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"Don't be a dumbass...."

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Nobodys POV!

Ryan's face fell;  he only knew 1 ginger.
NoNoNo! he yelled mentally
"Ry?" Uhhhhh 
"What?" Jon piped up confused
"Ryan, GRR?" Dammit
Patrick stood off to the side, hiding his smirk with his frying pan (in which he got very acquainted with should I say)
"Um yeah, hey Lee." Ryan mumbled akwardly, refusing to let Jon know anything.


"Look at her Ry, she's amazing." The younger teen gushed over his newest crush, Lee Annabeth Crawe
She was a pretty girl, straight ginger hair that in Jon's eyes fell perfectly to her shoulders, and the most beautiful hazel eyes.
He was in complete love with her; except she was after Brendon, his best friend.
"I don't understand how she would like someone like him!" Jon yelled, making a half asleep Ryan jump 5 feet into the air.
"Well if he hurts her.."
"Which he will!"
"You can be there to pick up the peices." Ryan finished with a yawn
"So the rebound guy?" Jon was skeptical on this
"Do you want to fuck her brains out?" When Ryan was tired, his head was hung in the gutter.
"Yes, but I want her to be mine!" 
Yes Jon was head over heels for Lee; he was also right about Brendon only hurting her. 
Sadly enough, Jon was out visiting family in Chicago, leaving his friend Ryan Ross to pick the peices up.

End Backstory

"Wait, you fucked her?" Joe walked over, laughing
"Um yeah." The girl mumbled; Jon would probably kill Ryan for being her first (when he so direly wanted that)
"FUCK RYAN! I TOLD YOU HOW MUCH I LIKED HER...I fucking gushed about it like a gay guy!" Jon grabbed Patricks friend the frying pan, chasing the scrawnier male swinging.
"Jon calm down, okay? We could talk about it!" Ryan offered, in attempts to calm the bassist down
"How about we don't talk about it, AND I FUCKING BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA YOU!" It was a sad day when Jon Walker lost his cool.

Ryans POV, hours later

I woke up to the soothing feeling of a cold cloth or something against my face.
"You okay?" Rose
"Uh yeah, what happene-Ow." I tried sitting up, resulting in major pain in my temple area.
"Um Ryan?" I looked to see Jon in the doorway, biting his lip akwardly
"hmm?" I mumbled laying down again
"Sorry about knocking you out and all."
"Sorry for fucking then dating the girl you are in love with."
Ryan looked at the ground akwardly as the two girls walked in.
"Really J, you got no right to hit him, remember that night in high school?" Rose piped up, making the scrawnier boy choke back a laugh
"What?" All the others in the room asked, wondering why the hell Ryan would be laughing at something like this.
"Jon can actually get a girl?!?" Receiving a well-deserved glare from the former bassist
"Wow, he's got a point Walker." Spencer shrugged before walking off, going to do his own thing
"How 'bout this, you don't hit me with a frying pan, and I'll leave you alone for a while?" Ryan offered up, getting nods from around the room.
"DON'T BE A DUMBASS RYRO, YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN!" Patrick yelled from the other room, causing the guitarist to lose all the Colour and confidence in his face.

Wow, they are somewhat abusive to our adorable little Ryro, reveiw for him? ;D
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