were just too hard to contemplate through all this pain.

"Hey, has anybody checked on Scott and Rachel?" asked Bobby, sick of the silence.

"No, but I did pass him upstairs to let him know that I vas praying for him and Jean," said Kurt as he stared at half a bagel, "He didn't seem to notice though. He seemed really upset about something."

"Well it ain't like he don't have a reason to be," said Remy with a tired sigh, "His lady is gone and dere's no tellin' what's gonna happen to her now. Plus, he's got a little girl to take care of. Hell, I can't say I would be feelin' de same way if it had been ma cherè."

"Yeah, Ah think we could all agree on that," said Rogue, snuggling up to her husband and feeling the comfort his warmth comfort.

Such words drew Amanda towards Kurt as well. In thinking about how difficult this ordeal had been on Scott, she came to appreciate that she had a man like Kurt in her life. She could never imagine losing him. It was hard enough when her parents tore them apart, but to have the one you loved most taken away by some cosmic force...There were just no words for that kind of pain.

"So where do you think Jean is right now?" asked Amanda, her thoughts drifting back towards their missing friend.

"She's a part of a cosmic being," said Bobby as he sat down next to Jubilee, "I don't think we can begin to understand where something like that would go."

"But she's still our Jean," reminded Amanda, "And power or no power, she's got to go somewhere."

"True, but if you were a being who had that much power in the palm of your hand, where exactly would you go?" asked Jubilee.

A heavy silence soon fell over the team as hey considered this mind boggling possibility. And regardless of how ill-equipped the mortal mind was to ascertain such a thought, this was still their friend, Jean Grey-Summers.

Nobody had the energy to answer that question as they remained silent in their dazed state. But just when the silence was getting to them, Logan entered with an urgent look on his face.

"Everybody, suit up and meet in the War Room! It looks like Jeannie's comin' home!"


Naturally, it didn't take long for everybody to converge in the lower levels. The knowledge that their friend was coming back was enough to break them out of any daze. It was a bit unnerving, however, to see Scott again, who had been so reclusive since he got back. He was also avoiding the Professor's eyes, but that was another matter altogether. Right now, it was all about finding Jean.

As soon as everybody had suited up and entered the briefing room, they were surprised to see Emma Frost there as well. She was standing besides the Professor, looking as if she was a part of the team when many of them still saw her as an enemy. But with their friend's life on the line, that took a back seat for now.

"What's going on, Professor? And what's SHE doing here?" asked Kitty as she entered ahead of the gang by phasing herself and Piotr through the wall.

"Easy Shadowcat. She's helping us," assured Xavier as Emma kept a stoic demeanor.

"Helping us? Yeah right, dat's rich!" scoffed Remy.

"Hey, do you want to find your friend or bicker with me?! It's your choice X-men!" spat Emma, "But I'm going to help! And like it or not, you need me!"

Nobody was too thrilled to have her around, but few wanted to start another scuffle. Yet that didn't stop Logan from keeping a careful eye on her. Puppet or no puppet, he was never quick to trust when it came to people who had hurt his family.

The only person who didn't seem to care was Scott Summers, who remained quiet as he stood a clear distance away from Xavier.

"So zhen vhat's zhe story, Professor? Did you get a reading on Jean?" asked Kurt, focusing on the task at hand.

"No. He didn't. But I did," said Scott, his voice more stern than usual, "I felt my link with Jean flare up again. I sensed her. I felt her. There was confusion, frustration, and passion. It was as if she was looking for a part of her that was missing."

"Missing?" said Bobby, "What could she be missing?"

"I don't know," said Scott with a sigh, "But whatever she's looking for, she's coming back to Earth to find it."

"Which is exactly why we must act fast," said Xavier as he brought up a holographic image of the Earth, "I've been monitoring psychic energy spikes since we returned and I've noticed that Jean's readings are intense in a way that goes beyond mere alpha class mutations."

