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Homeless People and Apartments

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A/N: Sorry I didn't update yesterday my friends and I went to the lake and some idiots thought it would be funny to throw rocks at the 'emo' kids so we left and hung out all day in my room so I didn't get the chance to update.

Mazy's POV
After the tour of Gee's apartment, we decided to watch a movie.
"What movie do you want to watch?" Gee asked.
"Hmm do you have Nightmare Before Christmas?" I asked.
"Yep" He replied while getting the movie and putting it in the dvd player. About halfway through Jacks speech about christmas town I fell asleep on Gerard's shoulder.

When I woke up it was light out and I was in a bed.
'Where am I' I thought to myself
'In a bed stupid' a little voice in my head said.
'No shit sherlock, whose bed'
'Probably Gerard's bed retard'
'That makes sense'
'Of corse it does I'm you.'
'Shut up'
'Maybe you guys had sex'
'Shut up'
'or he raped you'
'Dude I still have clothes on and I highly doubt Gerard would rape me.'
'Ehh you never know'
'Just shut up'
'Fine shutting up sir'
'Hehe star wars moment' I thought to myself while getting up and going to look for Gerard. I found him drinking coffee (what a shocker) and reading the newspaper he looked up and said
"Good morning"
"Morning, can you take me back home?" I asked.
"The 24 hours isn't up yet" He said.
"I just need to feed my dogs" I replied.
"Oh ok, just let me get my keys" he said while getting up. We walked back down and got stares from people, god you'd think these people had never seen a band tee before. We got in his car and I directed him to the rougher part of San Francisco where my apartment is. We pulled up outside the building where there was a prostitute and a homeless person playing the sax.
"Hello Mazy" The sax player who I knew as Bernard said.
"Hey Bernard hows it going?" I asked while Gee walked around the car to me.
"Good I just had an interview with club owner who you suggested I see." He said back.
"That's great I hope you get the job" I said happy for him.
"Who is the friend?" Bernard asked.
"This is Gerard" I said.
"Nice to meet you" Gerard said.
"Nice to meet you too. But just so you know if you hurt Mazy I'll have to kill you." Bernard said.
"Bernard be nice we don't want to scare away Mazy's boyfriend." Said the prostitute who is Shirley.
"Fine mom" Bernard said jokingly even though Shirley was at least ten years younger than him.
"Well it was great talking but I must feed my babies" I said.
"Ha ha your obsession with your pets is quite funny" Shirley said. We said our goodbyes and headed up to my apartment.
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