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Training and crushes

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Gerard's POV

Training was going great everyone was able work together pretty well despite the many bruises and cuts. I noticed that even though we all bonded great that there were certain 'couples', Ray and Raven, Anna and Mikey, Pen and Frank, Becky and Bob, and Mazy and I. In all honesty I think that all of us guys liked our partners a little more than we should.
"Gee, Gee!" Mazy was yelling at me.
"Huh oh, what Mazy?" I asked confused.
"You just kinda zoned out on me for a second. I was asking if you wanted to come to the movies with us?" Mazy replied.
"That sounds great who's going?" I asked.
"Well now that you said yes everyone is." She answered. Great I get the chance to talk to her off the field.
"What movie are we going to see?" I asked.
"Well I want to go see The Avengers but everyone else has already seen it and they want to go see Rock of Ages, so I'm going alone." She said a little sadly.
"I'll go with you the Avengers is a great movie." I said hoping to cheer her up.
"Great now I don't have to go alone."She said happily. We all walked out to the cars Mazy and I got in her car with Anna and Mikey and everyone else split up between Raven and Frank's cars. On the way there The Ghost Of You came on the radio and I went to change it but she slapped my hand and jokingly said that it's her radio her choice.I just sat back and smiled to myself a little at the fact that she liked our band. It was a little easy to tell that all the other girls liked our band but Mazy hid it well until now.

Frank's POV
Pen and I sat in my car with Becky and Bob. I saw Pen staring at the road out of the corner of my eye, I knew that I liked her as more than just friends but I am a coward. I couldn't get the guts up to ask her to go out with me, thank god the girls came up with the idea to go to the movies. It would be nice to get to know her outside of the paintball field even though everyone else will be there and if I let something slip it could destroy our friendship which I value too much to let that happen. We pulled up to the movie theater 'Hope this goes well' I thought to myself as we got out of the car.

A/N: I think I'm going to do a Pov for each of the guys as they watch the movie but I'm not sure yet. Also I'm sorry my chapters are so short I'll try and make them longer now
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