"Beyond Alpha?" said Rogue curiously, "But Ah thought that alpha was the highest stage a mutant could be?"

"Not quite, my dear Rogue," said Hank as he explained, "You see, of all the classes of mutation there are, there happen to be a few ultra rare cases of power that goes beyond human abilities and boarder the realm of godhood."

"Godhood?" said Jubilee, finding that hard to believe even by their standards, "You mean Jean's becoming a god?"

"No, but she's becoming the next best thing...An omega level mutant," said Hank ominously, "And to give you an idea of how rare and powerful this level is, just know that there have been only two recorded mutants that have reached that level...Apocalypse and Proteus."

"And unfortunately, you all know how those ended," said Ororo in a solemn tone.

That did not lift the hopes of the team, but the Professor went on, showing little signs of dissuasion despite these disturbing circumstances.

"Jean's powers have been evolving for years. And in that time, I've tried to help her gain control of those abilities. But through the power of this entity, the Phoenix, all those control mechanisms have been shattered and her powers are exponentially growing into the omega level range. And if she is not stopped soon, then there's a good chance she may become a great danger to herself and everybody around her."

"So she's losing control and can tear us down molecule by molecule? Fantastic. So what do we do about it?" said Bobby, not sounding too hopeful.

"What do you think we do, Iceman?" said Scott in a disgruntled tone, not liking his sarcasm one bit, "We try and separate her from that entity!"

"That may be a problem Mr. Summers," said Emma as she interjected.

"Oh? And how would you know?" asked Amanda skeptically.

"Need I remind you that I was almost the White Queen of the Hellfire Club at one point?" she quipped in a confident tone, "I know more about this thing than any of you and I know for a fact that separating these two is NOT a possibility."

"Bullshit!" shot Logan, "That thing took her over! And as long as it doesn't belong in that body, we can kick it out!"

"Wrong again, Wolverine," said Emma ominously, "Jean Grey and the Phoenix are more closely linked than you think. They've been linked to one another since the moment she was born. In fact, if the legends I heard were true, her first act as a human being was to reach out to this entity and connect with it, so don't think for a second that this is new for her."

A heavy silence came over the room. It was hard to digest, knowing that their friend had always been a part of this all powerful force. But as much as they didn't want to believe it, they knew if anybody knew the truth about this thing, it was Emma.

"Is that all?" said Piotr wearily.

"No...There's more," said Emma with a sigh, "At this very moment, Phoenix is trying to completely merge with Jean Grey. Now chances are, she's fighting it. But I'm afraid this is where my knowledge ends and speculation begins. The only thing we can be sure of is that whatever it's looking for, it's not going to stop until it finds it. And if that means tearing through planets, stars, and entire galaxies, then so be it."

A sinking feeling formed in the pit of everyone's stomach. They had already fought to save the world many times before, but never had they been forced to save the universe. This was an entity on a cosmic scale. They were just a bunch of rag-tag mortals with special abilities. What could they possibly do against something like this?

"Then I guess that leaves us with only one option," said Scott, still as determined as ever.

"What's that, Cyke?" asked Logan.

"Help Jean fight this thing before it wipes her out. I can still feel her through our link! I can reach her! And if we can all give her enough strength, then maybe she can reassert control!"

"Haven't you been listening, Summers?" scoffed Emma, "She's NOT going to get control of this thing! She's a part of it for crying out loud!"

"And I'm a part of her," said Scott, casting the blonde telepath an angry look, "Phoenix or no Phoenix, she's my wife! And I'm not going to give up on her!"

"I don't know, Scott," said Kitty, who was beginning to think this was not a winnable fight, "If this thing is really a part of her, then she might be beyond saving."

"No! I refuse to believe that!" shot Scott, which almost caused Piotr to jump in front of his girlfriend out of instinct.

"Calm down, comrade!" he urged.

"Yeah, Cyke. Take it easy!" said Logan as he and Laura stood by him, "You ain't gonna help Jeannie like this."

