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Mazy's POV
I woke up as Gerard pulled up to an apartment complex. As we walked up I could tell I didn't fit in very well here all the women had designer clothing and the men had on suits whereas I had on a pair of leggings with short blue sunrise shorts over( the leggings to cover all the bruises) and a black green day shirt on. We got in the elevator and he hit 10th floor. When we walked into the apartment my eyes got as big as plates.
"Holy bejesus, you live here?" I said amazed at how nice it was.
"Ya" He said shyly.
"Dude you could have like bajillion pets"I said.
"Thats the first thing that comes to your mind" He said laughing at my weird personality.
"Of corse I love animals. I would get more pets but the landlord yelled at me when I got 23 puppies." I said.
"You brought home 23 puppies?" He said amused.
"Ya but to get him back I gave them away to all the other tenants. They seemed to think it was pretty funny." I explained. He started laughing then gave me a tour of the huge apartment.

A/N I was going to continue but I have to go to a dinner for my Grandpa. Ill update later
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