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Chapter Twelve

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“He did what?!” I winced at Kay’s screech. “How dare he?” I rocked Joey in my arms as she paced back and forth. We had been sitting at Black Ink, waiting on a client, when she demanded I tell her about everything that had happened with Gabe at his sister’s wedding a week prior. Needless to say, she hadn’t reacted well.

I wasn’t necessarily happy about the situation but it wasn’t exactly his fault. What choice did he have? Tessa was his date and if he had pushed her away, it would’ve caused a scene. Knowing Tessa, she would play the victim and make him look like shit which would have caused me to stand up for him. Long story short, it would have been ugly. I tried to explain this to Kay but she wasn’t having it.

I watched bemused as she paced and ranted on. “Oh, Joey, your mother is losing it! Yes, she is!” I cooed to the smiling child in my arms.

Kay paused and looked over at us. Her beautiful face softened at the sight of her young son, her worries immediately forgotten.

“What are you going to do?” she asked, softly pulling Joey out of my arms and into her own.

“What do you mean? There’s nothing to do,” I replied, grabbing my camera to prepare for my next appointment.

“Aren’t you going to talk to him about it? He should know how you feel.” Oh, for the love of God.

“What exactly am I ‘feeling’ Kay?” I turned and asked using air quotes. She smirked at me knowingly.

“You like him, you like him a lot Soph. Maybe you need to tell him so that he can dump that fucktard and get with you. Then you’ll get married and, oh God Sophie, you two would have the cutest kids!” From fucktards to children; that’s Kay alright.

“Sure, sounds like a great idea,” I muttered dryly.

“Really?” Apparently she hadn’t noticed my sarcasm.

“No, Kay! Of course not, what the hell have you been smoking?” I handed my camera to Kay and put Joey in his rocker.

“The drug of love, babe!” I rolled my eyes as the bell on the front door jingled. I straightened out my over the shoulder gray top and pulled a piece of lint off of my black skinny jeans before heading out to the front.
As soon as I made it through the doors into the waiting area, I was snatched up off the ground in a bone crushing hug and twirled through the air. I gasped and clenched my fingers around my attacker’s shirt.

“Travis!” I squealed, knowing that he was the only person who would dare to do this to me. He laughed as he set me back down, his tall body towering over me.

“Hey Soph, how you been?” I rolled my eyes at his lazy grammar but made no mention of it.

“I’m just fine you giant retard.” I fixed my clothes again and stuck my tongue out at him.

“Well that’s good. Listen, I heard about what happened at Sarah’s party.” Oh Lord, here we go.

“Trav, please don’t give me the big brother lecture. Yes, I slept with Gabe, no, I do not regret it and no, I’m not mad at him. Now can we please just let it go?” I looked up at him to see his jaw hit the floor.

“You slept with Gabe? Are you fucking kidding me Sophie?”

“Wait- I thought you said you knew about what happened?” His eyes narrowed viciously.

“I meant about Sarah’s dress being a fiasco, not about you having sex with Gabe.”

“Oh, well, I did. So get over it.” I shrugged him off and started to walk away when his rough hand grabbed my shoulder and spun me around.

“Sophie, please, I know what he’s like and I don’t want to see you get hurt.” This had me intrigued.

“What is he like, Travis?” Trav looked uncomfortable as he fidgeted with his shirt.

“He’s sort of a player Sophie. He only cares about himself and he will use you until he doesn’t want you anymore.” I blinked.

“Thanks for that bit of reassuring advice.”

“Sophie I’m serious” No shit, really?

“I realize. There is absolutely nothing going on between Gabe and I, alright? We fucked a couple of times and that was it, it’s really no big deal.”

He sighed in surrender, “Fine then. Just be careful around him alright?”
“Yes, fine Travis!” I groaned. “Now, my client just walked through the door so if you’ll excuse me.”

“Aww come on, please let me stay!” he begged, clasping his hands together in front of his pouting lips. I glanced at him suspiciously, wondering if he was up to something.

“Fine, but act like a normal human being, alright?”

“Ma’am yes ma’am!” He shouted with a salute. We were making our way towards the front when Trav started laughing. I looked up from my camera to see a small group of young guys standing up from their chairs.

