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Thunder Leads To Cuddling

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Bert and Gerard are roommates... this should be adorable.

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Chapter 5

Bert sets a duffel bag on the unclaimed bed. “Hey, roomie!” he greets me with a grin.

I can’t move. Words will not leave my mouth. All I am aware of is Bert and a feeling of utter glee surging through my body. I fucking feel like dancing. Or crying. Or both.

The nurse gives me a cold stare. “Have you two met before?” she asks. Patients aren’t supposed to have any connection or contact with the outside world.

“No. I don’t know him.” I lie quickly. Bert glances my way as he dumps the contents of his duffel bag on the bed, but does not question me.

“Mkay.” the nurse mutters vaguely. She leaves the room and locks the door behind her.

“Are they all like that?” Bert asks.

“Pretty much.” I answer. Part of me wants to jump up and down with happiness. The other part wants to cry. I thought I’d lost Bert forever… but here he is. There may be a reason to live again…

“Funny how this worked out.” Bert comments. He looks genuinely happy to see me.

“Y-yeah.” I say, unable to utter another word. I hear rain begin to patter against the roof. Oh, how I long to feel rain on my skin again… Warm summer rain…

Bert runs a hand through his long, tangled hair. “Everyone here looks like a zombie. I’ll look like one too by the end of the week.” he says wryly.

“The only difference between the patients and the staff is that the staff can shave.” I joke.

Bert’s hands fly to his stubble-covered face. “We can’t shave??” he gasps. “I’m gonna look like fucking Santa Claus!”

“They give the guys electric shavers now and then. You don’t have to grow a beard.” I tell him with a slight smile.

Bert relaxes. “Okay. Hey, you’re into comic books?” he picks up a Batman comic lying on top of one of my carefully organized piles and flips through it.

“Yeah. Those are all pretty old, though. I’ve read them a thousand times each.” I say. Thunder rumbles in the distance. A flash of lightning. Even though there are no windows in the room, the lightning is so bright that the room becomes less dim momentarily. I become uneasy.

Bert starts to say something, but he’s interrupted by a loud clap of thunder.

“Eep!” I cry, jumping slightly.

“You scared of thunderstorms?” Bert asks in concern. He holds out his arms. “Come here. I’ll protect you.”

I slowly walk towards him and press myself against his torso. It’s been five years since I’ve had any physical contact. I allow myself to relax and rest my head on his shoulder. Bert wraps his arms around me. His hug is tender, yet firm. And it feels amazing…

I sigh in contentment and hug him back. Something brushes against the top of my head. Could it be… I think Bert kissed the top of my head.

“I missed you in the two hours we were apart.” Bert whispers. His words send a shudder through my body. Or maybe it was the second obnoxiously loud clap of thunder. Either way, I shuddered, causing Bert to hold me tighter.

Bert’s t-shirt smells faintly of cigarettes. I used to smoke before I was thrown in this place. The smell is comforting. I can feel his hands gently stroking me, alternating between my back and my hair. How did I survive without this for five years?

That night, when the staff tells us it’s time for bed, I crawl under the covers next to Bert and sleep with my head on his chest.

Hai guys! Sorry it's so fast paced. I'm not good with details 'n shit. Or dialogue. >.< I'm gonna be updating Vampires Will Never Hurt You within the next few days or so. I've been very busy with film camp all week. I'm considering doing a summer project where I'll write a separate fanfiction based on each song from the album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. What do you think?
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