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Rooms and snobs

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A/N: I'm going to finish this story by the end of the week hopefully.

Mazy's POV
"You better watch your back on the field bitch" I said threateningly.
"You are going to pay for that. I just got a nose job" Tiffany said holding her nose.
"I'm shaking where I stand" Anna said sarcastically.
"Come on guys she isn't worth the paint" Gerard said still holding me back.
"Ya come on" I said ending the fight for now. We walked up to reception to check in.
"Well we have a few floors reserved for the paintball players but since you are the first you can have the suites" Sydnee the receptionist said.
"I thought they already checked in" I said gesturing to the JB Team.
"Ya but I hate snobs so I convinced the that the only rooms availiable were the shittiest one we have" She said.
"Dude I think I love you." I said. Gerard faked hurt and said
"What about me?"
"I still love you" I said while rolling my eyes. She handed us our room keys and we were off to go find our rooms.
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