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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

The next morning Asher decided to call round to see Benji and Joel and apologise for the way she had acted last night. She knocked at the door and Benji answered.
"Asher come in." He said pleased to see her.
"No I just came round to say how sorry I am for the way I acted last night and now I'm going to go." She said turning to leave Benji grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her towards him.
"No please don't go sit and talk with us please." Benji pleaded. Asher saw how much she was hurting him by not staying. It hurt her too.
"Fine." She said letting him pull her into the house. He walked into the kitchen where Joel was sat having breakfast.
"Asher hey." Joel said when he seen her come in. Benji pulled out a chair for her.
"Do you want anything to eat or drink?" Benji asked her.
"No I'm fine thank you."
"So what brings you here?" Joel said smiling at her.
"Oh I just wanted to apologise for been and emotional moody bitch last night." Asher smiled.
"It's ok we deserved it." Benji said.
"No I really am sorry I don't know what got into me with being pregnant my hormones are off the scale."
"That's understandable." Joel said smiling.
"Anyway I'll have to go now I've got a doctors appointment. So I'll see you when I see you."
"Doctors? Is everything ok?" Benji asked concerned. Asher laughed.
"Yeah everything's fine. Just going for my final scan."
"Oh right."
"What are you two up to today?"
"Nothing." Joel said.
"You can come with me if you want then we can go for lunch after." Asher suggested.
"Yeah sure if you don't mind." Benji said.
"No it's fine with me. You can drive me. You wouldn't believe how it is to drive being pregnant."

Joel drove them to the doctors. They where sat in the waiting room when the nurse called for Asher. She got up and Benji and Joel stayed where they where.
"You can come in if you want." She laughed at them. She could tell they where dying to go with her but didn't want intrude. They got up and followed her into the room.
"And there you baby girl Miss Appleton." The doctor pointed out on the screen.
"Aw you're having a girl?" Joel said.
"Yeah I am." Asher replied smiling.
"I don't see it. Where is it again?" Benji said squinting at the screen.
"Look there's the head." Asher pointed out to him.
"What that little dot there."
"Yeah that little dot there is my little girl." Asher said laughing.
"Aw she's so cute and tiny." Benji said. Joel rolled his eyes making Asher laugh. The doctor came through with a print out of the scan and told Asher that everything was ok and that she could go.

When they got to the car Joel got in the drivers side and Asher got in the front next to him.
"Why do I have to go in the back?" Benji whined.
"Because I'm driving my car." Joel said.
"And I'm pregnant. It's hard enough for me to get in the front never mind climb in the back." Asher said. Benji sighed. "I'm hungry where are we going for lunch?" Asher asked.
"I'm really hungry." Benji said trying to compete with Asher.
"I'm starving."
"Yeah well I'm famished."
"Wow big word for you Benj." Joel laughed.
"I'm eating for two. Beat that." Asher said her and Joel laughed. Benji went quiet.
After lunch Joel and Benji managed to persuade Asher to go back to there for a while.
"I still don't know how you got me to agree to coming back here." Asher said following Joel through the door of their house.
"Because you love us." Benji said giving her a hug from behind.
"Yeah and you can't resist the pout." Joel said laughing.
They sat down in the living room making small talk.
"Where are Billy and Paul?" Asher asked.
"They went to some arcade they'll only be back late." Joel said.
"Why?" Benji asked.
"No reason just wondering." They all went quiet for a while. Asher could tell that Benji and Joel where dying to ask her about what she meant last night when she said she'd been through a lot of shit but didn't want to bring it up in case they offended her.
"You can ask me if you want?" Asher said. Both Benji and Joel knew what she meant.
"Ask about what?" Joel said.
"Whatever you want to know. Don't worry I won't bite your head's off." Benji and Joel just looked at each other not knowing what to ask first.
"Just tell us everything from when you went to college." Joel said.
"If I tell you have to be quiet until I've finished." Asher said and Benji and Joel nodded moving so they where sat either side of her. They each held a hand each.
"Well I went to college it was really good. After the first year I mean this guy called Greg. We hit it of straight away. We moved into the same dorm. When we finished college we got a flat together. We both had really good jobs and he proposed to me. I said yes. We got along so well, everything was perfect. One night I went to this part. Greg was supposed to pick me up at 11:30 when he'd finished work but he got held up. While I was waiting for him some guy grabbed me from behind and... and he.... He raped me." This shocked Benji and Joel. She could tell they where getting mad that this had happened to her. She went on. "When Greg turned up the guy had gone. I never seen who it was he stayed in the shadows. Greg took me to the hospital and I filed a police report but they never caught who it was." She paused. All the time while she was telling them what happened she had just been stirring straight ahead of her. She never flinched or shown any emotion.
"But... but Greg where is he now?" Joel said.
"When I got to the hospital they told me I was pregnant. Greg couldn't handle it. He told me to get rid of it. I refused to. This is my baby too. I living person inside of me. I'm not going to kill it. Greg couldn't handle it. He said he wouldn't be able to be with me with someone else's child. So he left and I moved back here."
"Ash I'm sorry." Joel said giving her a hug. She pulled away.
"No I don't want you to feel sorry for me I've learnt to deal with it in my way."
"I know but we should have been here for you. Did you have anyone to talk to?"
"Only some shitty councillor from the hospital but I only went to one of the sessions. I'm not spilling my heart out to some stranger only pretending to be interested because he was getting paid." She turned to see Benji still in shock. "Benji say something please." She said to him quietly.
"I feel so guilty for not being here for you when you needed us. We don't deserve you as a friend."
"Benji I need you now the baby's coming in six weeks. Six weeks do you understand how scary that is for me? I'm going to be a single mother in six weeks. If there was ever a time that I needed either one of you, it's now." She said giving him a hug. He held onto her tightly and Joel joined in.
"Ash we'll be here for you. Anything you need and we'll do it." Joel said.
"Good well you can start with letting go of me." She said laughing. "I really need to pee and there not much space for me to hold it in there any more." She said laughing as she went to the bathroom. When she came back in the room Billy and Paul where back.
"Ok guys I think I'm going to go now because I'm getting tired. I'll see you tomorrow." She said. Benji walked her to the door.
"Where are you staying?"
"At my brothers. He and His wife have a spare room but I'm trying to move out as soon as possible because there not much room and I don't want to be raising my baby in a spare room."
"You should move I here." Benji said out of the blue.
"It makes sense. There plenty of room and you can have the house to your self most of the time when we're touring."
"Benj I'm not sure."
"Please Ash come stay with us. Let us look after you it's the least we can do." Benji pleaded. Asher thought about it. Moving in with Benji and Joel did seem like a good idea. She knew she had out stayed her welcome at her brother's house.
"Are you sure? And Joel wouldn't mind?"
"Of course. Joel would be happy to have you here as much as me. So is it a yes." He looked at her hopefully. She looked at him for a second then smiled.
"Good I'll come by tomorrow and help you with your packing."
"Wow Benj you don't want to wait around do you." She said laughing.
"Nope see you tomorrow." He said giving her a hug goodnight and she left.

"Hey Joel guess what." Benji said going into the living room to him.
"Asher just agreed to moving in with us. She was staying at her brothers in his spare room but I said she could stay here because there more room here and she can have the house to herself when we're on tour and you know her and her brother don't get along all that well."
"That's good Benj." Joel smiled.
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