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I officially despise you.

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He wouldn't freaking believe me!

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Anthony Zederick,

Okay, I officially despise you.

You got your fucking letter to me, all right. And made my bitchy math teacher suspicious, so he made me give it to him to read. He wouldn't freaking believe me when I said it was for English.

And of course you had to put in all that crap about me killing myself.

He completely freaked out. And so then I had to make something up about how you just playing around, but he knew that was a load of b.s. and sent me to the principal's office, with the letter, and with two other students to make sure I didn't run off or get rid of the damn letter.

So the principal freaked out, too, but much more subtly, and he dragged me off to the counselor's office where I had to sit for two hours, and spent half the time listening to the counselor and principal lecture me about how I should talk to someone if I have problems, how suicide isn't the answer, blah, blah, blah.

And then they called my parents. My mom and my stepdad came tearing up here and hauled me home and grounded me for the rest of my life. So now I'm stuck here in my room, and I have to see the counselor every day for a month. If not more.

And my parents are looking for a psychiatrist for me.

So thanks to you, I will not kill myself, but now I have no life, no one to talk to (except for you, of course, and that's always a comfort, isn't it?), no trust, and a ton of homework.

Don't write to me ever again.


Gerard Way


Hey, I just wanted to thank everyone who has rated/reviewed. Shout out to Bella_Jinxx because she is just amazing and reviews every chapter, even though it's still early in the story. I didn't want to leave you wondering if Gerard died, I didn't even know until I wrote this part to be honest. I might come back when this is finished and make an alternate ending, if anyone wants me to. 

I love you! (:

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