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We shoot motherfuckers like you!

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The guys come into the story

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Mazy's POV
It's been two weeks since we put up flyers and all the people that showed up couldn't play for shit.
"We only have two weeks to find five paintball players so we can go to the country championship and there is no way we are letting those blonde sluts from Miami win" I told the team after practice.
"I know but there's only so much we can do before we can only hope" Raven said.
"I guess you are right. Time to get back to work." I announced.Just then someone knocked on the door 'Great probably another person trying to convince me to sell the paintball field' I thought to myself as I opened the door.I got the shock of my life My Chemical Romance was on my doorstep with our flyers in their hands.
"Someone shoot me" I said as my jaw dropped.
"OK!" Anna yelled from behind me followed by a sharp stinging in my shoulder.
"Oww! Goddamn it, Anna I'll get your ass later for that." I yelled peeved
"Sorry about that how can I help you guys?" I said confidently trying to hide the fact I was a bit star struck.
"We are here to audition for the extra spots on your team" Gerard said.
"Do you have any experience in paintball?" I asked.
"We used to play all the time before we started the band." Frank replied excitedly.
"To make sure you guys are good enough to be on the Destroyas you all have fight us in a paintball game. Can you do that?" I questioned.
"Yes" They replied in unison.
"Ok follow me. Hozzie get them gear and everyone else suit up." I yelled to everyone. After Hozzie took them to get gear we all started towards the locker room.
"Mazy are they who I think they are?" Becky asked while we were changing.
"Yes but don't let their fame get to you.We need five good players and our little fangirl crushes cant influence our descision" I said knowing full well that everyone on my team loved MCR. We had even named our team after one of their songs.

On the Paintball Field
"We will be playing single elimination, no rules play as dirty as you want but if you lose your mask hit the blind man button on your shoulder. Oh yeah we play with music on so no one can hear anyone coming and use your headset to communicate with team mates." I said to everyone, of coarse my team wouldn't need the headsets as much as them we knew the field inside and out.
"Everyone got it. Good, Positions. The game starts when the music comes on." I said. The entire team went to our positions and waited.
In the middle of a gunfight
"Go!" I yelled into the headset while running toward the center field with Raven. So far every thing was going according to plan Raven an I would run down the middle. Becky would hide in the treehouse towards the back with her sniper, Pen would take the left and Anna the right. I saw what appeared to be Ray peak out behind a bunker. I looked to Raven signaling for her to shoot him but she just stood there staring at him. 'God I can already tell this is going to be bad' I thought to myself while aiming my gun at Ray. Bang! One down four to go. I moved to the side trying to get Raven to move too because i saw Frank peek out. Bang! Raven was out. Now it was four against four.
"I got Ray but Raven was shot by frank" I said into the headset.
"I got Mikey but he got Pen first" Becky said.
"Ok i going to cover the left for Pen" I said down the headset.
I started weaving in and out of the bunkers, stumbling across Bob aiming at Anna.Bang! Anna was out.
"Surrender player!" I yelled if I shot him this close he would be knocked out.
"Damn it" he said and got up.Great now it was two against two.
"I got Frank" Becky yelled.
"I got Bob but he got Anna first" I said back.I heard a vauge surrender player in the background great now it is just me against Gerard. Of coarse it had to be the one liked.I ran towards where becky was hoping to catch gerard off guard. I ran out into the open only to see he was waiting for me but he had a shocked look on his face. 'Must not of expected me to be the last one in' I thought to myself as I aimed for him but he beat me to it. Then he second guessed himself and I took my chance. Bang! I hit him in the chest. Game over.

Off the Paintball Field
"Well you guys did pretty good and I think that with a lot of practice we can all beat the Miami sluts and claim the trophy for best paintball team in the country" I said to everyone.
"So we made it?" Gerard asked looking confused.
"Yes you made it" I said
"Even though we lost?" he asked again.
"Even though you lost" I replied hoping I made the right choice, they were all fairly good paintball players and seemed to be able to work as a team.
"Welcome to the Destroyas. Now that we're done with the easy part, time to start training" I said to everyone.

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