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someone goes back in time to change to the timeline in Luna Loovegood's body.

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Chapter 18: the Half-Blood Prince Part 1

(Young Luna's thoughts)

Old Luna's thoughts

Selena, Luna's mom's thoughts

The sword's thoughts


After the end of term, Most of the long-term members of the D.A. chose to stay with Luna and Harry rather than return to their families, much to their parents' consternation. Using their port-key rings, Squad A was transported to the newly refurbished Potter Manor, as Luna needed some time to grieve in the company of a few close friends. Squad G was transported to Gryffindor Castle so that they could better assess the army that Harry and Luna were building and devise tactics to utilize it. Squads B, E and F were transported to Gryffindor Castle to train. Squad C was transported to Ravenclaw Tower to begin absorbing books and devise a priority list of books for the others to absorb. Squad D took the train to London and then helped Fred and George set up their Joke Shop, which would serve as a front to cover their research activities.

After the funeral of Luna's Father, Harry called all of his house elves together and issued them uniforms and made them accept pay.

Scene Break

On the day the Will was read, Harry took Luna shopping at Diagon Alley, first. Mostly, she bought new clothes. Finally, they went to Gringott's. After he read the will, which was filled with legalistic mumbo-jumbo, Grindbar summarized it for them.

"Your father left a lot of debts," began Grindbar. "He borrowed against everything he owned in order to keep his underground paper afloat. The only thing he didn't hock was his Lordship title, and its seat on the Wizengamot."

"I don't want it," said Luna. "You can have it, Harry."

"Are you sure?" asked Harry.

"Yes. Pay off the debts and you can be Lord Lovegood. But, I'm not sure what I'll do with the Quibbler. We don't really have time to run a magazine," said Luna.

"You need a professional journalist to run it for you," observed Grindbar.

"Of course!" exclaimed Harry as he reached for a quill and paper from Grindbar's desk. "I need to send an owl to Hermione."

Scene Break

"Thank you meeting with me," said Harry as they sat at the Leaky Cauldron. "How have you been, Ms. Skeeter?"

"Much better since your interview," said Rita Skeeter.

"How would you like to work for me on a more permanent basis?" asked Harry.

"What do you mean?" asked Rita.

"I would like you to become the new editor of the Quibbler," said Harry.

Rita stared at him, her mouth hanging open. After a few minutes of silence, she recovered a bit.

"Would I have editorial control?" asked Rita.

"Of a sort," replied Harry. "While I will be using my interest in the Prophet to make it impartial and truthful, I would like the Quibbler to become a partisan political paper that is slanted towards me. I don't want you to print lies. But I know how biased your writing can be. I just want it to be biased in my favor."

"And I won't have to do stories about strange phenomena that nobody believes in anyway?" asked Rita.

"You may do such stories if you wish," replied Harry. "But you won't be required to cover such things. I've got a war to run. I won't have time to micromanage you. I'm relying on your skills as a journalist."

"Lord Potter, I believe we have a deal," said Rita as she offered her hand.

Scene Break

Harry had made an elaborate throne room in Potter Manor. In it, he sat on an ornate throne with Luna at his side in a similar one. The other four members of Squad A were standing guard in the four corners of the room.

"Arcesso Paelexa!" intoned Harry.

With a pop, two, rather large women appeared. It was clear that Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle had gotten their looks from their mothers.

"Welcome to Potter Manor Mrs. Crabbe and Mrs. Goyle. I am you new Master," stated Harry. "You may have noticed that your rings disappeared and your wands shattered a few days ago. Since you are now my property, you will not be getting new wands until I feel that you have reformed."

"Fuck you Potter!" said Mrs. Crabbe. "We don't need your handouts! The Malfoys will take care of us!"

"Are you quite sure of that?" asked Harry, steepling his fingers. "Draco is in Azkaban and Lucius is in Saint Mungo's. You are quickly running out of Malfoys to take care of you."

"The Goyles and the Crabbes have been vassals of the Malfoys for seven hundred years. They WILL take care of us," said Mrs. Goyle.

"Ablegatio Paelexa!" shouted Harry as he sent them to 4 Privet Drive.

