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You Just Got Loki'd

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Inspired by huge amounts of skittles and A LOT of Tom Hiddleston videos at 1 in the morning

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Mazy's POV

Practice was fun as usual. After a large amount of Monsters and Skittles I came up with a wonderful prank, now all I needed was a couple accomplices, LOTS of paper, a few sharpies, and a couple rolls of tape.
-insert evil grin-

"Ehehe. Hey Pen!" I called out to Penina as walked into the lobby.

"Whats up Mazy?" She asked.

"I have come up with a wonderful idea and I need you to get me a few things so we can put it into action" I said sounding a little like a maniac.

"Is it another prank?" She replied.

"Yes however this time it has nothing to do with itching powder and locker room toilet paper. We shall prank the sluts that are the Justin Bieber team." I said.

"Ok what do we need?" She asked. I quickly told her my list and went off to talk to Sydnee.

"Hey Sydnee. Do you think you can do me a favor?" I asked.

"Sure what do you need?" She asked.

"I need to know where JB's car is and their room keys." I said grinning evilly.

"That's against company policy but I'll make an exception for you." She said grinning. She handed me their room keys and told me where their car was.

"Thanks." I said turning around to get my team mates from their rooms. I ran across the lobby and up ten flights of stairs and started knocking on their doors.

"What is it Mazy I was just about to take a shower?" Raven asked a little grumpily.

"I have a wonderful idea." I exclaimed to everyone.

"Like that time you put itching powder on our toilet paper." Becky said.

"When will you guys let that go? Its not like I do that a lot." I said.

"Really what about that time when you filled my entire apartment with popcorn" Anna said.

"Or that time you replaced my conditioner with yogurt." Raven added.

"Ok, ok. I admit the majority of my pranks are usually aimed at you guys but this time they are for JB team." I said defending myself.

"We're in." Everyone said unison.

"I got everything we need." Penina said walking out of the elevator with her arms full of bags.

"Ehehe. Time to put my plan into effect." I said. I explained that we were going to write you just got Loki'd on all the papers and tape them everywhere to everyone.

"Ok so Raven and Ray you get their car and everyone else pick a room and remember cover every available surface." I said rubbing my hands together maniacally.

About 20 minutes later we had successfully covered their car and all their rooms in paper. I even made popcorn and we brought lawn chairs out to watch. Since we couldn't be in two places at once I just got Sydnee to record their reaction to the car on the security cameras.

"Now just sit back and enjoy the show." I said before shoving a handful of popcorn in my mouth. Sure enough when they got back to their rooms they got pissed and started screaming like crazy, I was rolling on the floor laughing. After a few minutes Gerard said,

"Definitely worth all the paper cuts."
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