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Bob and Ray's POV

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Ray's POV
Seriously WTF! The people that made Prometheus need to make up their mind is it a sci fy movie like Avatar or a scary movie about aliens. So far the only good part has been where the girl gave birth to a squid.
"Is it just me or is this a shitty movie?" I whispered to Raven.
"It's not just you. The only good part so far was when the lady gave birth to the squid" Raven whispered back.
"That's what I think too, they need to make up their mind about this movie." I whispered.
"I know is it a scary movie or one like Avatar" She replied.'Will you marry me' I thought in my head, we have a bunch in common and our names even rhyme but of coarse I don't even know if she's available for a relationship.

Bob's POV
'Wow that movie sucked' I thought as the ending credits rolled by on the huge screen.I looked over and Becky had a look on her face that said did I just pay money to see that movie it looked kinda cute. Wait Bob get thoughts like that out of your head she's your team mate and friend. Hmm maybe these thoughts meant I should ask her out on a date 'Ask her out stupid. It's now or never' a little voice in my head said to me.
"Hey, Umm Becky do you want to go out to dinner with me." I asked nervously while we were walking into the field.
"Like on a date?" she questioned.
"Umm, Yeah." I said turning redder and redder by the second.
"Ok." She said with a smile.
"How about we go to Val's Diner tomorrow at 6" I asked
"Sounds great see you then" she said and walked off with all the other girls to Mazy's car to go home.
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