"I know!" he yelled back, "But what do you expect me to do?! You're all telling me that my wife is beyond saving!"

"That may not be so, Scott," said the Professor, causing everybody to look back at their mentor with a surprised glance.

"What? But I thought..." began Hank, but the Professor cut him off.

"I know the circumstances we're dealing with my friend," he said with a tired sigh, "But I also know that I'm responsible for this. Jean is my student and I have to do everything in my power to save her."

These words earned him a bitter look from Scott, who was still reeling from the revelation about Xavier lying to him. But nevertheless, he heard him out.

"But Professor," argued Amanda, "If Jean is really a part of this thing, how can we separate it from her?"

"That's just it, Daytripper. We can't think in terms of separation. We must think in terms of control. Jean's mind is without blocks or barriers to stop her powers from growing. And it is this lack of control which seems to be the catalyst that Phoenix needs in order to effectively merge with her."

"So dat means dat if ya can get dose blocks back up..." said Remy, who was beginning to understand what the Professor was getting at.

"Then maybe we can remove the very thing that's driving the Phoenix," concluded Xavier, "And with that, she may be able to at least tame this force."

"But will she still be a part of it?" asked Laura, who knew better than most people the difficulty of self control, "Control or no control, if this thing is a part of her, it could remain a factor."

"Yes, I understand that, Laura. But let's take this one step at a time," said Xavier, "We'll plan for other such complications as they arise, but for now..."

Then suddenly, the computer flashed bright red and a few alarming buzzers began to sound. This caused Xavier and Hank to spring into action as they took to the controls and got a glimpse of what looked to be impossible readings.

"Professor! What is it?" asked Rogue over the alarms, "Is it Jean?"

"These readings..." said Hank in amazement, "They're...Impossible!"

"It's her..." affirmed Xavier, "She's back."

"But where?" asked Ororo as everybody crowded around the computer.

"I'm not quite sure, but..."

However, Scott picked up on this before he could answer. He didn't need some fancy machine to tell him that his wife was back. He could feel it in his mind through the link they shared. And now that she was back, it was once again strong and connected on a level even deeper than before.

"Don't bother, Professor. I know where she's going," said Scott as he clutched his temples, "And if she's at the place I think she's at then we have to hurry!"


As soon as Jean's return was confirmed, the whole team scrambled through the lower levels in preparation for their confrontation with Jean. Cosmic entity or no cosmic entity, they had to help her. And even if her power bordered that of a god, there was no going back now. Jean was still their friend and she needed them now more than ever.

Yet just as everybody was making a mad dash to suit up, Scott Summers was in the room he shared with his wife putting on his Cyclops uniform. Looking in the mirror, he prayed to whatever higher power he could to give him the strength to save the woman he loved. Rachel was still fast asleep and looking back at her, he had all the more incentive to succeed.

He was about to make his leave when suddenly, his eye fell upon one of the many pictures on his dresser. It was one of Jean's favorites...One she always got emotional over. It was taken on the day Rachel was born. It showed her holding the little bundle of joy in her arms while he protectively embraced them both. Thinking back to that memory, Scott smiled for the first time since this ordeal began.

Knowing this moment was something Jean treasured just as much as he did, he went on to remove the picture and fold it up so he could put it in his pocket, hoping it would give him strength for the coming battle.

"Daddy?" came a voice that snapped him out of his daze.

"Rachel?" he said, returning to his little girl's side.

"Daddy, where are you going?" she asked in the innocent voice that always made his heart skip a beat.

Scott smiled at his beautiful little girl, gently touching the strands of beautiful red hair that reminded him of his wife. He knew she couldn't even begin to understand what they were up against. But this was his family. This was his whole world. And he was going to save them both.

"Daddy's going to go get mommy, okay?" he said softly.

"Mommy?" she said, sitting up with renewed energy, "But what about the monster?"

