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Mikey's POV Oh and I talk about Prometheus but I don't think I gave anything major away.

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A/N: Sorry I had to change the movie because I've never seen Rock of Ages, I was going to today with my friend but he canceled because he had practice so I'm going to use Prometheus because I've seen that.

Mikey's POV

Gerard, Mazy, Anna, and I got out of the car and walked into the movie theater to buy tickets.When I looked up I noticed that it was only showing one movie the entire day.
"What the actual fuck. Why are they only playing Prometheus?"Mazy said to the worker selling tickets.
"A new intern spilled hot coffee all over the movies earlier and the only salvagable one was Prometheus so thats what we've been playing all day. Of coarse all tickets are half off now." The worker explained.
"Fine we'll take ten tickets to Prometheus" Anna said before Mazy would do anything stupid.We bought our tickets and all went to find our seats, I sat next to Anna obviously.About twenty minutes into the movie I realized that this was not what we expected which was a sci fy movie about them going to another planet with nothing that scary happening but a scary movie about a bunch of aliens who killed and ate the people. So then Anna started to use my shoulder as a shield and I was so glad the movie theater was dark because my face was tomato red. That is why I can't ask her out because whenever I go to ask her my face turns red and I run away but I promised myself I would get up the guts to ask her out... holy bejeus did she just give birth to a squid, ewww what has been seen can not be unseen. I think I'm going to have nightmares about that now.
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