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Chapter 1

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My new Fic everyone. Hope you like it because i've enjoyed writing this one and i've got five chapters finished already. please read and REVIEW!!!

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Chapter 1

Good Charlotte where on a one month break from touring. They had just arrived back home. Benji, Billy, Joel and Paul where hanging out at their house. Billy and Paul where playing videogames. Benji was flat out on the sofa and Joel was sat on the chair; both of them watching Billy and Paul playing.
"I'm really hungry." Benji whined.
"Yeah me too. I'll go see what there is. Anybody else want anything?" Joel asked. Billy and Paul both nodded not taking their eyes of the TV. Joel went into the kitchen to discover that there was nothing at all eatable in the house.
"Guys there's nothing in I'm going to run to the store and pick some things up." Joel said getting his keys and going out the door.

When Joel got to the store he walked round picking up a few things. When he got to the check out there was a woman in front of him who looked very familiar to him. As he thought about it and heard her talking to the cashier he suddenly remembered who it was.
"Asher? Is that you?" Joel asked. The woman turned round. She was very pregnant.
"Joel Madden! I've not seen you in years." She said giving him a hug.
"I didn't know you moved back here?" Joel said
"I've only been back for a couple of months."
"Look at you all..."
"Pregnant I know." Asher said rolling her eyes. "So how's being famous treating you?" Asher said as they got their bags and walked out the store.
"Good. How's being pregnant treating you?" Joel said looking at her bump them back at her.
"Doing my nut in. I can't wait to have it now."
"Here let me help you with your bags." Joel offered.
"I can manage you have enough bags of your own to carry" Asher said laughing.
"We just got back from tour. We're off for a month and decided to come home. You should come over some time. Benj would love to see you again. Give us chance to catch up." Joel said.
"I'll bare that in mind but I really need to get this home. I'll see you again hopefully." Asher said getting in her car.
"Wait." Joel said holing the door open. "What are you doing later?"
"Nothing much why?"
"You should come over for dinner."
"I don't know Joel..."
"Please we've really missed you." Joel pouted.
"Fine what time?" Asher said sighing she always gave in to the pout.
"Yay. About sixish?" Joel said giving her a hug.
"Ok see you later." Asher said. Joel closed the door for her and she drove away. Asher, Benji and Joel used to go to school together and they where best friends. When they finished school Benji and Joel went off doing the band thing and Asher went to college in Chicago. For the first six months Benji and Joel called Asher almost every day. Then it went to every week, and then to every month it eventually got to where they never called anymore. Asher didn't mind she understood that they had a new life now as did she.

When Joel got back to the house he struggled into the kitchen and put the bags down.
"Thanks for all the help guys." Joel said sarcastically to Benji, Billy and Paul who hadn't moved since he left.
"Yeah sure what ever." Benji said still watching the TV.
"Hey Benj guess who I saw at the store?"
"Britney Spears?" Benji said sarcastically not really interested. Joel slapped him across the head and pushed Benji's legs of the sofa so he could sit down.
"No fool. Asher."
"What? Asher Appleton?" Benji said suddenly looking more awake and interested in what Joel had to say.
"I knew the mention of her name would wake you up." Joel said laughing.
"Shut up. So what did she have to say?"
"Nothing much just that's she's been back here for a couple of months and you'll never guess what. she's pregnant." Joel said.
"Yes Benj, Pregnant."
"I never knew she was seeing anyone."
"Well we kind of haven't been in touch with her in like five years. A lot can happen in that time." Joel said seeing the disappointment in Benji's face. Benji always did have a crush on Asher and she did on him too. They both tried to hide it and did a pretty good job too but Joel had figured it out.
"Yeah I suppose."
"The good news is she's coming over for dinner tonight." Joel said cheering Benji up a bit.