"I'll take care of it, sweetie. Just stay here and rest. I'm going to bring mommy home, you hear? I'm going to save her."

Rachel just looked back at her daddy with those beautiful green eyes of hers...The same eyes that so sharply resembled her mother. There was still so much worry for her mommy. She didn't want that monster to hurt her. And all she could do was give her daddy a big hug, hoping that she'd see her mommy again soon.

Scott naturally returned her embrace, tightly holding his little girl and kissing her on the forehead to let her know that Daddy was going to make it all right again. It tore at his heart seeing his family so torn by something they couldn't control. But for the woman he loved and the family he cared so deeply for, he vowed that he was going to make it right.

"I love you, baby. Don't ever forget how much Daddy loves you," he told her, trying hard not to get too choked up before a mission.

"I love you too, Daddy," said the little girl with tears in her eyes, "Please save mommy."

"Don't worry baby girl...I will. Just stay here and wait for us. We'll come back. I promise you, Rachel...Mommy and daddy will come back."

With one final hug, Scott placed another kiss on his daughter's forehead, letting a few more tears escape his eyes. He didn't know what he had done to deserve such a wonderful family, but he was eternally grateful for them in every way imaginable.

He didn't want to part from his little girl, but he knew he had to for the sake of his wife. Even though it was a very real possibility that this Phoenix could destroy them all, he refused to allow it to destroy that which he loved most. And once he set his little girl back down onto the bed, he took one last look at her before he they would finally part.

"Be safe, Rachel. Daddy's got to go now, okay?"

"Okay," she said with tear-stained eyes, "Tell mommy to come home."

And with that, Scott left to meet Logan, who was waiting just outside the door. Even though he wasn't one for sappy moments, seeing Scott hold his daughter and tell her how much he loved definitely struck him.

As a father himself, he knew this had to be very hard on him. But looking back at this kid who he had known since he was twelve years old, he knew in his heart that he was strong enough to take this thing on.

"You ready, Cyke?" asked Logan, looking back at his long time student concern.

"I'm ready," he said, trying hard not to sound choked up, "Come on...Let's go save Jean."

He made it sound so easy. But then again, when was anything ever easy for them?

"Save Jeannie from a cosmic force...You're crazy, ya know that bub?"

"No, I'm one step beyond crazy. I'm a husband and a father."


Once Scott left with Logan, little Rachel Summers remained wide awake on her mommy and daddy's bed. She knew daddy had told her to stay here and rest, but with her mommy still out there, there was just no way for her young mind to do that.

She could hear more activity in the halls, which was probably the rest of daddy's hero team as she called it. Usually when they went out to save the world, someone like Auntie Laura would stay behind and watch over the school. But she never knew what was going on. Mommy and Daddy didn't talk about it. They only told her they were going out to make the world safer and that she should stay behind.

But this time was different. Her mommy was in trouble and a monster was hurting her. She remembered how those bad people took her and daddy to that big scary place and said they were going to use her and she remembered how she had tried to fight against the big scary men to save her, but they just hit.

Now mommy was in even greater danger. The monster had taken her away to a far away place in the sky. But if daddy and Grandpa Xavier were going out to save her, than that could only mean that she's coming back. And the thought of her mommy coming back was just too much for her to resist.

Looking over at the pictures that her mommy and daddy kept on the desk, her young eyes fell upon one of them in their uniforms. They told her it was from when they were younger and just started being superheroes. She often told them how she wanted to be a superhero too and save the world like them, but they were always worried about her getting hurt.

But regardless of this fear, Daddy had always told her to never be afraid. And she did love her mommy a lot and she wanted to help her. And even though her daddy had told her to stay in his room, saving mommy was more important. And if she had to disobey the rules in order to do that, then she'd take her timeout later.

"Don't worry, Mommy..." she said to herself as she got up off the bed and scurried down the hallway, "I'll be brave like you and daddy always tell me. I'll help you beat the monster."


