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Go Away, Nurses, I'm Trying To Get Laid

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Gerard has some fun with his new roommate...

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Chapter 6

I wake up feeling more energized and happy than I’ve ever been. Bert’s arms are around me, protecting me like a guardian angel. I open my eyes and smile up at him.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty.” he says with a slight laugh.

“Mmm… good morning.” I reply, closing my eyes again. I’m so relaxed and carefree. I never want this moment to end. But like all good things, it has to end.

“Someone came around and told me that they’re giving us medicine in a few minutes.” Bert murmurs in my ear.

I groan and reluctantly leave the warm haven of Bert’s bed. Suddenly, I realize that I’ve been wearing the same gray t-shirt and jeans since the day I tried to kill myself. I begin to unbutton my jeans when I remember I have a roommate.

“Um…” I stammer, blushing. “I-I’ll change in the bathroom.” I quickly grab a set of clean clothes and dash into the small bathroom.

I strip down and put on the jeans, much tighter than the previous pair. I hope Bert likes them, I think. Then I dig my nails into my arm as punishment. Shut up, Gerard. He doesn’t like you like that. Then I realize I’ve accidentally grabbed Bert’s hoodie. It’s a black Iron Maiden hoodie.

“Um…B-Bert? I think I accidentally took your sweatshirt. Can you toss me one of my shirts?” I call from the bathroom.

“Nah. Wear it, you’ll look cute.” Bert laughs. I smile slightly and press the soft material to my nose. It smells like Bert. Cigarettes and his own unique scent that has no name.

I pull it on over my head and walk out of the bathroom, looking down at the hoodie. “It’s a little big on me, but it’s fine. You like Iron Maiden? I used to listen to them before-“ I clumsily bump into Bert.

“Hi there.” he says, smiling at me. He wraps his arms around me and brings me closer. Before I can react, he takes a fistful of my hair and tilts my head back.

“Hi there.” I whisper back. Suddenly, he leans forward and crushes his lips against mine.

My shocked lips quickly begin to move with his in a hungry dance. It’s been so long… My tongue reaches out to meet his. His lips taste so good… and he smells even better up close like this. Warmth radiates through my body as he takes over me, placing his arm around my hips and scooping me up. He gently deposits me onto his bed and continues kissing me. I wrap a leg around him, begging for more. He responds by lowering his body on top of mine and kissing me harder. He traces my lips with his tongue, causing me to tremble in delight.

“Oh, Bert…” I moan. I grasp his shirt and tug at it. Bert pulls away momentarily, chuckling softly.

“Silly clothes…” he murmurs. “Why do they always get in the way?” his strong hands snake under my hoodie-or rather, his hoodie-and up my chest.

A warm tingle spreads throughout my entire body. I’ve never wanted anyone more in my entire life. The lust and passion inside of me has been building up for five years, and I need to unleash it. Like…now.

But it’ll have to wait. Because I hear footsteps approaching our room in the hallway.

“Shit.” Bert and I mutter at the same time. He quickly gets off of me and I scamper over to my bed. The door opens a split second after I pull the pillow over my lap to hide my erection.

“Meds.” the nurse says. It’s always a different nurse. How many damn nurses do they have working here?

She hands me a small plastic cup filled with water, and an identical plastic cup with the oh-so-familiar two white pills. I’m about to swallow them when I notice a third pill inside of the cup. It’s larger than the others and in an unappealing shade of yellow.

“What’s this yellow one?” I ask.

“Don’t ask questions.” the nurse tells me sharply, her blank gaze never faltering. I quickly swallow the pills and water.

“Open your mouth.” the nurse commands me. I hesitate, but I open my mouth anyways.

The nurse peers into my mouth and under my tongue. Probably checking to make sure I swallowed them, I think. I guess they don’t trust me anymore.

“Thank you.” she says after a moment in a completely unthankful tone. She then turns to Bert with a cup of pills. He takes them without question. The nurse repeats the checking-under-tongue procedure and leaves.

“They used to just give me my pills through the slot in the door…” I say to Bert.

“Well, it looks like you’ve been demoted.” Bert jokes half-heartedly.

I cross back over to his bed. “Where were we before that rude interruption?” I whisper, tilting my head to the side.

“Gerard…” Bert purrs. He pushes me onto my back, that devilish grin returning to his face.

Then there’s a knock on the door. “Breakfast.” a gruff voice tells us.

Fucking cockblocks.
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