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Contemplation on My Philosophy for Life

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"Don't bother to hold me back Mikes. I'm gonna teach that motherfudging son of his mom that you should never EVER mess with Frank Iero!"

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A/N: hey guys! Just returned from MEXICO. Disclaimer is the same: enjoy!
A secret agents meeting in normal movies would have high tech computers, multiple screens with basically the head commanders skyping the other commanders and people on computers in various rows. Well, that's what Mikey thought before he entered the large meeting room. It turned out to be more different than he expected.

By more, I mean like VERY different. Like iPhone to payphone booth, different. Or iPod to Walkman different. Republicans and democrats. PRI and PAN. Classical to Heavy Metal. Eminem to dubstep different. Boy and girl. Blue and pink....Feathers and bookmarks....
You get the idea!

Compared to the conference rooms in offices, the room was large. Almost as if it were like a large elementary school gymnasuim. It had a large white oval table with papers on it and people were looking over notes. Some guys that looked like college students were by a computer monitor in the corner, preparing a projector screen. Others were talking or looking at notes or doing both. Some were sitting down. Others were standing, walking around or talking. People wore casual clothes and not spy clothes, which surprised Mikey some more. Even though he and Frank still had their Starbucks apron on top of their normal outfits, they still looked like they would fit in.

The Jersey duo walked alongside the Commander and they sat down on some empty chairs by the head of the table. Gerard was called over to a table with more agents, looking over agendas and memos.

"When will they begin?" asked Frank.

Mikey shrugged. "I don't know. Looks like people are still getting here," he pointed to some people entering the door they had just gone through.

"I see Ray," Frank pointed to Ray, who was working with the computer team with the screen.

They knew Ray was good with computers but the speed he was fixing it at was impressive.

"Ray is really good with computers," nodded Mikey.

"Yeah," said Frank.

"He fixed mine after you broke it," said Mikey casually.

"It was an accident!" exclaimed Frank.

"Like the holes in Gerard's shirt from last summer?"

"I kept telling him to stay away from my lighter," insisted Frank.

"Yeah, while following him with a marshmallow on fire," said Mikey.

There was a loud slam in front of Mikey in where he was sitting.


Mikey let out a small scream when he saw Hannah. "AHH!"

"So, I thought we should start over. My name is Hannah Parker." Hannah extended her hand to

"Don't slap me please," Mikey mumbled, covering his face.

"What part of starting over do you not understand?" asked Hannah bitterly.

"Stay away from me, you sadistic blonde," Mikey cowered more in his chair.


"Help!" Mikey exclaimed.

"Hannah, stay away from Mikey and sit down," commanded Gerard.

Hannah glared daggers at Gerard. "Fine, Commander Way," said Hannah bitterly and sat down on the other side of the table.

"Whoa! What happened with you?! Did you just seriously cower from a GIRL?!" laughed Frank.

"She slapped the shit outta me earlier," mumbled Mikey.

"And like a virg- erm gentlemen you are, you didn't slap her back," chuckled Frank.

Mikey slapped Frank on the shoulder, hard. "I swear, you're such a asshole sometimes Frank!"

"You know you love me," cackled Frank.

Jesse walked in the door. He saw Frank.

"Well, if it isn't the talking gnome," he said.

"WHO YOU CALLING LITTLE YOU AK-47 HOLDING FREAK?!" shouted Frank, darting up his seat.

"Frank!" Mikey held him back.

"Don't bother to hold me back Mikes. I'm gonna teach that motherfudging son of his mom that you should never EVER mess with Frank Iero!" growled Frank.

"Frank, violence is never answer!" exclaimed Mikey.

"Goddammit Mikey Way, don't you get started with this shit again!" exclaimed Frank.

"Frank, sit down. Jesse, you too," said Gerard.

"Yes sir," said Jesse and followed Hannah's path.

"Who's the boss now, biatch?!" said Frank victoriously once he was in his chair.

"Frank, shut up," said Mikey.

"Love you too, coffee whore. Love you too," smirked Frank.

Mikey began tapping his forehead on the table.

I hate my life. I hate my life. I hate my life. I hate my life.

Ricky entered at that moment, looking at the chuckling employee while the bassist hit his head
on the table.

".....I'm not gonna ask or say anything. I'm just gonna keep on walking and pretend I didn't see that," Ricky walked straight forward.

"Use a pillow at least when hating your life Mikes. It'll save you from a bruise," said Frank, patting Mikey's back.

I. Hate. My. Life.

Gerard saw his brother beginning to contemplate his philosophy for life and decide to start the meeting, just for the Protector's sake and his brother's sanity.

"Let's begin the meeting."
A/N: How was that? I personally dig the Madonna reference. ;D I'm trying to improve the dialogue between Frank and Mikey so expect moments of wtm-ness. (What the meese) Oh and should I bump up the rating from PG-13 to R? Don't be afraid to review! :) thanks for reading!
xo, Esmeralda
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