After a good fifteen minutes of frantic planning, the X-men gathered in the main hanger. There wasn't a lot of time for protocol, but they were used to those feelings in a ways. And with the stakes this high, there really wasn't much that could be done other than hope for the best.

Laura was set to stay behind since the Professor was going to be going along on this one. At first she protested, but after some gentle coaxing from Logan, she conceded to their wishes. She never liked being left out of a fight, especially one that her father was a part of. But she knew as well as he did that somebody had to watch the institute and since she was the youngest, she was stuck with it.

With everybody ready to go, the team of gifted mutants boarded the X-jet and prepared for the fight of their lives. Scott was in the cockpit making the final preparations while the others assembled. Down below, Logan was having one last heartfelt talk with his daughter, Laura.

"Come back in one piece, father," she said, her tone remaining neutral even though she was raging on the inside.

"I'll be back, darlin'. I promise," said Logan as he drew former weapon X23 into an embrace, "Just look after the kids and be safe, ya hear?"

"I will," said Laura, her emotions finally beginning to show, "Be careful, okay?"

"You know me, kid. I'm the best at what I do."

A slight tear escaped from Laura's eyes, but Logan was quick to wipe it away as he cast her one last smile before turning to the plane. He could see Ororo standing there at the entrance smiling back at what she had seen.

"You really are all heart, Logan," she commented as she watched him cast his daughter one final goodbye.

"Yeah, yeah...I know. Just don't let the rest of the kiddies in on it," said Logan as he took his girlfriend's hand and followed her in.

"Oh don't worry, Mr. Logan. We've always known," said Kitty from behind, earning her a slight scowl.

"Come on, Katya. Let us tease Wolverine later," said Piotr as he stood beside his girlfriend and took his seat, "Now we must go save our friend."

The rest of the team filed in with Kurt, Amanda, Rogue, Remy, Bobby, and Jubilee. They were all in full uniform, ready to take on the Phoenix. It was a fight that had few parallels, but it was one they had to do if they were to save Jean.

"I hope this isn't going to be the end, Kurt," said Amanda, now in her Daytripper uniform, sitting beside her fiancé, "We still have a wedding to plan."

"And ve'll see it through, liebe. I know ve vill," said Kurt as he took her hand and held it close, "Ve just have to have faith that ve can stop zhis thing before it destroys us all."

"Well if this thing is as powerful as the Professor says it is, then we had better think of somethin' soon," added Rogue, who was sitting next to her husband, "Ah don't want this world to end anymore than y'all do."

"And it won't cherè. We'll beat it," said Remy confidently, casting his wife a reassuring smile, "Besides, we have to if we're gonna have dat baby of ours."

That got Rogue to smile as she clung to her husband's arm, knowing they were going up against one of the most menacing forces they had ever faced. But if they came out on top, she wanted to start a family and not waste a second more of the precious time they had been blessed with.

Upon seeing this mushy display of affection, Jubilee diverted her gaze out the window. She was sitting right next to Bobby, who was not his usual upbeat self. But even though he was a jokester at heart, he knew how to be serious when the stakes were this high.

"What about you, Jubes?" he found himself asking, "Any plans for the future if we survive this?"

Turning back towards the boy who she was just getting to grow close to again, she took his hand and gave it an affectionate squeeze.

"If we survive this...I think I'll follow everybody else and not waste any more time holding back from what I really want in life."

"Oh? And how would you do that?" he asked curiously.

"You'll see after it's over, Iceman," she said with a grin, which seemed to say enough.

Such shows of tenderness from the couples got a reaction from Scott, who tried not to look as he and Hank sat in the cockpit. Seeing this reminded him of how much he missed Jean. But she was at the center of this whole mess. If they couldn't stop her, then they'd all be cosmic dust. He didn't want it to come to that...He wouldn't.

"Okay Hank. I think we're ready," said Scott, now in his full leadership mode.

"I think so too," affirmed Hank, "All that's left is the Professor."

