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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The next day Benji arrived at Asher brother's house at 11am. Asher's Brother and his wife had gone out to work leaving Asher in the house alone. She opened the door to a smiling Benji.
"Hey come in." she said. He followed her in.
"So want me to help you pack?"
"Sure. I've already done some." Asher said leading him to her room. When she got to the door she stopped suddenly.
"Are you ok?" Benji asked.
"Hang on." She ran of to the bathroom. She returned a few minutes later. "Sorry about that. I don't know why they call it morning sickness when it lasts all day." Benji just pulled his face then smiled. She laughed.
"So what do you want me to do?"
"You can pack my clothes into that box heir if you want and I'll go get the other bits and pieces from around the house."
"No problem." He said. She left him to putting her clothes neatly in the box while she got the rest of her stuff together. When she got back to her room she found Benji looking at her bras in confusion on how to put them neatly. She stood at the door watching him for a while before he noticed her. She laughed and he went a little red.
"You can just trough them in." she said pick some up and putting them in the box.
"Are you ready?"
"Yep I think I've got everything." She said smiling. He smiled and picked up a few boxes. She went to pick some up but he stopped her.
"Leave them for me. I don't want you hurting yourself."
"Benj I'm pregnant not terminally ill. I can carry a few boxes." She said trying to bend down to pick them up but didn't succeed. "Ok you'll have to pick them up for me." Asher said giving up. Benji laughed and handed her the lightest box and took the rest himself. When they got to Benji and Joel's house Joel was in the room that she would be having.
"Joel where back." Benji called closing the door with his foot.
"Benji will you just give me one of those boxes. You're going to hurt yourself trying to carry all three then what use would you be to me." Asher said smiling.
"I'm ok." Benji said. Just then Joel came in and went to take the one small box off Asher leaving Benji with the other three heavy boxes.
"I'm fine with this box go help him before he does some damage." Asher said snatching the box back of Joel.
They went to the room that Asher was staying in. it was quiet big and had an en suite bathroom. Once she'd finished unpacking all her things she went down stairs to Benji and Joel.
"You finished?" Benji asked her.
"Yeah got everything sorted. Finally. I didn't know had that much stuff."
"You should have let us help." Joel said.
"I was fine. No offence but you'd probably wouldn't have been that much help any way. So what are we having for dinner?"
"Don't know." Benji said.
"How about I cook something?"
"Are you sure you'll be ok?" Joel said looking at her Belly. She sighed.
"Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't do anything anymore."
"Ok well if you want to you know where the kitchen is." Joel said a little taken back. She smiled and got up.
"But if you need any help just shout." Benji called laughing knowing it would wind her up. She glared at him then smiled and carried on going to the kitchen. A little later the food was nearly ready and Joel went into the kitchen to talk to Asher.
"Come checking up on me have you?" Asher said smiling at him.
"Just thought I'd keep you company." Joel said sitting down sat the table.
"Where's Benji?"
"He went for a shower before dinner was ready."
"Do me a favour and set the table please." Asher said. Joel grinned.
"Oh so you want my help now then do you?"
"I'll do it myself if I have too." she said smiling. Joel got up.
"No its ok I was only joking I'll do it." Joel said going setting the table. Asher put the food out.
"Benji hurry up or it'll go cold." Asher shouted to him.
"Coming." Benji said running down the stairs.
They ate and talk mainly about the baby.
"So when are you getting all the baby things?" Joel asked Asher.
"I don't know I'll have to go soon. I haven't got much time left have I?"
"If you want we can come shopping with you tomorrow?" Joel offered.
"Would you? That would be a great help." Asher said looking at them.
"Course we will. We'd love too."
"Aw thanks guys."

After dinner Benji and Joel cleared up seen as Asher had cooked. Joel went straight to bed because he was really tired Benji went to find Asher outside. She was sat on the swinging bench looking at the stars in the sky. He sat next to her. They both sat in comfortable silence for a while.
"I'm scared Benj." Asher said quietly breaking the silence snapping Benji out of daze.
"What about?" He looked at her.
"I don't know. Everything. Giving birth, Being a single mother, the list goes on."
"Don't worry everything will be fine. You'll be a great mother and me and Joel are here for you if you need us."
"But what is something goes wrong Benj." She said looking down.
"Nothing will go wrong. Stop worrying about it." Benji said putting an arm around her. She leaned it him. They sat like that for a little longer.
