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First week for Roxy

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I walked into the practice room where we all normally go in our free periods to see a very familiar figure sat with her back to the door, with her headphones in, scribbling away in her notepad whilst referring to her many scattered books that were around the two desks she’d pulled together. We seem to have the same timetable with the same free periods and recently she’d not been hanging around as much with her usual gang of the cheerleaders and football playing people, instead she’s been coming here doing her work and then cracking on with what we’ve decided to work on that day. She’d done this for the month since she joined the group.
“Hey you.” I sat on the table facing her slowly, finding myself becoming a lot more comfortable around her and even maybe trusting her.
“Oh hey Frank.” She smiled as she took her headphones out. “How’s your day been?” She closed the books slowly and turning her full attention to me.
“Oh yeah it’s been fine, have you got your song planned for show today?” I asked her smiling.
“I think so I just need to confirm something, before I auditioned for here what did you think of me? What did you think I’d be like?” She looked at me smiling a little my face showing a worried expression. “No its ok you can tell me the truth I don’t mind, in fact the more truthful you the more you’ll be helping.” She reassured me by touching my arm softly.
“Ok, well I first thought that you slept with someone different each time,” I paused very aware of the nervousness present in my voice, “that you drank a lot and had loads of parties and didn’t care about anything.” I looked up at her slowly biting my lip so hard but to my surprise I saw her smiling her cute smile.
“I know what I’m singing.” She smiled and hugged me over the table, “thank you” She laughed, “do you fancy being in my routine?” She eyed me a little smile on her face as I nodded and we spent the rest of our day practicing.

“Everyone got a routine sorted and ready to show? As you all know that this week’s them is perceptions” Victoria stood on the stage looking at all as we all nodded our answers. “Good who wants to go first?” She asked looking around just as I nudged Roxy so she squealed out and Victoria would take it as her way of volunteering. “Roxy it is then.” She replied in that bored monotone voice she used whenever Roxy was concerned. We both took off to the stage just as the classroom door opened and in came her group of friends. The problem with using a classroom to practice in is that you couldn’t lock it and that made it available for anyone to come and watch us. The look on Roxy’s face didn’t go unnoticed by most of us; it was one of pure annoyance as we took to the stage.
“Do you want to do this?” I whispered to her as she set up the stage and she nodded and looked at me smiling.
“Of course I do, you still up for it?” I nodded and we took to our places.

There’s a stranger in my bed,” She looked over at me slowly as we pretended to be in a bed,
There’s a pounding in my head” She held her head with her eyes closed,
Glitter all over the room,
Pink flamingos in the pool,
I smell like a minibar” She smelled herself and faked a disgusted face,
DJ’s passed out in the yard,
Barbie’s on the barbeque,
Is this a hickie or a bruise?” She pointed to her neck, where she had a “bruise”
Pictures of last night ended up online,
I’m screwed
Oh well,” She shrugged her shoulders smiling
It’s a blacked out blur,
but I’m pretty sure it ruled,
Last Friday night,
Yeah we danced on table tops.” We both did the same cheesy dance moves.
And we took to many shots,
Think we kissed but I forgot.” We acted these bits out coming dangerously close to kissing and both trying not to giggle.
Last Friday night,
Yeah maxed our credit cards,
And got kicked out of the bar,
So we hit the boulevard,
Last Friday night,
We went streaking in the Park,” we both lifted our tops up to show our bellies smiling
Skinny dipping in the dark,
Then had a ménage-a-trois” She looked at me and Thomas who was doing the routine with us and bit her lip.
Yeah I think we broke the law,
Always say we’re gonna stop-op,
This Friday night,
Do it all again,
This Friday night,
Do it all again.

We finished the whole routine the smile never leaving our faces whilst we danced around and acted out the song as literally as we could. When it finished the group clapped us as I helped her jump of the stage.
“That was a great performance but how does it fit with perceptions?” Victoria asked and it wasn’t Roxy who replied.
“Because we all thought that that was how Roxy behaved, I know I thought it and I bet the rest of you did, and getting to know Roxy it’s clear that she doesn’t behave like that.” Gerard found his voice and looked us smiling, “I’m right aren’t I?” He asked her as she nodded smiling.

After everyone did their performances we paused for a break and she went over to her usual group.
“What are you doing here?” She said shaking her head, “shouldn’t you be at football and cheer practice?” Her voice was cold.
“We decided to come and watch you in the mist of your young life crisis.” The other girl of the group, Holly, spoke oblivious to the tone used by Roxy.
“Young life crisis?” she repeated clearly intending to add something but being interrupted by Jake.
“Yeah why else would you be here with these freaks? Don’t worry you’ll see sense soon Rox.” He went to move a piece of her hair away from her face as he smiled.
She quickly moved away and looked away, “you know what do what you want.” She shrugged her shoulders as she went to walk off.
“Wait.” Jake grabbed her hand to pull her back, “there’s a party and Ryan’s want to come and accompany me?” He smiled.
“I never go to any parties, and even if I did Jake I don’t want to go with you.” She pulled her hand away and walked over to us leaving Jake’s mouth well and truly hanging open.

“Ok group, next week’s theme is truths.” Gerard told us all as it was time to go home.
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