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Undercover Lover

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Meet Roxy, she's about to join a club that's not Glee Club.

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"I'm here to audition." She spoke smiling; the last person I expected to see stood in the centre of that massive stage was her. I looked over at my partner of the group who rolled her eyes and gave me the look of disapprovement before she'd even watched the audition. I realise I should explain, I'm Gerard Way and I'm a member of the performing arts in our college.
"Ok when you’re ready." I smiled politely at the girl stood on the 'x' alone which let me say was unusual in itself.
"The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be Roxie." She started to sing, a powerful voice coming through. The fact she was singing Roxie from Chicago is ironic considering the very petite girl who was acting the part perfectly was called Roxy Hart and although spelt differently, just like Renee Zellweger's character, she was the centre of attention all the time.
"And that's showbiz ... Kid." She looked at me over her shoulder and winked before carrying on until the music had completely finished.
"Thank you Roxy." I smiled after realising that the song was over. "We'll be in touch soon." I nodded a little still smiling like a fool I guessed.
"Really? You look like the cat that got the cream. You cannot be serious that she should join us? I bet the most she uses her vocals for is when she's ... exercising with one of her many partners." Victoria, my partner of the group had to quickly think of a better way to phrase what she was moaning at.
"She might be Miss Popular but you cannot deny she had an amazing voice and stage presence." I tried to defend her somewhat surprisingly.
"Gerard this isn't Glee, this is real. There won’t be a happy ending by allowing her into the group." She gave me her serious stare. "Girls like her work solo Gerard. We're a group." She added before calling for a break and walking out with her minions.
"I thought she was great too mate." My best mate Frank said smiling as he was tuning his guitar. "Maybe if you got someone to duet with her as a second audition type of thing that might work." He suggested.

After pondering on this idea I realised he was right and I jumped up "you sir are a genius!" I smiled at him before walking out and to the bleachers where I knew she'd be. "Roxy hi." I said nervously well aware of the looks I was getting from the rest of her group.
"Who's this joker? Are you lost?" Jake, one of the guys questioned whilst putting his arm around her which she shrugged off before getting up and walking off motioning for me to follow.
"What's wrong? You've decided already?" She looked confused at me.
"Not exactly." I bit my lip before continuing, "You see you have an amazing talent but Victoria and a few others wonder if you'll be able to sing with others." I looked for her reaction which went from her puzzled expression to slight disappointment. "But I was thinking maybe if you sang with someone you could win her over?" I carried on and watched her look back over at her group who were acting so childish flicking food at each other.
"Yeah well they won’t be helping me, but thanks anyway." She smiled a little which showed her disappointment clearly now.
"Well would you be willing to sing with me?" I looked up from the floor to her slowly.
"Sure." She beamed. “Do you have a song in mind?” She looked up at me as I carefully thought of the answer. “Because there’s a song in England that has a boy and girl singing in it, it’s about them being in love but afraid to show it, if you want to hear it?” she bit her lip nervously.
“Why not.” I smiled as she told me to hang on a minute as she ran back over to the group who I could hear questioning her about why she was even looking at me let alone talking to me along with the usual names like ‘geek’ and ‘freak’ when referring to me.
“Here.” She gave me one of her headphones as an unfamiliar song playing, it was catchy and the male voice started to sing. By the end of the song I found myself playing out how we’d both sound singing this song and in my head we sounded fantastic.
“I’ll see you at the performing room after classes yeah?” I looked at her as she nodded and walked off to get her bag as it was time to go to our final period of lessons for the day.

“Gerard what’s going on?” Victoria asked me as everyone was sat around.
“You’ll see.” I said as I set up the music just as Roxy walked in.
“Really.” Victoria said dryly. “I thought we’d discussed this.” She commented in bored tone which I ignored and turned to Roxy.
“You ready?” I asked her smiling trying to reassure her as she nodded slowly and I gave her a microphone which we put so that both of ours was facing each other.

“I’ve tried so hard to tell you
These things I’ve heard about you
In your stars,
They tear you apart.
I’ve lied so hard to fool you
All these things come back to haunt
You in the dark
They tear you apart.” I sang my bit watching her as she looked at the floor biting lip.

“I’ve had a good day
Doing things the wrong way
Had a good day doing things the wrong way
Had a good day doing things the wrong way” She came in softly, like a backing vocalist would do smiling a little as we both looked at each other.

“You’re my undercover lover
You get your kicks for free
And you won’t ever find another
Who’s even half as good as me
You’re my undercover lover
You get your kicks for free
Now get away ‘cause this is killing me.” We both sang together perfectly and Roxy doing the last part confidently.

We finished “Kids in Glass Houses’ Undercover Lover” and our voices blended together wonderfully as with each passing line we became more confident singing with each other and started to look like a torn couple in love.

“Well what do you think?” I asked the group who was sat there silently. The entire group voiced their approval of our duet. I looked at Victoria last who was sat with a stony expression on her face.
“Ok it was good but just one problem, I’m the leading lady and you’re the leading gent, she can’t duet with you again because we’re the partnership in this group.” She smirked slightly as Roxy looked at the floor. For once I suspect in her life Roxy was the underdog in the story, she was leading in everything she did, that’s why she wasn’t a typical popular she was actually smart and caring there’s been many of times she’s told her group to ‘shut your mouth’ when they have persisted on calling my group names. I also suspect it’s because of her that none of us have actually ever been physically touched by the ‘muscle boys’ of our year.
“Fine let’s do it this way, all those who want Roxy to join put your hand up now.” I spoke loudly and watched the group. “Then it’s decided.” I looked at her slowly biting my lip.
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