"So have you thought of any names?" Benji asked.
"Yeah a few." She said. "But I'm not telling you. You'll have to wait. It'll be a surprise." She said smiling at him.
"That's not fair." Benji said pouting also smiling.
She laughed then she felt the baby kick. She flinched and held her stomach.
"Are you ok?" Benji said looking at her worriedly. She took a deep breath then smiled at him.
"Yeah I'm fine. Don't worry. Just a kidney shot. She's woke up." she explained. "Come her give me your hand." Asher said taking hold of his hand and lifting up her shirt. Benji hesitated at first. "Trust me." She said smiling. She put his hand where the baby was kicking. After a few seconds he felt the baby kick. Benji was lost for words.
"You feel it?" Asher said smiling at him.
"Yeah. Wow that's amazing." He said while she held his hand in place. When the baby had finished kicking. They where still sat very close to each other in the same position. Asher holding Benji's hand onto her stomach. They both looked at each other. It was like you would see in the movies when their eyes meet and then they kiss. The tension was so strong. But Asher pulled away before anything else happened.
"I... I'm going to go to bed. I'm getting tired. See you in the morning." Asher said getting up and going into the house quickly. Benji sighed and leant back on the bench.
"Yeah good night." He said disappointed. Asher lay awake thinking about what had happened between her and Benji. She only got to sleep in the early hours in the morning. Benji didn't sleep all night. He was sat in the kitchen the next morning when Joel got up. Asher was still in bed.
"Morning." Joel said cheerfully. Then he saw Benji.
"Benj you look like shit did you not sleep at all last night?" Joel said sitting down with a cup of coffee.
"No." Benji said bluntly.
"What's wrong do you wanna talk about it?"
"Not really but you won't leave me alone till I tell you anyway will you?"
"No I won't so go on spill."
"It's nothing really. Last night after you went to bed me and Asher was sat outside. She was say that she was really scared about the whole baby thing and I reassured her. Then she let me feel the baby kick. It was amazing Joel. We had this like connection. Well I thought we did but as we got close she backed of and went to bed. Why does she always have to have this affect on me?"
"What affect?"
"Just she makes me fall for her every time I'm around her too long. I'd forgot all about it with not seeing her in so long. It like when where together we get theses moments and we just connect. It's like electricity. I know it sounds stupid but it's just the way she makes me feel."
"Benj it's not stupid. I hate to break it to you but I think you're in love bro." Joel said patting him on the shoulder.
"I'm sure she feels the same way but why does she just back off every time we get so close?"
"That I can't answer maybe you should talk to her." Joel suggested.
"Yeah I think I will."
A little later Asher got up not looking too good. She was sick three times that morning. Joel stayed with her. When she felt better and was sure she wasn't going to be sick again they went shopping. Neither Benji or Asher brought up what happened the night before while they where shopping but there was some obvious tension between them. Other than that they had a good day. They bought a crib, pushchair, highchair, car chair and some clothes all in pink, lemon or lilac. When they got back to the house Billy and Paul where there.
"Hey guys where have you been?" Paul said as Asher walked in followed by Benji and Joel carrying all the baby stuff.
"Shopping." Asher said smiling cheerfully waving her hands toward Benji and Joel carrying all of the stuff.
"What did you buy?" Billy said looking at all the bags and boxes.
"Baby stuff." Asher said going up to her room opening the doors for Benji and Joel as she went.
"Ok there just a few things left in the car I'll go get them." Benji said going to the car leaving Joel and Asher alone.
"Hey you alright?" Joel said taking the chance to talk to Asher about what Benji had told him this morning.
"No I mean about last night. Benj told me."
"Oh that."
"Yeah that. So what's up?"
"I don't know."
"Well do you have feelings for Benj?"
"Yeah I have really strong feeling for him I always have but..." she stopped.
"I don't know. With the whole baby thing I just don't think I'm ready for a relationship."
"Well Benji's got it bad for you. Please talk to him."
"I will."
"Ash let him down gently." Joel said quietly.
"Don't worry I won't hurt him." Asher said. Joel went out the room Benji came in straight after.
"Ok that's everything." Benji said putting the box down.
"Thanks." Asher said smiling at him. She didn't make eye contact. He started to leave. She grabbed his hand to stop him.
"Benj wait let me talk to you." Asher pleaded. Benji turned to face her. They sat down on the bed.
"Benj about last night..."