Scene Break

With a popping sound, a half-dozen Death Eaters appeared on the Brockdale Bridge. Their Master had promised a mass Muggle killing unless the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, stood aside. They were here to make good on that threat. A half-hour before they arrived, the bridge had been closed. So when the Death Eaters arrived, there were no cars on the bridge. Instead, there were six teenagers, who were ready to fight. As soon as the Death Eaters arrived, Harry stunned one of them.

"Stupefy! Expelliarmus! Serpensortia! Petrificus Totalus!" the Death Eaters began flinging curses at their opponents, but they all bounced off the shields that Neville and Ginny had erected.

Come wrap around my ankle and I will protect you, Luna hissed at the snake.

Vaporo Conus! hissed Harry as a jet of super heated steam erupted from the end of his wand and expanded into a cone shaped area that scalded the Death Eaters to death.

One managed to duck and roll out of the way. He came out of his roll in a kneeling position and cast a Death Curse. "Avada Kedavra!"

Luna leapt in the way and absorbed the Death Curse with her sword.

"Delibro!" shouted Harry as he cast the Onion Peel curse at the Death Eater.

"Protego!" the Death Eater got his shield charm up into time to deflect Harry's curse.

Luna pointed her sword at the Death Eater and let loose a blast of energy that disintegrated her opponent's head.

Then, Harry notice that the now, headless villain was wearing a Lordship Ring.

"Praedia-" began Harry.

"Hold it Harry! It won't work!" said Luna

"Why not?" inquired Harry.

"Because you didn't defeat him," explained Luna. "I did. Praedia Bellica!"

"Oh cheer up. I may be Lady-" she glanced at the ring that had appeared on her hand. It had an emerald, with a serpent and scorpion on either side of it. "-Nott now, but being my husband makes you Lord Nott and I'll see that you get a Lordship Ring."

Just then, there was the distinctive popping sound of the Aurors apparating in.

"Looks like it's time to go," said Stan.

Chapter 19: HBP 2: against the Giants

(Young Luna's thoughts)

Old Luna's thoughts

Selena, Luna's mom's thoughts

The sword's thoughts


"Arcesso Paelex!" intoned Luna.

There was a popping sound and Virginia Nott appeared before her.

"Where am I?" asked Mrs. Nott.

"You are in my Lair," said Luna, who, in an effort to be more intimidating, had worn her dominatrix costume. "I've killed your husband, shattered your wand and taken over your house. You belong to me now and if you want to be granted another wand, you will have to establish a record of good behavior."

"I belong to you now?" asked Mrs. Nott. "Does this mean that I am to be your concubine?"

"As temping as that sounds," said Luna, eyeing Nott's gorgeous platinum-blonde haired trophy wife, "my husband would never approve."

"Then I am to be his concubine?" asked Mrs. Nott.

"I don't think he would go for that either," replied Luna. "No, you'll be set up in one of our more modest houses under house arrest and a house elf will bring you food weekly."

"Well, if either of you needs my services, you know where to find me," said Virginia as she struck a sexy pose.

"Wait! You WANT to be a concubine?" asked a shocked Luna.

"Well, if I am to be a piece of property, I can certainly think of worse jobs to be assigned," replied Virginia.

"I'll keep that in mind," replied Luna. "Ablegatio Paelex!"

Scene Break

"Beggin' yer pardon," said Miles O'Bannon, "but as much as I like takin' the money of an eccentric billionaire, I have to think that yer half daft ta be trainin' an army to use such antique weapons."

"What would you suggest as an alternative?" asked Harry Potter.

"This would be a lot more practical," said Miles, indicating his more modern automatic rifle. "This is an AK-47. It's the most popular gun in the world. It will fire when covered in mud or with sand in it. It's so easy to fire that a child could use it, and they do. With this, I can get fifteen shots inter a target before reloadin'."

"Would you care to pit your modern weapon against my wand?" offered Harry.

"I hate ta do in such a well payin' employer," replied Miles.

"My point is that your weapon is useless against people like me," said Harry. "I believe this so strongly that I am will to let you shoot at me, just to prove a point."

"It's yer funeral," said Mile.

