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Sushi and Anaphylaxis

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Mazy's POV

"Hey guy's guess what Bob asked me out on a date." Becky said excitedly as we walked to the cars. I would usualy give all the girls except for Raven a ride home because they are little scared of her driving.
"Lucky I wish Frank would ask me out" Pen said.
"Me too I wish Mikey would ask me out" Anna added.
"Same here with Ray" Raven said. Then they all looked at me with the same look that scared me a little.
"Well" They said in unison, now they were really starting to scare me.
"What?" I said innocently.
"Don't you wish Gerard would ask you out?" Anna said with a 'I'm going to prank you' look on her face.
"Umm I guess so but what's with the looks?" I asked a little scared of the answer. Then I realized that there was a shadow behind me that looked a lot Gerard.
"You like me like that?" Gerard asked from behind me. I spun around to see he was inches from my face, I started turning red.I could hear the girls running away behind me.
"Umm Yeah I guess so" I said while mentally cursing myself for blushing and the girls for tricking me.
"So then would you go out with me?" He asked me while smirking.
"Yeah" I said almost stuttering, damn him and his sexy smirk.
"How about we go to sushi?" He asked me.
"Sure" I said gaining a little confidence even though I knew I should of said that we should go somewhere else. I'm half asian, However I am severely allergic to shellfish. I guess I was still a little shocked he asked me out.
"We can take my car" He said breaking me out of my little trance.
"Sounds good." I replied. We walked over to his car and my jaw dropped he had a black Mazda Ryuga (super cool car).
"Wow" I whispered to my self. We got in a drove to the closest sushi bar on the way in I realized how stupid I am what do I have a death wish I could just order fried rice sounds like a good idea. We got a table and while I pretended to look at the menu even though I already knew what I was going to order.
"What are you going to get?" He asked after a minute of silence.
"Fried rice, you?" I asked back
"Teriyaki bowl" He replied, whew no shellfish.The waitress came and took our order and left.
"So whats the amazing story of your life?" he asked.
"Where do I start? I was born on October 21, I moved to San Francisco when I was thirteen to live with my uncle and took up paintball as an outlet for life. I have a silver fox named Pandora and wolf/husky mix named Frankenstein." I stopped because the food had arrived. I Started to eat my rice while Gerard ate his Teriyaki in comfortable silence about halfway through my rice I noticed that it was getting harder to breathe like someone was tightening a noose around my neck. 'Oh god not now please tell me I'm not having an allergy attack' I thought to myself but my fears were confirmed when the noose got tighter.
"Oh god Gerard hand me my purse" I squeaked out as my noose got tighter.
"Are you ok?" He asked worriedly while handing me my purse.I yanked off my allergy necklace and threw it at him while searching through my purse for the Epi-pens (A shot you take when you have an allergy attack and go into anaphylaxis it gives you enough time to call 911).I pulled out one and wheezed out
"911" I then pulled the shot out while Gerard called 911 and yanked it out of the container pulled off the safety and stabbed myself in the thigh waiting for it to set in. My breathing became a little less laboured then the paramedics showed up and pulled me on a stretcher. I vaguely heard them ask if Gerard wanted to come with me and he said yes, then I felt something being put in my throat and I felt myself getting sleepy.

'God I'm so stupid why didn't I ask them if they put shell fish in their fried rice' I thought to myself as I started waking up 'Because you are stupid' a little voice in my head said back.
"Ugh." I groaned looking up at the white ceiling stupid brightness.
"Mazy?" I heard Gerard ask then he was standing protectively over me.
"Hey Gee" I said hearing my voice sound rough and cracked."How long have I been out?"
"A few hours." He replied
"Great well there goes our date" I said peeved at myself.
"It's fine, at least you're okay thats all I care about" He said gently.
"Thanks Gee" I said softly. Then a lady came in and asked if I was okay and asked Gerard to sign some papers so I could get out of this hellhole. We got in his car and I turned to him and said
"Thanks for not freaking out that much in the restaurant."
"I looked at your necklace and figured out that if I freaked out you would probably die" Gerard said while looking at the road.
"You can just drop me off next to my car I'll be fine" I said as drove by the field.
"Oh no, you're not getting off that easy the nurse said I should watch you for the next 24 hours. Which means you are coming home with me." He said still watching the road. I could tell we wasn't going to let me convince him that I would be fine so I just leaned against the window and let the exaustion from todays events overtake me.

A/N:Sorry if I was a little inacurate about anaphylaxis I haven't had an attack in so long so I don't quite remember what happened.
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