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Sluts and Fights

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Mazy POV
Apparently I missed alot when I was over at Gee's Frank asked Pen out but it all came out as one word, Ray and Raven went on a double date with Bob and Becky, and Mikey asked Anna to be his girlfriend. I had a horrid migraine so I had to take vikadin and my brain was being a retard.

Penina's POV
Oh god we should not of given Mazy that much drugs, at the moment she was sitting in the passenger seat going on about how great Gerard is. To be honest I don't think she would ever act like this unless she was drugged but of coarse I have to take advantage of this, I pulled out my camcorder and filmed her.
"Hey Mazy do you love Gerard?" I asked.
"Of coarse hes like da besht eva" She said slurring her speech.
"Would you marry him?" Becky asked joining in.
"Yessssssss ten we cud make tons of babies"she said.
"Who do you like more Gerard or Billie Joe Armstrong?" Anna asked, we all knew she had a thing for Billie Joe.
"Equal, I cud be a polygamerist and marry tem both" She replied. Man she is really out of it, good thing I got this on video.
"Ima go ta sleep" She mumbled leaning her head on the seat.
"Ok Mazy" I said.

Mazy's POV
We arrived at the hotel in LA 5 hours later.
"Oh god I hate you all" I said looking at the tape they took of me in the car.
"Why do you hate them?" Gee asked walking over to me.
"Nothing. It's nothing" I said quickly.
"Actualy Gerard we have a tape you might want to see." Pen said.
"I hope you burn in hell" I said glaring at them. Of coarse Pen still showed Gerard the tape and he just laughed at it and said
"At least I know you love me." Gerard said.
"You guys suck." I said to the girls. We walked into the hotel only to run into Team Justin Bieber from Miami, I fucking hate them.
"Look what the cat dragged in." Tiffany the leader of the sluts said.
"Ouch I'm so hurt." I said sarcastically.
"You're fat." She said.
"Here's the thing I can lose weight but you cant fix stupid" I said, I could see her struggling to come up with a comeback.
"Whatever Emo's. Why don't you go cut yourselves." She said. That struck a nerve, all the girls lunged at the Jb team. I managed to punch Tiffany in the face and hear the satifying crack of her nose before Gerard pulled me back, I looked and saw that the guys had grabbed us back but not before we could inflict some damage. Pen had ripped out a huge chunk of Allison's hair, Anna had given Sandy a black eye, Raven had kicked Suzy in the stomach and she was doubled over in pain, and Becky had kicked one of the guys where the sun don't shine.
"You better watch you're back on the field bitch." I said threateningly.
A/N: Sorry about the spelling errors I was trying to make it seem slurred plus my stupid computer doesn't have spellcheck.
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