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Chapter 5

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I was writing more but I think this will be the last Chapter for this fic. for now anyway.

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Chapter 5

It was the day that Good Charlotte where going back on tour. Asher and Josh where seeing them off. Asher had said bye to Billy and Paul they where waiting in the bus.
"You look after yourself and the baby." Joel said giving her a hug and rubbing her belly.
"I will. Don't worry about me. You go have a good time and I'll see you when you get back." Asher said smiling at him. He went and got on the bus leaving just Benji to say bye to her. They just looked at each other and hugged.
"Take this number I already gave it to my mom, Sarah and Josh. When you start having the baby ring me on this number and I'll be on the first flight here." Benji said handing her a piece of paper with a number on it.
"Benj you can't just leave your tour at any moment."
"Want a bet. Promise me you'll call me Ash." Benji said looking in her eyes. Asher sighed.
"Of course I'll call you. Well I might have to get someone else to talk to you but I will make sure you get the message." Asher said smiling giving him a kiss before he got on the bus.
"Look after her bro." Benji called to Josh from the bus.
"She's in safe hands see you when you get back." Josh called back.

It was a week after Good Charlotte had left for tour. Asher was upstairs adding the final touches to the baby's room. Josh was watching TV downstairs when he heard Asher call. He rushed upstairs to her.
"Josh get me to the hospital now the baby's coming." Asher said breathlessly.
"Ok... ok... let me think. Bag, Phone..." Josh said panicking rushing round the room picking up things that they needed.
"Josh fucking hurry up I'm not having this baby here."
"Oh yeah sorry come on can you walk?" he helped her up. They got in the car and he drove her straight to the hospital. When they got to the hospital the nurses got Asher on a bed. Asher grabbed hold of Josh.
"Call Benji. I need Benji." She ordered Josh through the pain.
"Ok your contractions are about twenty minutes apart and we need to wait until they get to one minute before we can deliver the baby." The nurse said to Asher while Josh went to ring Benji.
"So how long does that mean I have to wait?" Asher said breathlessly.
"Probably about eight hours could be more could be less." The nurse said casually.
"What that long." Asher sighed leaning back down on the bed the pain easing slightly. A few minutes later Josh came back in.
"Did you call him?"
"Yeah he said he'd be here in three hours that's the best he could do." Josh said.
"That's ok seen as the baby won't be here for another eight hours."
"Eight hours?"
"Yeah the contractions are twenty minutes apart now but I need to wait till there one minute apart before the baby can be delivered."
"Want me to get you anything?"
"No I'm ok at the moment. Just talk to me keep my mind off the pain."
"Is it really bad?"
"It is when I'm actually having the contractions. They last for about three minutes then ease off."
They talked for the next three hours. Benji and Joel arrived just when Asher was having a contraction. It was hard to tell who was screaming more Asher from the pain of the contraction or Josh from the pain of having Asher squeezing his hand and digging her nails into him. When the contraction had passed they both calmed down and noticed Benji and Joel.
"You made it?" Asher said smiling at them.
"Yeah is the baby not here yet?" Benji said sitting next to her. And Joel sitting on the side that josh was.
"No got another five hours left."
"Five hours?" Joel said shocked.
"Yeah five hours." Asher said lying down again. Josh was ribbing his hand she look at him. "I'm sorry are you ok?"
"Yeah it's starting to hurt less because my hand is now completely numb from all the other times." Josh said laughing. "if you don't mind I'll nip home to tell mom and Sarah."
"What? You didn't tell them?" Asher said.
"Well no because I've been here keeping you company. The only time I left was to call Benj and I came straight back so you wouldn't be alone." Josh explained.
"Ok you can go if you want these two are here to do hand holding duties now." Asher said laughing. Josh smiled relived. Benji and Joel looked worried.

Four and a half hours later the contractions where one minute apart so the doctor, nurses and midwife came to deliver the baby. Joel decided to wait outside with Josh, Robin and Sarah who had arrived ten minutes ago.
"Ok Asher are you ready? When I say push I want you to push as hard as you can for me, ok?" The midwife said to her. Asher nodded doing the breathing exercises that they had told her to do. Benji was tight hold of her hand.
"Ok push for me now." The midwife directed. Benji braced himself ready for the pain of Asher squeezing his hand. He never realized how strong she actually was until now. Asher pushed as hard as she could. She was screaming and Benji was biting his lip to stop him self for screaming too.
"Ok good Asher. Just stop a minute. That's it good. Now one last push you can do it Asher." The midwife said. She pushed one last time and they heard the baby cry for the first time. "Well done Asher you have a beautiful baby girl." The midwife said checking the baby over. Asher collapsed back on the bed absolutely exhausted. Benji leaned over the bed to wipe the hair of Asher's face and gave her a kiss.
"Well done you did really well." Benji smiled at her. She smiled back. The midwife brought the baby over to them.
"Now who want her first mommy or daddy?" Asher didn't say anything. Benji stepped to the side. Asher looked at him and smiled.
"Ok mommy here you go." She said giving Asher the baby. "We'll leave you two alone for a minute." The midwife said as they all left Asher and Benji alone. Asher cuddled the baby and Benji sat next to her looking at them both.
"She's beautiful just like her mother." Benji said smiling. They sat watching the baby for a while.
"Go get your mom, Josh and Sarah if you want?" Asher said to him.
"You sure?"
"Yeah." Benji went and got them.
"OH Asher she's beautiful. I bet you're so happy aren't you?" Robin said standing next to her bed looking at the baby. Josh and Sarah also came over to look at her.
"Yeah I am." Asher said smiling. After a while the nurse came back in.
"We'll take her to the nursery not while you have some rest." The nurse said.
"Ok thanks." Asher said handing her baby over.
"We'll see you later." Robin said as her, Benji, Josh and Sarah left her in peace.
A few hours later Asher woke up. When she opened her eyes the first thing she saw was a huge teddy with a pink ribbon around it. When she sat up she realised that Benji was also sat with her. He smiled when he noticed her awake.
"You have a good sleep?" Benji asked.
"Yeah I did. What's with the teddy?"
"It's for the baby." Benji said.
"Aw thanks."
The nurse came in with Asher's baby.
"Would you like to give her, her bottle?" the nurse said.
"Yeah ok." Asher said as the nurse handed her the baby with the bottle and left.
"So have you decided on a name?" Benji asked after a few minutes of silence both of them watching the baby.
"I have." Asher said smiling at him. "You ready for it... say hello to Morgan Marie Appleton." Asher said smiling.
"Aw Ash that's really nice." Benji said smiling. "Billy and Paul came before."
"Are they still here?"
"Yeah I think so."
"Go get them." Benji went to get them.
"You didn't have to wait outside." Asher said smiling at them when they came in.
"Aw she's so cute." Paul said looking at Morgan.
"What are you calling her?" Billy asked.
"Morgan Marie."
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