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The Tour

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"That's the spirit Mikes!"

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Chapter Seven: The Tour

The trio walked forward to a large hallway. There were doors leading to what Mikey assumed were classrooms. It kind of reminded him of the halls in high school, except for the lockers and students and actual fact that it was not a high school.

"This is the Training Wing," said Gerard. "Each room represents different types of fighting or self defense," he gestured to an open door where a guy had another guy pinned on the ground. "It's necessary for every agent to know self-defense," he explained.

"So were secret agents and part time ninjas?" asked Frank.

"You can say," shrugged Gerard.

"Epic~" nodded Frank.

Mikey bit his lip.

Part time ninjas? I'm not that stealthy...Crap...I'm screwed!

"Hey Commander!" waved an agent.

Gerard waved back. "That's Jim. He teaches Advanced Self-Defense," he added.

"What kind of martial arts do they teach here?" asked Frank.

"All kinds. Judo, kendo, karate, a lot of them," replied Gerard.

"Awesome," grinned Frank.

Mikey gulped. "Cool," he replied.

He was still confused of the entire situation. Who would suddenly pick him and his friend up, no, kidnap, them while working at Starbucks, to have them interrogated, slapped, then finding out that his older brother was the commander of an entire Californian branch of secret agents?

It's not everyday crazy things like that happens, especially all at once. And to someone who lives a quiet, normal life and works at Starbucks.

"Mikey, you okay? You're kind of paler than normal," said Gerard.

"I'm okay," replied Mikey.

"Alright," said Gerard. He wouldn't blame his brother for being in shock. Even he still couldn't believe the crazy turn of events he went through to find out he was the commander of a secret agent branch a couple months ago.

"There's the gym. Here we have some sparring matches sometimes, but everyone just hangs out and play basketball most of the time," Gerard pointed to a large indoor gym, where some people were tossing a basketball around.

"Where are all the guns and explosives?" asked Frank.

"That, is out of bounds for you, pyromaniac," replied Gerard as he led the trio walking down the hallway.

"Aw! C'mon Gee! Are you still pissed that I almost lit your leg in fire in the 3rd grade?" asked Frank.

"I don't want you to burn HQ down," said Gerard dryly.

"I promise I won't burn this place down," sighed Frank.

"You know, I don't trust you with explosives Iero," Gerard narrowed his eyes as they walked down the hall.

"You don't trust me with anything that's explosive! Why?" exclaimed Frank.

"Ask the burnt shirt I have from last summer and let me know what it says," said Gerard witty.

"Oh. Oh. OHH!~ Diva alert!" Frank pointed to Gerard. "Diva alert! I sense a diva coming through!"

"Shut up Frank. I sense a dimwit next to me," said Gerard rolling his eyes.

Frank began to speak then stopped. "Touche, diva. Touche," he nodded.

"What can I say? It runs in the Way family," said Gerard shrugging.

"Being a diva?" challenged Frank.

"...I'll show you the damn explosives," he mumbled.

"And yet another argument won by Frank Iero," Frank chuckled victoriously.

"Don't push your luck, shrimp,"muttered Gerard.

"You're just jealous of my swag," replied Frank.

"You don't have any swag," replied Gerard.

"Can you two quit arguing?" sighed Mikey.

"Like you and Gee don't argue," said Frank with a small snort.

"That's because Mikey is my brother and siblings arguing with each other is normal," replied Gerard.

"Do you have any proof?" asked Frank.

"Goddammit Frank, you know both of us like the back of your hand," growled Mikey.

"Hey Commander!" called out an agent.

"Be right back, don't kill each other," said Gerard and he walked over to a frantic looking agent as he showed him some papers and started speaking quickly.

"Fine, fine. I'll stop," sighed Frank. "Why are you so serious today?" he asked looking at Mikey.

"It's not everyday you have your normal life suddenly taking a 360," sighed Mikey.

"So you're saying you enjoyed your normal life before everything happened?" asked Frank.

"Pretty much," said Mikey shrugging. "I would much rather live a normal life working at a normal job than suddenly being thrown into this mess."

"But think about it man, we get to help people. Protect them. Kind of like super heroes y'know?" said Frank.

"But at the same time, we're risking our lives," said Mikey.

"True...but for a good cause," said Frank.

"...I have to agree on that," said Mikey.

"So you in this?" asked Frank.

"I guess..."

"That's the spirit Mikes!" said Frank smiling.

"Yeah..." said Mikey looking down on the floor.

"Hey Frank! Mikey!" Gerard waved the Starbucks employees over.

"C'mon, let's go and see what your brother wants," Frank tugged on Mikey's sleeve and they both walked over to Gerard.
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