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(18) More Questions

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Seb and David are confused as they stumble upon Pierre's trashed home. What happened?

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Glenn had fallen asleep on the bathroom floor when she woke up to hard knocking. “Glenn?” Pierre’s voice came through the door loudly but with worry present. “I really need you to answer me because I’m starting to get worried. You’ve been in there for an awfully long time.”

Glenn blinked in confusion and started to get up, moaning as she felt the ache of her body. That was a very awkward angle to sleep at.

“Glenn?” Pierre yelled, hearing the moan and throwing himself against the door, worried that she had tried to hurt herself because of the test results.

Glenn started towards the door, not wanting Pierre to freak out. She had simply fallen asleep. As Pierre broke through the door though he ran directly in to Glenn and knocked her off of her feet making her fall backwards. She cried out in pain as her back hit the bathtub side and she fell inside of the bath.

“Oh fuck.” Pierre said, loudly as he rushed to Glenn’s aid. He pulled her out of the tub gently by the waist and held her against him. “Are you okay? I thought you were hurt.” He said, holding on to her tightly.

Glenn groaned. “My back hurts a lot so please stop touching it… Other than that I’m fine Pierre. But damn. I was going to answer the door. I fell asleep.” She said, grimacing as he let her stand up and she felt severe pain radiating from her back. She had been through worse but that didn’t mean she was oblivious to pain altogether.

“Let me see.” Pierre said softly as he reached for her shirt.

Glenn swatted his hand away from her out of instinct. “It’s fine.” She whispered.

“Please believe that I didn’t mean to do that.” Pierre said, a hurt expression gracing his face.

“I know. It was an accident.” She said tone numb.

Pierre nodded. “It was. So let me see. I want to know how bad it looks.”

Glenn’s hands fell to her sides and her lips sighed in defeat as Pierre gently lifted her shirt. She winced as he touched the area that had hit the tub. “It’s going to bruise. Want to go to the hospital?” Pierre asked.

“Why?” Glenn asked. She’d never done that before.

“In case of internal bleeding… That was a rough fall.” Pierre said, worried.

Glenn shook her head. “No, I’m fine.”

Pierre rolled his eyes but shrugged. “I can’t make you.”

Glenn nodded and started walking out of the bathroom once her shirt fell in to place. Pierre walked behind her as she walked slowly, grimacing in pain. It really did hurt, even when she walked.

“Okay so maybe I can make you.” Pierre said softly. “We are going to the hospital.”

“I just want to sleep Pierre. Please let this go?” Glenn asked.

Pierre was persistent though. “No way. I want you to at least get checked out.”

Glenn finally gave in; her body did hurt after all. She didn’t like hospitals though. She’d always been afraid of someone finding out what Ben did to her so she never went.

It had been awhile since Ben hit her though so she wouldn’t have to worry about that strange look given when people think you are abused. She was grateful for that but now she had to deal with this and panic struck her. What if this could somehow injure the baby? She fell backwards but still… she didn’t know much about pregnancy or what could cause injury. This thought was enough to make her desperate to get to the hospital so she willingly got in to Pierre’s car and let him take her.


Pierre was getting chocolate from the gas station as he waited for Glenn to call him. She had promised to call him once her exam was over.

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Rape and abuse? This shouldn’t be his future. He didn’t want her to know him as that man. And well… He really didn’t mean to shove her back in to the tub, he was just worried about her. If he hadn’t been worried then he wouldn’t have broken through the door.

As he made his way to the hospital gift shop his phone rang and his fingers stumbled as he tried to open it. “Hello?” He asked in to the phone, waiting for her reply.

She sounded exhausted. “I have a single bone fracture… It’s not bad.”

“What?” Pierre asked, confused.

“The pain was coming from my arm not my back… Well actually both but I guess I mentally focused more on my back. The doctor thinks I might’ve tried to hold out my arm without realizing it to break my fall and instead I got the fracture as well as the back pain. Other than that nothings wrong. The baby is fine.” She whispered that last part.

“He.. um checked on the baby?” Pierre asked.

Glenn continued. “Yes. Everything is okay though.” Thank god.


David and Seb went to Pierre’s house, looking for them seeing as how they had disappeared when everyone fell asleep.

After knocking and waiting for about twenty minutes Seb pulled out his key. Pierre had given him a spare in the event that he ever needed it. They each called out for Pierre and Glenn but when they got no reply they continued in to Pierre’s home.

Seb was the one who stumbled upon the bathroom while David was looking through the rest of the torn up house. “It’s completely trashed.” David called.

“Yeah.” Seb whispered as he saw the pregnancy test and the broken door. He saw the test was positive and then dropped it. He wasn’t sure what to think then he studied the door. Someone had broken it down. Why?

He turned and left the bathroom, wanting to make sure David didn’t look through it. It was obvious that the test was Glenn’s but who’s baby was she carrying?

“Call Pierre again.” Seb told David as he ran his fingers through his hair and dialed Glenn’s number. David headed outside, face upset. He didn’t know what to make of the trashed house.

Seb sighed in relief as Glenn answered her cell phone. “Hello?” Her soft voice asked, sounding so innocent as if nothing was going on.

“Where are you?” Seb started with.

“I’m having lunch with Pierre. Do you guys want us to bring you home something?” Glenn asked. Was it really that simple to keep cool for her?

“Uh no.” Seb said, throat dry. “We are at Pierre’s.”

“Oh.” Glenn paused. “Want us to meet you there?”

“Have you seen anyone else today?” Seb blurted out.

“Nope. It’s just been me and Pierre.” Glenn said, again not giving away that anything was wrong.

Had Pierre done that to his own home?

“Meet us at my place.” Seb replied softly before disconnecting the call.
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