Scott's face contorted slightly at that, but he hid it as he saw Xavier enter the aircraft, followed closely by Emma Frost. He had in his lap the helmet to Cerebra, a machine that had recently replaced the old Cerebro unit. It was many times more powerful and twice as tricky compared to the old one, but for the Phoenix they would need all the help they could get.

"Okay team...We don't have much time before the Phoenix arrives. We have to confront her before she becomes even more unstable. Cosmic entity or not cosmic entity, this is still Jean. We just have to get through to her. So let's not waste a single moment and move out!"

"Already ahead of you, Charles," said Hank as he activated the ramp and fired up the engines for takeoff.

The Professor prepared his mind as he settled in his seat just behind Scott, who was still not talking to him. Looking back at the young man whom he had lied to for so long, he hoped he could make it up to him and his family by using all the power at his disposal to save Jean.

"Don't worry dear Charles," said Emma reassuringly, "He can't hold a grudge forever."

"I don't know, Emma. I have a lot to answer for," he said with a sigh, his mind still not at ease as he looked back down at the Cerebra helmet, "Jean may be manifesting something that goes beyond all mortal understanding, but she's still my student and I owe her as much."

Such words got the blonde telepath to smile because no matter how bad things got, he was still the noble man she loved and respected so much.

"You really do have a big heart, Charles. Don't ever change," she said, trying to sound encouraging, "Just relax your mind and focus on the task at hand...Because chances are, we'll need it."

"I have no doubt we will, Emma," said Xavier solemnly, "Because where we're going is most certainly not going to be pleasant for either Phoenix or Jean."

"I certainly won't argue that, Charles," said Hank from the cockpit, "If anything, she'd probably be more manageable if she went back to the Hellfire Club. But if this is where she's going, then I guess all we can do is be there for her."

"That may not be enough, Beast," said Scott as he kicked in the afterburner, "I know Jean...I know her better than anybody ever has or ever will. And if she's going to get through this, she's going to have to confront some old demons of hers. And one of the biggest by far is where she's heading right now...Her hometown in Connecticut."


While the plane soared through the mid afternoon sky at speeds that would have put others to shame, the tension amongst the team remained strong. Emma and the Professor were mentally preparing themselves for the strain they were going to have to endure in order to stop the Phoenix.

Everybody was praying for the well being of their friend, hoping this would not be the battle that would end it all. For Scott, he kept sending out messages of love through the psychic link that bound him so deeply to this woman. He told her how much she meant to him and how much he needed her. He knew in his heart that Jean was strong and that she was fighting this. And no matter what the cost, he was going to get her back.

Yet unknown to him, or anybody else on the craft for that matter, there was someone else on the plane who was just as determined. And thanks to being the daughter of a powerful telepath and having learned the value of a focused mind early on in life, Rachel Anne Summers remained undetected as she sat silently as a stole away in one of the many compartments on the jet.

She knew her daddy would not like this, but for the sake of helping mommy fight the monster, she was willing to take that risk. And thankfully, that story her Uncle Bobby had told her about the time he snuck on a mission to stop a giant spider came in handy as she followed the same route and stayed silent in one of the storage bins.

Only for her, she was careful to keep her young mind clear. Mommy had always taught her that if she was going to do the same tricks as her one day, she would have to learn how to organize her mind. And now it was paying off. With everybody so distracted, they didn't know that she was there.

All she could think about was saving her mommy. A monster was trying to take her away and she was not going to let that happen. She loved her mommy and daddy and they had always told her to be brave and stick up for what she believed in. And even though this might not have been what they had in mind, she believed in helping her mommy.

In her young hands, she held a small picture that she took from her room of her, mommy, and daddy. It was taken during her last big birthday party and having it with her helped give the little girl strength beyond her age. And with a silent prayer just like the ones that her Uncle Kurt had taught her, she vowed to save her mommy.

"Don't worry, mommy. We'll stop the monster."


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