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Mazy's POV
We walked into my dingy little apartment and I felt a little self concious about it I mean his was beautiful and huge and mine looked like a tornado went through there. Pandora and Frankie ran out into the living room.
"My babies come to mama" I cooed at them as they ran to me.
"Wow you own a fox" Gerard said.
"Ya they did an experiment in Russia about foxes and my grandfather got me one for my 16th birthday" I said. Pandora my little fox scrambled out of my lap to go sniff Gee while frankie rolled around on me.
"Haha she likes you" I said as Pandora snuggled into his lap. I looked around for the food to encounter a billion sticky notes stuck to my fridge that all said 'DON'T FORGET TORNAMENT IS IN 2 DAYS'
"Holy shit Gerard did you remember that the competition is in two days" I asked.
"Um no. Damn we need to pack" He said. I walked out with the dog food and put it on the floor for them.
"I'm going to call the girls and tell them we need to pack so we can leave" I said to Gerard.
"I'll call the guys." Gee said back. I called them all to tell them to pack, we always showed up a day early to go check in.

2 hours later we were all standing outside the paintball field trying to figure out the seating arrangements for the trip.
"How about this all the girls in one car and guys in the other simple." I said eager to get on the road. I had never forgotten about a tornament until now.
"Agreed" They all said at once.
"Lets get this show on the road" I said.
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