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You Have My Heart

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High School with all our favorite bands! Rikey, Frank/OC, Gee/Bob

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Title: You Have My Heart
Pairing: Gerard/Bob Ray/Mikey Frank/Gerard Frank/OC Frank/Mikey Brendon/Ryan Jon/Spencer
Rating: I'd guess about PG-13 but it may get worse. Who knows, with my past in writing, it could end up one disturbed ass fic. Raped, murder, torture, all that good shit.
Summary: Complete AU. Mikey and Gerard just moved in town with their adoptive mom. They meet Frank, Ray and Bob and soon enough, they're all friends. It gets bad though. Bad and weird.
PoV: 3rd person.
Disclaimer: If I actually owned anything, do you think I'd be sitting around writing about it or fucking every single member of MCR and P!ATD senseless?
Warning: Age and other unimportant things are changed, heavy cursing, brief sexual content, angst, fluff, cheating, drugs, alcohol, sexual terms, music, streaking, skinny dipping, suicidal tendencies, brief arguments, guy/guy, guy/girl, girl/girl, spin the bottle, blowjobs, attempted rape, attempted murder, karaoke, cyber bullying, sexual harassment, bullying, someone getting thrown through a window, destroying Wal-Mart, getting kicked out of Wal-Mart, death, fantasizing about a teacher, THERE WILL BE MORE BUT THIS IS ALL I CAN THINK OF FOR RIGHT NOW!
Bands: My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco
Notes: So, this is my first time posting on live journal because it confuses the shit out of me but I've had this idea for a while and I wanted to get it up. Kid!fic where MCR are the kids. It gets fucked up. This also goes to my girlfriend Gabby. She's my inspiration and I don't know what I'd do without her. Oh god, I love her a lot. Scratch that. I love her more than anything.
"Gerard, wake up!" His mom yelled from his doorway and the fifteen year old rolled over and covered his head with a pillow. He hoped his mom would take a hint and leave him alone but she wasn't having any of it. She stomped into his room, pulled the pillows and blankets off his bed and glared at him. He buried his head in his mattress and ignored the feeling of her cold glare.
His mom got an idea though. "Gerard Arthur Way, if you don't get your ass out of that bed and in the shower, I will throw out every issue of Doom Patrol you own." She told him as she walked toward his comic book shelf. He scrambled out of bed, grabbed a towel and ran for the bathroom, grumbling about her not being fair and how he hated showering.
Gabby left the room and went next door to face the lesser of two evils, Mikey. She walked into his room, plugged his electric guitar into the amp and strummed as loudly as she could. The thirteen year old rolled out of bed and landed with a loud thud on the floor.
Mikey heard his mom leaving the room and patted his nightstand so he could find his glasses. he found them and let out a relieved sigh when he put them on. Now that he was able to see, he grabbed everything he needed to get ready and threw it on his bed before going downstairs to find coffee.
Gabby knew what was coming and she prepared herself this time. Mikey walked in the kitchen and she handed him a portable coffee mug before turning him around and sending him straight upstairs. Gerard came down a few minutes later and she repeated the process to him, except she reminded him that usually he needed to wear pants to school. He just shuffled off.
Gabby went upstairs to get ready for work while Gerard and Mikey were busy doing their own things. Gerard ran his fingers through his unusually mess black hair before smudging some eyeliner over his eyes. He wasn't even half awake yet and he dragged around until he saw the time.
"Ah fuck," he muttered under his breath. "Mikey, we need to go! We have to go like now!" he yelled to his brother and was surprised when he heard Mikey's voice from downstairs.
"No shit Sherlock! Any more brilliant observations? I have all my stuff now come on, we're gonna be late." He yelled up the stairs, shaking his head at the idiocy of his brother. Gabby came in with a scowl on her face.
"Oh no, not again. You two are not being late for the first day of school again. It would be the third year in a row and I would have to kill you dead. Then I'd have to bury the bodies and it wouldn't end well. Now get your asses to school," sh told them as Gerard came down the stairs with his coffee. Both the Way brothers rolled their eyes and gave her a kiss on the cheek before leaving.
They walked in silence (Mikey had his earbuds in and was listening to the 'A Walk To Remember' soundtrack) until a girl aout ten feet behind them called out, "Hey, wait up!" she yelled but Gerard pretended not to hear her. She wasn't giving up that easily. She ran up in front of Gerard and stopped him mid step.
"Thanks so much for waiting up. I just wanted to tell you guys that there's a shortcut to get to Rockland Academy a little quicker if that's where you're going. Because if it is, you're totally gonna be late." She said, trying to catch her breath and Gerard took a long look at her.
