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Paintball And Romance Don't Mix

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First story, What happens when you take paintball and MCR and put them together, awesomeness and romance ensues

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A/N Civil war style is when you hand load each and every paintball

Mazy's POV
The rides home from competitions are never fun especially when you are taking a five hour drive home to San Francisco from LA in a Trans Am with a bunch of very loud girls who just happen to love violence.At the moment Pen and Becky were trying to give Anna a nickname and judging by the bloody noses they were not doing a very good job. Well we are a very different group of girls, instead of painting our nails and going to the mall we would work at a paintball field and shoot people for a living. If you took one look at us and didn't know us you would probably think we were abused however bruises, broken bones, and getting knocked out were what we lived for as long as we got the trophy and bragging rights.Even though we all loved the thrill of paintball there are many different personalities on our team. First there is Penina but we all call her Pen at the youngest, she just barely turned 15, is a decent player I mean there are better but what got her on the team was her extreme competitiveness. She is very clever and witty but a hopeless romantic. Then there is Anna, probably the stubbornest person you will ever meet, at 15 she is a good paintball player. Then Becky if you took one look at her you might think we were twins, even though she is only 17 and I'm 19, both with curly brown hair, tan skin, and both 5ft 7. She is probably the best sniper in the team maybe even the state but lets not forget she can be very bitchy and random. My second in command, Raven is 18 and one of the best civil war style players in the state. She is very aggressive and stands up for what she believes in. And last but not least there is me the leader of our team, I have played paintball the longest at 9 years and have trained all of the people on the team. We are the Destroyas, the best paintball team in the state, who all happen to work at the best paintball field in San Francisco.

After Pen and Becky had stopped fighting with Anna for about half an hour, I realized something.
" Hey, guys what's todays date?" I asked a little afraid to find out the answer.
" The 27th. Why?" Raven replied.
" Didn't Alexander, our only experienced ref, Ask for today off?" I said hoping my team mates would catch on.
" Ya, so what?" Pen asked.
"That means we left Hozzie in charge" Raven said panicked.
"Great we left a 15 year old intern who has worked for two weeks in charge of a bunch of rowdy teenagers with guns" I said while stepping on the gas peddle cursing the car for only going to 120mph. I turned another hour of driving home into a 20 minute drive filled with swearing and a few panic attacks, the paintball field was our baby that we left with a completely inexperienced babysitter.

"Oh My God" I said when we walked in, the place was filled with teens shooting each other in the face with no gear on and Hozzie was hiding behind counter having a panic attack.
"Anna go calm down Hozzie! Everyone else split up and get everyone out!" I yelled as loud as possible. There was a chorus of get your asses out now from my team. Within the next 15 minutes every one was out and we started cleaning everything up.

1 Hour Later
" Finally, this place is clean."Raven said exausted.
" I vote we never leave the paintball open with me in charge" Hozzie said
" I agree. All in favor" i said sitting down on the couch. I heard a bunch of I's from everyone
" Good... Becky what are the 'new' rules to be the best paintball team. I remember them telling us but not what?"I asked vauguely remembering something about the number of people.
"They said we need 10 people instead of five now" she replied
"What a bunch of BS. Where do we find five extra people for our team?" I asked a bit peeved
"We could have anyone that wants to be on our team play against us and if they're good enough let them on the team" Pen said
"Hmm I like that idea. Hozzie put up some flyers for auditions to be on The Destroyas" I replied. Little did I know our answer would be a group of celebrities.
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