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chapter 4

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Chapter 4

The next day Benji, Joel, Billy and Paul stated moving all of Asher things into Benji's room. Asher fixed her thing while the boys started trying to put the baby stuff together. They where making slow progress but they still weren't doing very well. They refused to let Asher help though.
"Come in guys let me do something. I used to work with flat pack furniture. I know what I'm doing."
"We're doing fine. If you want to do something you could get us some drinks and something to eat please." Benji said. Asher just glared at him and went to get some drinks and some sandwiches for them. When she returned that guys looked really pissed off.
"I give up I don't know what to do." Joel said in a huff. Asher put the sandwiches and drinks down and looked at the half built crib on the way past.
"That's easy you just put a screw in there, connect that to that and the put that there and there you go done." Asher said putting the crib together with ease and with out even looking at the instructions once. They guys watched in amazement. When she had finished she looked at them all smugly. "See I told you, you should let me help."
"Do you wanna help with the high chair?" Paul said holing up the box with the high chair in it.
"I thought you didn't need my help." Asher said smiling.
"No we need your help. We really need your help." Billy said. Benji and Joel didn't look too happy about it but went along with it anyway.
"Aw what's the matter pissed off because a pregnant woman can do a mans job and you two can't." Asher said to Benji and Joel who had officially spat their dummy out a long time ago. They both just glared at her. Asher, Billy and Paul laughed at them. Asher was doing most of the work putting the high chair together with some help from Billy and Paul.
"Hello is any body home?" they heard Benji and Joel's mom call coming up the hall.
"In here mom." Joel called. Seconds later Robin popped her head around the door. She seen Asher putting the high chair together and Benji and Joel sat watching her.
"what's wrong with you two sat there watch poor Asher struggle putting that together and you two sat here doing nothing." Robin said hitting Benji and Joel over the head. Asher, Billy and Paul laughed.
"I'm ok really Mrs Madden. They would only mess it up if they tried to help."
"Are you sure?" Robin said concerned.
"Yeah I'm fine I have all the help I need with Billy and Paul but you two could get us some drinks and something to eat." Asher said mocking Benji from before. They just sat there looking at her.
"Well go on you heard the girl go get us some food and drink." Robin she pushing Benji and Joel. Asher, Billy and Paul laughed to them selves. Benji and Joel got up reluctantly. "So how are you doing Asher love. Everything ok with the baby?" Robin she nicely.
"Yep everything's fine thanks Mrs Madden."
"Asher how many years have we known each other you can call me Robin."
Just then Benji and Joel came back with drinks and biscuits.
"Aw your good boys." Robin said smiling at them. They both still looked pissed off.
"There we go all finished." Asher said.
"And that took a tenth of the time it took us just figuring out where the first screw went in the crib." Paul laughed.

Later that night Asher was sorting a few thing out in the baby's room while Benji and Joel where cooking tea as ordered by their mother. Billy, Paul and Robin where sat talking and watching Benji and Joel cook. Just before dinner was ready Asher came down the stairs.
"Are you ok love, the boys are cooking dinner I thought they could make them selves useful seen as you've done all the hard work today." Robin said smiling at her.
"Their really good to me you know. They do help me a lot. I guess flat pack furniture just isn't their speciality." Asher said smiling going into the kitchen to see Benji and Joel. When she got in there they ignored her. She could tell they where still pissed from before. She laughed to herself.
"You two not talking to me now?" Asher pouted. She seen Benji and Joel trying not to give in to her. She smiled knowing they where coming round.
"Aw please talk to me. I'm sorry that you two just don't get how to put furniture together." Asher said smiling. She seen a brief smile appear on each of their faces but they carried on cooking in silence. Asher went and stood behind Benji. She wrapped her arms around his waist the best she could. She couldn't reach to good because of her belly. "Come on Benj I know you can't stay mad at me that long." She whispered into his ear. That was it her gave in. he turned round and kissed her.
"So I take it you've forgiven me then." Asher said smiling at him when they pulled away from each other. She went over to Joel.
"Are you still not talking to me either?" She said resting her head on his shoulder looking up at him giving him puppy dog eyes. He smiled at her and gave her a hug.
"How can I possibly still be mad at you?" Joel said smiling. They talked for the rest of the night mainly about Benji and Asher or Asher and the baby. They had agreed that seen as when the baby is due Good Charlotte will be on tour so Robin, Sarah and Josh will take turns keeping an eye on Asher so that someone will be with her if she starts having the baby.
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