She was pretty; there was no doubt about that. She had long, wavy, jet black hair with red bangs, she was wearing the typical band t-shirt and jeans along with heavy black eyeshadow and a black and gray hoodie with skulls. If Gerard was into girls, he might consider her. But she was missing one all important thing in his mind, a dick. But that wasn't the point. He wondered brefely if she was a rapist or some shit. She apparently took him looking at her the wrong way and freaked out.
"Okay, dude, you're so not my type." She told him and he put on a fake jock act. Mikey had actually pulled an earbud out to watch them.
"Oh but babe, girl is my type," he said with a giggle.
She rolled her eyes. "Well you're missing one major thing that doesn't make you my type."
"And what would that be?" he asked in a fake macho tone and she laughed.
"Well you happen to be missing tits and a vag and you're not flamboyant." She said and he cracked up laughing. She started giggling and Mikey joined in soon enough. Then when they saw what time it was, they bolted towards school. They ran in, clutching their backpacks so they couldn't fall off while they ran.
It turned out that all the clocks were purposely set wrong so they could get to school on time. When they got to the school, they saw groups of kids forming and moving in different places. Gerard turned to the girl.
"So you never told me your name," he told her and she blushed.
"I'm Seraphine but everybody calls me Sarah. It's so much easier. Now who are you and who is your brother?"
Mikey stepped up to the plate for once and introduced himself. "I would be Mikey."
"And I'm Gerard." He said and she smiled.
"It's great to meet you both. I'm kinda new and I know pretty much no one besides you two." She said shyly, biting the inside of her lip.
"That's okay." Mikey said, smiling. He had a feeling he was going to get along with her well. "Just out of Curiosity, how is your gay-dar?" he asked her and she beamed.
"I can sniff out a gay, trans, les or bi person from three miles away. Speaking of which, neither of you need bother telling me. They eyeliner gave you away," she pointed at Gerard. "And you," she pointed at Mikey, "are not the easiest gay guy to pick out of the group, you know that, right?" she asked and he nodded.
"I plan on being invisible for most of my high school career." He informed her and she rolled her eyes. Again. She caught a glimpse of some people about thirty feet away and smiled.
"How are you guys with meeting people who rock at music and don't tolerate bullshit?" she asked them and Mikey nodded.
"Gerard's shy but if they know good comic books, they're cool," Mikey told her and her smile got even wider.
"Good," she said and she started walking off. They followed her reluctantly and Gerard shuffled his feet the whole way there, grumbling to himself about meeting new people.
Bob was running really, really late that morning. He didn't understand how it took him so long to get ready. He skipped shaving and just threw his coat on before running outside with his car keys in one hand and a portable coffee cup in the other. He hopped in his beat up old Pontiac Grand Am before rushing off to school.
His sister however, was hiding in the bathroom. Sarah tapped her foot impatiently as she leaned against the locked bathroom door. Finally, the idiot picked up.
"You. Are. A. Fucking. Idiot." She growled and he rolled his eyes.
"I'm late, fucking sue me."
"I might have found a new friend Bobby! And I woke you up three times and so did mom this morning before I gave up so you can't say I didn't try." she told him and he rolled his eyes.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, shut the fuck up." He grumbled and she laughed.
"You and Gee are going to get along so well," she told him and hung up. He just rolled his eyes and sped as fast as he could to school.
His little sister had to be the best sister ever. Bob had been so late that he missed what class he was in so Sarah, being the bad ass mother fucker she is, got his homeroom, homeroom teacher's name, his schedule, his locker and she filled him in on who was in his class all while they were at her locker. He gave her a big ass kiss on the cheek and ran off toward his locker, wondering how the hell he had such a brilliant sister.
There weren't a lot of things Gerard heard when the principal was talking but one thing that stuck out in his mind was how the students were allowed to draw on their lockers. He found it totally wicked so, because his locker was right by a classroom and he had ten minutes to spare, he pulled a sharpie out of his backpack and started drawing. The dude next to him was about four inches taller when you smooshed his huge afro down. He was staring at Gerard in delight while he drew a dragon wrapped around a cross, blowing fire at a knight in shining armor. The scene was beautiful and it stood out against the plain white lockers.
When Gerard finally pulled back, he blushed bright red when he noticed the dude was staring at him.
"Sorry dude, I didn’t mean to freak you out you're just really, really good at drawing. Did you ever take classes for it or anything?" he asked a look of wonder in his eyes as he studied every little detail of the dragon.
"No but I do want to go to art school." He told the 'fro.
"oh, let me introduce myself because you looked zoned out when Sarah did it. I'm Ray Toro." He told Gerard and everything clicked.
"Now I remember! Sorry, names and faces don't really stick with me," he said with a shy, sheepish smile."
"it's okay man. I'm oblivious ninety percent of the time."
"You know what, I like you Toro."
"Good because we're in the same class."
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