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(20) I'm Wrong But You're Not Right

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Pierre's plan to make things easier for Glenn backfires horribly.

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Hours had passed with no word from Pierre. Glenn had yet to leave her bedroom, ignoring any knocks, keeping the door locked. Everyone was worried, how could they not be? The cast was a huge sign that something was wrong. Seb was equally worried about the pregnancy test but he didn’t want to be the one to bring it up. It was Glenn’s test. It was her decision to tell everyone.

Seb ended up talking Jeff and Chuck in to dinner. David opted out, though Seb knew he would. There was something undeniable between David and Glenn but this entire situation had the ability to change everything in their lives, it had the ability to wreck their blooming romance.

David let another thirty minutes pass before he began climbing the stairs, letting his footsteps echo through the empty feeling house. He wanted Glenn to hear him. He wanted her to let him in.

The knocks echoed in his head, sending him in to more crazy thoughts. How had Pierre hurt her? Twice, not just once? What was going on? David couldn’t even come up with anything that seemed slightly realistic though to him none of this was realistic so he was set on not being surprised.

“Glenn, it’s David. You need to come out.” He called, resting his arm upon the wall next to her door. “I need to talk to you. Everyone else is gone, it’s just us.”

For a few minutes David thought Glenn would just ignore him. Maybe she’d fallen asleep. Then suddenly the door creaked open and Glenn peered out, eyes red from crying. “What’s up?” She weakly asked, attempting to make the question seem casual. Her attempts were horrible failures but what made it even worse in David’s mind was when Glenn peered behind him, quickly asking, “Have you heard from Pierre? He won’t answer my calls. I’m worried about him.”

David nodded, “Of course you are and no, I haven’t heard from him. I don’t care to hear from him. I just want to know what’s going on. I don’t want any more lies. Evidently you’ve been deceitful. Just what is going on between the two of you?”

Glenn frowned, heavily sighing. “I don’t have anything to say to you.” Even if she decided to tell David, she had no idea how to say it.

David nodded, “Okay, so how about answer a simple question for me then?”

“Sure.” Glenn waited for his question, nerves igniting on fire.

David leaned closer and his breath tickled the skin covering her face. She didn’t pull away though, still waiting. “What gives you the right to play with my heart as if it’s some toy that you can easily replace?”

“Huh?” Glenn swallowed hard, completely unprepared for the question.

“Something is obviously going on between Pierre and you, I don’t know if you just like it rough and things got out of hand and now he feels guilty… I don’t really know anything because neither of you are really talking but I do know it’s been going on for a while for it to have happened twice, and I know that I honestly thought we were dating but it seems I simply handed over my heart to a girl that likes to crush them for a living. You’re doing quite well though sweetheart. I hope it earns you a really nice place it hell.”

Glenn flinched, hurt by David’s cold words. “David, I swear I never meant to-“

“Never meant to hurt me?” David asked, cutting her off. “Yeah, try a better lie honey; I was already expecting that one.” With that he turned and walked down the stairs, careful not to let Glenn see the pain flash across his face.

Glenn felt ill as she watched David leave, flinching again as the door to Seb’s house slammed shut. She closed her eyes, though the tears still spilled over. “It wasn’t a lie.” She whispered. No one was listening though, and David certainly didn’t care.


Pierre checked his phone, seeing yet another missed phone call from Glenn. His admission was supposed to make things easier on her, not harder.

He shook his head, setting his phone down.

He couldn’t be in her life if all he could do was hurt her. Once was an accident, twice was a warning. He was taking that warning before the third time came around, knowing that it could be deadly for Glenn.

Some people couldn’t have what they wanted in their lives for fear of breaking it. Pierre really cared for Glenn and he wanted her in his life but not at such with such a hefty expense tied on.

He just couldn’t be that selfish.


(A/N: Sorry it’s so short. I just wanted to post this to re-establish the story. I shall be continuing due to kind feedback!)
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