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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

One year later Benji and Asher where still together. They where very happy and Benji was just like a dad to Morgan. It was the day before Morgan's birthday. Asher had just arrived back home she and Morgan had just got back from visiting Asher's sister in Canada. When she got in Benji, Joel, Billy and Paul all looked at her surprised.
"What are you two doing here? I thought you where only getting back tomorrow." Benji said smiling getting up to help Asher with the bags.
"I decided to come home a day earlier." Asher said gladly giving Benji the bags.
"You should have told us and we'd have gone and picked you up." Joel said.
"Now where would the surprise be in that?" Asher said sitting down next to him with Morgan on her lap.
"So do you enjoy your selves?" Benji said sitting on the other side of her.
"Yeah we did. I had a go time because Aunty Evan did everything for me." Asher said smiling. "Right I'm going to have to get her to bed I'll see you guys in a minute." Asher said taking Morgan upstairs.
She came down twenty minutes later and sat between Benji and Joel.
"She's well away." Asher said yawning her self and resting her head on Benji's shoulder.
"Looks like she's not the only one who needs to go to sleep." Joel said.
"I know I'm (yawn) shattered. I don't know why I've done nothing for a week. Evan refused (yawn) to let me do anything. It was a nice break but I'm glad to be back."
"Come on." Benji said standing up holding out his hand for her.
"You're going to bed. You need to be wide awake tomorrow for Morgan birthday." Benji said. Asher took his hand and let him lead her upstairs.
"Night guys see you tomorrow." Asher said to Joel, Billy and Paul. They all said goodnight back.
Asher fell asleep straight away. A few hours later Benji joined her. He was trying to be as quiet as possible so that he didn't wake her but didn't succeed.
"Benj." Asher said quietly.
"I'm sorry I didn't want to wake you."
"It's fine. Come here." Asher said cuddling up to him. "I love you." She said kissing him.
"I love you too."
"No I really do love you. Not many guys would do what you've done for me in the past year. You've been so good to me and you're great with Morgan she really does like you a lot you know." Benji didn't know what to say. He just gave her a kiss.
"It's no trouble; I love you and would do anything for you and I love being round Morgan too, she's a great kid." Asher smiled at him and they fell asleep together.

The next morning Asher was the first to wake up with Morgan. She went downstairs made breakfast for the two of them. After they'd both ate breakfast she had a shower and got Morgan washed and ready for her birthday party. Asher went downstairs with Morgan to get everything set up for the party. Asher put up Banners and streamers; she blew up some balloons and got some huge helium balloons, she set up tables and chairs for people. Mean while Morgan enjoyed herself playing with some new toys of Mommy and the balloons. When Asher had finished decorating she went into the kitchen to prepare the food. Benji had been shopping the day before to get everything Asher told him she needed. Asher put Morgan in her highchair playing with her toys and a helium balloon tied to the arm of the chair while she started sorting out the food.
"Ok let's see what Benj got for us." Asher said to Morgan. Morgan gave out a little laugh. Asher smiled at her. "I know what you mean love."
A few minutes later Benji and Joel got up. Joel was admiring the living room decorations and Benji was walking into the kitchen to see Asher. Asher hadn't noticed him.
"Momma." Morgan said.
"What's up baby girl?" Asher said but concentrating on the dish she was preparing.
"Be-Jee" Morgan said struggling to say Benji. Asher turned round only to be met by a kiss from Benji stood right behind her.
"Benj you scared me then." Asher said smiling, he smiled back at her.
"Did you do all this yourself?" Joel said walking into the kitchen mesmerised by all the decorations.
"With help from Morgan." Asher said proudly.
"It looks amazing." Joel said. Just then there was a knock at the door. "I'll get it." Joel said answering the door. A few seconds later Joel came back followed by Billy and Paul.
"Wow this looks so good." Paul said looking at all the decorations.
"Yeah who did all this?" Billy asked.
"My beautiful girlfriend." Benji said proudly and putting an arm around her shoulders. Asher laughed and pushed his arm off her turning and carrying on with the food.
"Want us to do anything?" Joel asked.
"Erm you could help me with the food, Billy you could put what foods done on the table, Paul can you put all the presents in the corner neatly and Benj, entertain Morgan for us." Asher said they all went doing their jobs. When everything was sorted the guests started arriving. There was some of Asher's friends and family, and some of Benji and Joel's friends and family. They had a really nice day. Morgan enjoyed her self play more with the boxes and paper than any of the presents. They all ate the lovely food and everyone loved the decorations that Asher had done. Everyone started leaving later that night. The only people left in the house were Asher, Morgan, Benji, Joel, Billy, Paul, Josh, Sarah and Robin. Soon after that Sarah and robin left too. Everyone else decided they where going to stay over for the night.
"Right misses time for bed. It's way past your bedtime." Asher said getting up and taking Morgan upstairs. "Say night night to everyone one." Asher said turning her round to them all."
"Night." Morgan smiled waving to them. They all laughed and said good night back.
Half an hour later Asher came down and collapsed on the sofa Between Benji and Josh.
"You tiered?" Benji smiled.
"Knackered." Asher sighed.
"It looked like Morgan had a good day." Joel said.
"Yeah she did." Asher smiled her eyes closed.
"Don't fall to sleep on me just yet." Benji said nudging her. She opened her eyes to look at him.
"What, why?"
"You'll see come on." Benji said pulling her up and leading her outside. All the other guys looked at him in confusion. Benji just smiled smugly at them.
"Benji why had to brought me outside?" Asher said looking confused at him.
"There something really important that I need to ask you and it's something I've been thinking about for a while now." Benji said looking into her eyes seriously. She stopped and looked back at him.
"There something I've wanted to talk to you about too." Asher said smiling at him briefly.
"Ok you first or me?" Benji said to her.
"You." Asher said.
"Ok. Asher I love you and Morgan more than anything else in the world, Ash will you marry me?" Benji said getting down on one knee and pulling a ring out of his pocket. Asher was in shock she had an idea that Benji was going to propose to her but it was still a shock. She looked at him seriously for a minute.
"Get up." Benji stood up unsure. Asher jumped on him giving him laughing giving him a hug.
"Of course I'll marry you." She said giving him a kiss.
"So what was it that you wanted to ask me?" Benji said already having an idea of what she wanted to ask him and his answer would be yes.
"Benji you've been so good with Morgan. Your just like a father to her and she thinks of you as a father to her so, my husband to be, what do you think about adopting Morgan and officially becoming her Daddy." Benji had a huge smile on his face.
"I'd love too."
They went back inside to the others. They where all sat in silence and confusion.
"Ok so what was all that about guys?" Joel asked as Benji and Asher came in smiling holding hands. Asher went and sat between Josh and Joel.
"oh just about Benji becoming Morgan's dad officially," Asher said smiling putting an arm around Josh's shoulders. "And me becoming your sister-in-law." She continued putting an arm around Joel's shoulders.
"Seriously." Josh said looking from Benji to Asher.
"Yeah." Benji said smiling.
"That's great." Joel said hugging Asher then josh hugged her. Billy and Paul gave Benji a congratulatory hug. They celebrated for most of the night and after that Benji and Asher had a little celebration of there own.
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