At quarter past six there was a knock on the door.
"I'll get it." Joel said from the kitchen he was cooking some dinner for everyone one. He opened the door to reveal Asher looking beautiful as ever and heavily pregnant.
"Hey Ash." Joel said giving her a hug then steeping out the way for her to come in.
"Hey Joel."
"Go through, their all in the living room." Joel motioned toward the living room and she followed him in. "Guys look who's here." Billy and Paul both said hi and then went back to their game. She looked towards Benji. Benji didn't pay much attention to her.
"Hey Benj" she said smiling at him.
"Hi." Benji said quietly then went back to watching the TV. This made Asher feel a little uncomfortable and hurt. Benji and Asher had always got on very well. She guessed that maybe in the years that they've spent apart he'd changed or something. Joel went back to the kitchen to finish cooking. Asher followed him.
"Want any help?" She asked.
"It's ok. You can go sit with the others if you want." Joel said.
"Well can I keep you company instead. I don't think Benji wants to see me as much as you."
"Ignore him. I don't know what's got into him. He was excited about seeing you before." Asher just smiled at him and Heaved herself on to a chair.
"When's it due?" Joel said smiling and pointing at her stomach.
"Six weeks and I'm counting down." Asher laughed.
"I bet the father can't wait." Joel said smiling. Asher smile faded.
"I doubt that. He left me."
"Oh I'm so sorry." Joel said looking sadly at her.
"Don't be." Asher said. "I'm better of with out him."
"Who was it if you don't mind me asking?"
"Joel I'm sorry I'd rather not talk about it."
"Ok that's fine." They went silent for a while.

During dinner Billy and Paul got to know Asher a little more. Joel was talking with them but Benji hadn't said a word and hadn't looked at Asher all night. After dinner Billy and Paul went back to their video game, Asher helped Joel to clear up and Benji went and sat outside.
"Is Benji ok? Have I done something to offend him?" Asher asked getting tired of the way Benji was acting. She had a shorter temper than usual with being pregnant.
"It's nothing you've done. Why don't you go and talk to him." Joel said. Asher went outside to Benji. He was at on the bench. She went and sat next to him.
"Hey" She said breaking the silence.
"Are you going top talk to me?"
"About what?"
"About why you're in a shitty mood with me."
"I'm not in a..." Asher looked at him with raised eyebrows. He sighed and looked down. "I'm sorry. I've been a jerk haven't I?"
"It's ok." Asher smiled.
"It really is nice seeing you again. I thought I never would when you went to college and we started the band."
"Well Benj you know I was just a phone call away."
"I know I'm sorry I've been a really bad friend to you in the past few years."
"It's ok I understand that you where busy and beside you've got a new life now."
"Still no excuse. I thought abut you all the time. Wondered what you where up to. You know." Benji said making her smile.
"Well I've not really been up to much. Quiet boring really compared to yours."
"So what's going on with you in your life? Are you still at college?"
"No I left college last year. Got a really great job. Then got knocked up and now I just sit around being pregnant all day." Asher said bluntly.
"You don't seem so happy to be pregnant?" Benji said.
"I'm just tired Benji. I've been trough a lot of shit in the last few years and I've had to deal with it all on my own. I just got used to it." She said defensively.
"I'm sorry want to talk about it?"
"No not really. You know what really pisses me off?"
"You and Joel just walking back into my life and expecting me to pour my heart out to you." Asher shouted getting up and storming into the house to get her keys and leave.
"Ash waits. Talk to me." Benji said following her.
"No you lost the right to make me talk to you when you stopped calling years ago." Asher said and slammed the door. Benji ran after her. She got him her car but Benji help the door open so she couldn't close it.
"Ash I'm sorry please just let me explain."
"Benji. I'm tired I want to go home. Now just leave me alone." Benji gave up and let her drive off. He went back to the house.
"What was that all about?" Joel asked looking concerned.
"I don't know we where talking fine then I started asking about the baby and she got all defensive and told me that I lost the right to be interested in her life when we stopped calling."
"She got a bit touchy when I asked about the baby before too."
"Joel she said she's been though a load of shit in the past few years and she's had no one to talk to. Joel we should have been here for her. We should have called."
"Benji you and I both know we wanted to but after a while it just didn't seem right."
"I know but we really need to sort this out. There's something really wrong."
"Yeah I know."

When Asher got home she felt so guilty for shouting at Benji but with the baby her hormones where all messed up she got over emotional a lot lately. Seeing Benji and Joel again just over whelmed her. She had been though so much since they'd left. During that time all she wanted was to hear from them to talk to them.
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