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nothing ever happened

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keep moving forward. whats happened has happened. nows a new day

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not exactly rape but it mplies it sorry it took so long i was hoping not to fully give up this story

day 19
notebook entery 49
notebook number 11
So as we all know ive been living at the way house. I now have 2 brothers a mom and a dad who to me kind of sucks alot. He is abusive Ill admit but theres no way Im losing my brothers. Well I love them both but to be honest Gerard has helped me so much. He's seemed to love me more than a lot of people have. Im not sure how to explain how cloes we are behind closed doors but there's no hiding anything from him. Ive tried so many times but he refuses to allow me to.
Mom well Mrs Way loves me. She cares and she understands why Gee and I are so close. She doesnt know of the things I've let him do adn then again neither have you and yo never will. This is my life and I will run it the way I want. I don't care who's against his feelings. I want him to be happy and I'll do what it takes.
For now he's given me the time to write and now we get ready for school... he keeps the bad thoughts away and I want to keep things this way if it makes my head feel better.

The beam of light is trickling through the small basement window just enough for Frank to write. normaly he isn't out of bed until Gerard decides to let him go but this morning was different. Gerard wasn't in bed at all so Frank went over to the only light he knew in the basement to write. The shower of the basement bathroom is running so Frank knows he's free for a few moments. Gerard and Frank both had a long hard night and after what had happened a new bound was forming.

Gerard peaked his head out the door and saw Frank, "Hey you're awake... would you like a shower too?"

To Franks surprise Gerard's acting like nothing happened the night before. This was something Frank has done many times in the past but he's never seen someone ese do it. Gerard looks at him with wondering eyes waiting for an answer.

"Yes... of course. I think that would be nice." Frank answers with very little hessitation, "Un Gerard you don't think dad's upstairs do you?"

Gerard shakes his head and pulls Frank into the bathroom, "No he's not. He's at work right now and it's saturday so you me and Mikey are home alone. Don't worry Frankie just wash it all away like I do."

I turn away and start to undress. The fears of what he'll do slowly bubble into my mind until i feel a soft hand on my shoulder, "I won't do anything Frankie. I would never hurt you like that. It's only a shower and relaxing I promise. Nothing more Frankie."

Stepping into the shower I stay facing away from him out of habbit. The warm water hits me hard and I begin to shiver


"What are you doing Frankie?" his voice swallows the otherwise silence in the bathroom, "Be a good boy and get in the shower with me. You do love me right son?"

I blush and nod with embarassment. He doesn't think I love him and now I have to prove myself. Iquickly undress and step into the shower facing the shower head. His larg hands begin to rub my waist. I hold in a moan and bite my lip. I don't like this. I never like this but he loves me and I need to love him too he's my father.

He turns me to face him and holds me close, "That's my good boy. That's my little Frankie." as he begins to rub my hips I close my eyes and hold back tears, "You like that don't you?"


"Frankie? Frankie snap out of it!" Gerard places his hands on Franks shoulders and lightly shakes him, "Frankie you're here with me." slowly Gerard pulls him out of the shower and wraps a towel around him.

Frank shivers and blinks hard before looking up at Gerard, "He... he had me again..."

"shh it's okay." Gerard sooths holding Frank close, "He can't get you anymore Frankie. It's only me." Gerard holds him until he stops shivering and they hear a knock on his bedroom door, "Yeah?"

"Gerard I'm hungry. can we make lunch now?" Mikey asks in a shy timid voice, "Mom left chicken but I don't know how."

Gerard smiles and hugs Frank tight, "We'll be up there in a minute Mikey. Just work on your homework until I tell you it's done."

Slowly the two boys stand and get dressed. As always Gerard acts like nothing bad happened and Frank followed his lead as the two of them go upstirs and start dinner. Frank looks down at the chicken and lets out a sigh. Quickly Gerard goes to the fridge and takes out veggies and a bag of salad and places it in front of Frank.

"Chicken and salad sounds good to me. What do you think Frank?" Frank smiles up at him and starts cutting up tomatoes and carrots.

When lunch is finally done the three boys take their plates and goes to the table, "Thanks." Mikey whispers.

"You know I always cook for you Mikey. I like to help." they all eat in silence and clear their plates, "Would you like to do the dishes today Mikey? I was just thinking popcorna and movie for the three of us until mom gets home."

Mikey smiles and nods, "Yes please! that would be great!" Mikey runs into the kitchen and starts to clean as Frank and Gerard go into he livingroom.

"Is it always this tence after what happened last night?" Frank finally asks causing Gerard to tence a bit, "I'm sorry... I... nevermind. Sorry I asked."

Gerard smiles and turns to him, "No it's okay. You're just curious... umm yeah it will be for a couple days. Just to be ready if it happens again. I don't know if it will or not. We can never really tell."

For the rest of the day the three boys watched movies and did their homework. When their parents arrived home they made an effort to stay in their rooms for the rest of the night but with no sleep coming to Frank he snuck into Gerards room and climbed into bed with him making sure he stayed asleep.

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