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(19) Confessions

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Pierre confesses something to the guys but it's not what Glenn expected nor what she wanted.

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: R - Genres: Drama - Characters: Chuck Comeau,David Desrosiers,Jeff Stinco,Pierre Bouvier,Sebastien Lefebvre - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2011-08-22 - Updated: 2011-08-23 - 875 words

Glenn sighed and set her sprite down on the restaurant table. Pierre had taken her out to eat after the hospital. She had a cast. That would be hard to explain. “Something is up with Seb.” Glenn said, “I could hear it in his voice.”

“Well we will find out, I’m sure.” Pierre said, only worried about Glenn at the moment. “Are you in pain?”

Glenn realized he felt extremely guilty and shook her head. “I’m fine Pierre. You didn’t do anything wrong.” But Pierre knew he had.

It went far past today and Glenn knew that too but neither of them said anything as she finished eating. Pierre was too upset to eat anything at the moment and he was toying with his phone. He had let the call from David go to voice mail and David hadn’t left one. Most likely because he was with Seb and knew Glenn was on the phone with Seb so there was no point.

In the car Glenn started munching on the chocolate Pierre had given her, listening to the silence in the car until Pierre broke it. “How far along?”

“About a month.” Glenn said. “It was an estimation but I have to make an appointment soon.”

Pierre nodded. “That fits.”

“Did you expect it not to?” Glenn asked, insulted.

Pierre shook his head. “That’s not it.”

“Isn’t it though? You don’t want to believe me.” Glenn accused but thankfully they had pulled up to Seb’s and she got out, clutching her chocolate bar in her good hand as she walked in to the house, leaving Pierre behind her.

The guys were all sitting in the living room, looking worried. Glenn’s cast must not have helped.

“What happened?” David asked, rushing to Glenn and gently touching the cast as if expecting it to fall off and be some sick prank.

“Single bone fracture.” Glenn responded. “I fell.”

Chuck raised his eyebrow. “Isn’t that the number one excuse to look for?”

Glenn rolled her eyes. “What are you talking about?” She came off a lot angrier than she had meant to as Pierre walked in.

Jeff shrugged. “Well we heard about Pierre’s place being trashed…. Did you fall on everything in there too?” He too came off as testy.

Glenn sighed. “I fell in the shower. Honestly.” David watched her face for signs that she was lying but he didn’t know what to think. Her excuse wasn’t holding up too well.

“Pierre?” Seb asked, wanting his input. “Was Ben at your house?”

Everyone waited for his rely but Pierre let them down by shaking his head. “It was just me and Glenn. She fell in the bathroom.” He replied quietly. “I got mad and tore apart my place.”

“Got mad at her for falling?” David asked, confused. He didn’t understand what was going on.

“Is there something you want to say?” Seb asked Glenn, giving her the chance to come clean to them all about the pregnancy test. Maybe it could help explain something. Anything. Because none of this made any sense to any of them.

Glenn shook her head. “No. I just fell. It wasn’t that big of a deal. And Pierre and I just argued. It was over something stupid and so he messed up his place. It’s not that unusual.” She didn’t find it too unusual anyway. She had lived with Ben for the last year though.

“That doesn’t sound like you Pierre.” Chuck commented.

“Why don’t you two tell us the truth?” David asked softly, stepping away from Glenn with a look of betrayal on his face. “Is there something going on between you? Did you hurt her Pierre?”

“That’s absurd. Of course not to either of those things.” Glenn said, hurt by David’s allegations.

Pierre spoke from behind her though. “I hurt her.”

The room went silent as everyone watched Glenn and Pierre. Glenn shook her head. “He really didn’t. I lost my balance and fell in to the tub. I have terrible balance.”

“Stop making excuses for me Glenn.” Pierre said harshly. “This is the second time. I don’t deserve that from you. You deserve better from me.”

Glenn shut her eyes as tears spilled out. “Please. This is nonsense Pierre.” She whispered but she heard his footsteps as he left Seb’s house and then the door shut signifying he was gone. Pierre knew Glenn would be fine with the guys and she didn’t need the stress of going through the entire ordeal which is why he had just given them answers. They were loosely based answers but answers nonetheless.

Seb stood. “Glenn?” he asked softly, noticing her tears. David was still keeping his distance, seeming distressed by that information. Seb reached out but as he touched Glenn she flinched. “Don’t touch me. None of you know what’s going on. This isn’t right and now you’ve all made him out to be the villain.”

With that Glenn went up to her bedroom, leaving them all wondering what was going on to make her cover for him when he had just confessed?

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