"Forget it I should never have..."
"No Benj let me explained. I do have feelings for you. I have really strong feelings for you it's just... with the baby coming I don't know if I can handle the baby and a relationship. I can't put the baby on hold so it looks like I'll have to put my love left on hold instead."
"Ash I'm sorry I should never have put you in a position like this."
"Benj you don't have to do anything to put me in a position like this. Just seeing you again has made all these feeling come out again.
"Yeah you've always had a place in my heart and you know that Benji Madden." Asher said smiling at him.
"I know it's just good hearing you say that and you know you've always got my heart." Benji said smiling back.
"So where both fucked really." Asher said laughing making him laugh too.
"You could say that yeah." he said laughing. They kissed quickly just a peck on the lips. When they pulled apart they looked into each other's eyes then started making out.
"Ash we forgot..." Joel said walking in the room seeing Benji and Asher in the middle of a full on kiss. He stopped and turned around.
"Ok maybe I'll wait till later." Joel said to Billy and Paul going back into the living room.
"Why?" Billy asked.
"I just found the two love birds in the middle of a make out session."
"No way. Ash and Benj?" Paul said laughing.
"Yeah. The only problem is she was only telling me a few minute ago that she wasn't ready for a relationship with the baby on the way."
"Maybe Benj changed her mind. He can be rather charming when he wants to be." Paul said smiling.
"I don't know I just hope they don't end up getting hurt."
"They're both adults they can look after them selves Joel." Billy reasoned.
"Yeah I suppose."
Mean while in Asher's room Asher pulled away from Benji.
"Benj I don't know about this." Asher said.
"Ash we can take it slow. We don't need to rush into anything. I know the baby comes first but just give me a chance I love you Ash."
"I love you too Benj. If we give this ago you've got to give me time you know. It's going to be hard for me. I just want you to know what you're letting your self in for."
"I know and I am willing to go though it all if it means I get you."
"Well if you're sure."
"I am." They kissed again then went down stairs to Joel, Billy and Paul.
"Well?" Paul said with a huge grin on his face.
"Well what?" Asher said confused.
"Don't play stupid. Joel saw you two up stairs."
"Oh that."
"Yeah that so what's going on?" Billy said.
"Where going to give a relationship a go but slowly." Benji said.
"Aw I'm happy for you two." Joel said giving them each a huge. Just then the Baby kicked. Asher flinched. Joel, Billy and Paul all looked worried but Benji knew what that type of flinch meant from last night. Asher grabbed Benji's hand and put it where she was kicking.
"Looks like she approves too." Asher said smiling.
"What. What's going on?" Paul said confused.
"She's kicking." Asher explained. "Wanna feel?" She said letting go of Benji's hand and moving over to Joel. She took hold of his hand and put it where she had just been kicking.
"Aw I feel her. I felt her kick." Joel said smiling.
"I wanna feel?" Paul said. Asher sat between Billy and Paul. She took hold of each of their hands and let them feel too. They where all made up that they felt her kick.
"That's really cool." Paul said.
"It's not when she does kidney shots thought the night when you're trying to sleep." Asher laughed.
"Yeah maybe that wouldn't be so cool." Paul said.
"So have you got everything ready?" Billy asked.
"We bought most of the stuff today but we just have to spend a year figuring out how to put it together." Asher said they laughed.
"How long have you got now?" Billy asked.
"Three weeks."
"Are you excited?" Paul asked.
"More like nervous but I can't wait to get it over and done with."
Later that night Benji and Asher sat outside talking on the bench.
"Ash I was thinking..." Asher let over and felt his forehead.
"Are you feeling ok Benj? You know you shouldn't think too much it'll rot your brain." Asher laughed making him laugh too.
"No I'm trying to be serious here Ash." Benji said.
"I'm sorry. I've had my fun now. Carry on." Asher said being serious now.
"I was thinking that maybe you might want to move into my room with me and we could turn the room that you're in now into the baby's room. What do you think?" Benji said smiling hopefully. Asher was lost for words she didn't really know what to say.
"I... Benj...I....erm..." Asher stuttered trying to find the right words.
"You don't like the idea do you?" Benji said sounding a little disappointed.
"No it's not that it's..." she sighed seeing the disappointment in Benji's face. "It's a great idea Benj" she said giving up and smiling.
"Seriously. You want to?"
"Yeah why not." She said.
"good." Benji said giving her a hug.
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