“Travie!” They all chanted in unison. Trav returned the greeting and ‘bro-hugged’ each of the four boys. Trav introduced them as a band that I’d never heard of, Boys Like Girls I think. All of them were incredibly nice and their promotional shoot ran as smoothly as possible. Sarcastic remarks had been shot back and forth between everyone, including myself, making the shoot quite pleasing.

Trav and I were waiting for the boys to change into clothes for the final set. I was happily flicking through the photos I’d already taken when he just had to open his fat mouth.

“So, what did he say about the whole ‘sex’ thing?” I looked at him with fake confusion.

“Who, Joe? He said that I was the best lay of his life, duh. Why would you even ask me that?” His jaw dropped and he started to stutter.

“Wha-Joe? Who-who-what-the-why-I’m-“

I giggled, “I’m just kidding moron. I’m assuming you were talking about Gabe?”

He let out a deep breath and nodded.

“I haven’t spoken to him since the wedding, Trav and I don’t think it will happen at this point.”

“He hasn’t even called to thank you for banging him?” he asked as if he did that for every girl he screwed.

“No, he hasn’t called,” I replied quietly, cringing. Trav broke eye contact and sighed.

“I’m sorry Soph, that’s just how he is.” I nodded solemnly.

“I just… I honestly thought he would call, even if just to tell me that he didn’t actually want me.”
Trav remained quiet for a moment before grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

“Oh no, don’t give me that look. I have a bad feeling this isn’t going to end well,” I said as the band members emerged from the changing room.

“Yo, Paul!” Travis called to the dark haired one with tattoos. He was sexy as hell but Travis informed me he had a girlfriend. My luck, right?

Paul’s head snapped towards us with a smile. “Sophie hasn’t been on a date in ages,” He told him, dragging out the last word. I rolled my eyes and opened my mouth to tell him about my partial date with the doctor but quickly snapped it shut. That would be just one more thing for him to tease me about.

“It hasn’t been ages,” I grumbled, grabbing my camera and adjusting a new lens.

Travis ignored me completely, “I think we should set her up with someone!” he exclaimed happily, throwing one arm across my shoulders. I shrugged him off with a glare.

“I know a guy that would love to go out with you!” Martin, another member, piped up.

I groaned aloud, slumping my shoulders as Kay entered the room with a smug look on her face. They were going to gang up on me, I could feel it.

“You should accept the offer, Sophie. I’m not going to stop bugging you until you do!” Kat taunted evilly.

“Fine!” I snapped “One date, that is all I’m agreeing to, got it?” She and Travis slapped palms in celebration.

We finished the shoot and I gave Martin my number to pass along before they left. Part of me was dreading another bomb of a date while a small sliver hoped it would get my mind off of Gabe.

About and hour later I was closing up Black Ink with Kay when my cell phone began to ring. Not bothering to look at the number, I slid the bar and answered. Turns out, much to my dismay, it was Rich, Martin’s friend. I agreed to let him pick me up at nine o’clock the following night to “hang out”. As soon as I disconnected I knew this date was going to be a bust. I knew my two best friends were just trying to help, but it was really aggravating.

I dialed Travie’s number, silently praying he’d pick up.


“No shit, Sherlock. Who were you expecting to call you from my phone?”

“What do you want brat?” I could tell he was smiling by his tone of voice. This made me hopeful.

“We should do something tomorrow night. It’s been a while since we hung out just you-“

“No,” he cut me off.

“What, why?”

“Because Martin already texted me about your date tomorrow.” Seriously? Goddamn news travels fast. It hasn’t even been five minutes!

“Besides, I have a sexy little kitten coming over tomorrow night.”

“Aren’t you a little old for hookers, Trav?” I teased. He snorted and hung up on me.

I shook my head as Kay walked into the room. “Travis just texted me, you already set up a date?”

I rolled my eyes, “I didn’t do jack shit. He called and I agreed to hang out.”

“Well I’m glad, it will give you something to do other than sit at home with Miri all night.”

“We could do something! Please, let’s go out!” She shook her head and shoved my towards the door.

“Nope, Seth and I are taking Joey to see my parents. We’ll probably stay the night.” I sighed in frustration, honestly dreading what was to come. Little did I know, my expectations were far from the truth.
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