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I'm Just The Man On The Balcony

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Brendon explains some stuff, Ryan+Tricky+Frying Pan= Jon's Help ;)

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Brendons POV

I loved her; that's all that really mattered now a'days.
She wasnt the charming, caring never-hurt-a-fly Yaria I had known before, no she thought of herself as "the boss" of this relationship.
Even how painful it may be.

"BRENDON WHERE IS SHE!?" My lady yelled, storming in, fuming
"What'da mean?" Do I look like a stalker? I was sitting here minding my own god dammed buisness
"Don't.Be.A.Smartass." She lowered her voice angrily, raising her arm, sending her palm slamming into my cheek
"Yaria, love don't you think he deserves a break. You have much better things to do." Fucking Beckett
"Yes I do Will, don't I?" she finished with a wink,/flirting much?/
Yes flirting, a thing you should know; before I came along she had a massive crush on Will, all until he turned her down at the time. Making me the rebound guy.
Rolling my eyes, I leaned back in my chair, enjoying the rest of my day.

Tricky's POV

"Ry? Really?" I muttered, he was all cuddly with this Rose chick (a.k.a newly changed vampire)
"Huh?" he woke, blinking the sleep out of his amber eyes
"C'mere." I led him into the kitchen, grabbing the nearest object; which just so happened to be a frying pan.
"What's up Tric-Why do you have a fry-....OH HELL NO NOT THIS AGAIN!" The scrawnier boy yelled before booming it out of the room
"YES THIS AGAIN, STOP BEING  STUPID THEN I WON'T DO IT!" I chased him, swinging the frying pan around looking like Brendon used to look like when hyped up on pop tarts and red bull.
"JOOON PATRICK'S CHASING ME WITH A FRYING PAN!" The guitarist squealed while running behind the bassist.
"Joon, Ryan's being a dumbass." I complained in the same tone.
"Okay okay what happened?" Jon Walker everybody, always a peace keeper.
"I was just sitting and hanging out with Ro-"
"All cuddled to each other." I interrupted to add that very important point.
"Yeah and he woke me up, asked me to talk in the kitchen and started chasing me with that!" Ryan guests red towards the cooking utensil in my grip.
" Ryan, I understand you are all head over heels, but be careful okay? And Trick, stop chasing Ryan with objects that could break him, do you see how breakable he is?" We both nodded, slightly angry that neither of us won.
"Mm Jon what's going on?" A female voice asked from his bed.
" Ohhhhh Jonny Boys gettin' lucky." We joked
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