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No Elevators

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Mazy’s POV
“God Mazy why did you make us take the stairs an elevator would be faster and less exercise.” Frank complained while trying to carry his suitcase filled with paintball gear up the stairs.
“Because I’m deathly afraid of elevators” I replied easily pulling my suitcase up the stairs.
“Trust me walking up the stairs is easier than dealing with a Mazy panic attack” Anna said.
“How many rooms did we get?” Becky asked.
“Uh five” Bob replied.
“Who’s bunking with who?” I asked.
“I call Mikey” Frank said.
“I call Bob” Ray said.
“I call Pen” Anna said.
“I call Becky” Raven said.
“Traitors” I said to my friends.
“No one wants bunk with someone who takes 3 hour long showers” Anna said.
“3 hours. What could you possibly be doing for three hours in a shower?” Frank asked.
“She even brings a chair in there sometimes.” Pen added.
“Can we please stop discussing my showering habits. It takes a long time to wash my hair okay.” I said, my hair is a pain in the butt basically its a waist length fro like Rays which does not like to be tamed.
“Guess you and Gerard get to share.” Anna said.
“Are we there yet” Frank whined.
“Nope. 5 more floors” I said walking ahead of everyone. This went on for the next 3 flights of stairs until Bob said he couldn’t take it anymore and started carrying Frank.
“10th floor here we are” I said, almost laughing at everyone they all were practically crawling up the stairs. We all went to our rooms to put our stuff away and met in the hallway 10 minutes later.
“Whose ready for Practice?” Raven said.

A/N: Sorry I didn't finish the story by the end of the week. I was working on one shots so I have a bunch of half finished one shots and at the rate I'm are going they are going to take forever so I'm going to try and finish this story by sunday but no promises.
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