"Ready? Begin. Immunitas Artus Cento!" hissed Harry as he conjured a special shielding charm.

Miles rapid fired his entire clip at the shield but all of the bullets fell to the ground without hitting Harry. He quickly reloaded and carefully aimed a second clip at Harry, firing one bullet at a time. Not one touched Harry.

Harry just stood there with a bored expression on his face. After two clips of bullets had been shot at him, Harry silently waved his arm in a disarming charm. The gun flew out of Miles' hands and Harry caught it.

"This is what you're up against, people who can do what I can do. The arquebuses fire special bullets that are imbued with the Death Curse. No magical shield will stop them. That's why I have you using such antique weapons," said Harry.

Scene Break

Voldemort had promised a mass Muggle killing. Since his attack on the Brockdale Bridge had failed, this town would suffer in its' place. It was one of the many towns in the West Country that had an all Muggle population. The members of Squad A had been roaming the streets all evening while a unit of pike men waited outside of town. At about midnight, they began to hear a sound in the distance. It seemed vaguely familiar to Harry and Stan. None of the others had ever heard anything like it. Suddenly a realization dawned on Stan with a shock!

Now I know where I've heard that sound before," said Stan, "in Godzilla movies!"

"There!" said Amanda as she pointed to place where the stars were being blotted out by an enormous dark shape.

As luck would have it, the pike men were stationed on the correct side of town. They fought in a formation of eight rows of eight men, each armed with a pike that had been specially enchanted by Rodrik Ravenclaw to pierce giant hide. Each pike was thirty feet long but balanced and weighted as if it were eighteen feet long.

As the members of Squad A ran towards the edge of town, they fired curses at the giants, who, even some distance away, towered over the buildings they were behind. Nobody's spells were able to penetrate the giant's magic resistant hides though. Luna even tried firing an energy beam from her sword, to no effect. Fortunately, all of them, except Luna, were armed with magical swords from the Gryffindor collection. Harry had a long sword that could also be used as a wand. Neville had a rapier that was so thin that it was invisible when seen edge on. It could cut through anything. Ginny had a short sword that altered time so that she could move faster than others. Stan had a broad sword that sucked a little bit of the life force out of anyone it wounded. Amanda had a saber that made wounds that wouldn't stop bleeding. Everyone except Harry also had their wand in their other hand.

Squad G, also know as the General Staff, had determined that fighting in close formation against a giant, was likely to lead to them all getting stepped on at once. So the members of Squad A spread themselves out so that they could attack from many directions at once. With her greater speed, Ginny was able to run ahead. She made a stab for a giant's ankle, but didn't penetrate deep enough to make the giant do more than flinch slightly.

"Expelliarmus!" one of the Death Eaters that had been lurking behind the giants knocked Ginny's wand out of her hand.

As it flew towards the Death Eater, Ginny raced forward and caught it in mid air.

"Crucio!" shouted another Death Eater as Ginny curled up and screamed in agony!

"Accio Ginny!' shouted Harry. His summoning charm made her fly into his arms just in the knick of time to prevent a giant from stepping on her.

"Crucio!" shouted another Death Eater.

Luna blocked it with her sword and retaliated.

"Fulgur!" hissed Luna as a lightning bolt shot out her wand and hit the Death Eater.

"Stupefy!" another Death Eater tried to stun Neville, but in bounced off the shield he had silently conjured.

Amanda silently cast a disarming charm at the first Death Eater and caught his wand as it flew into her hand.

Stan silently stunned the second one.

By now, the giants had come closer. One of them spotted the tertico of pike men and tried to step on them. The pikes went through his flesh like a hot knife through butter. The giant roared in pain as he pulled back his foot.

"SURENDER AND WE'LL LET YOU LIVE!" Luna called out in the giant language.

The giant closest to her, tried to stomp on her, but Luna cart-wheeled out of the way making a deep cut in the giant's foot with her sword as she passed.

The third giant tried to stomp Neville. Neville dodged the giant's foot, then sliced through his ankle. Due to the magic of his sword, Neville was able to make a cut that was about three feet deep.

"Delibro!" shouted Harry as he cast the onion peel curse at the Death Eater who had Crucioed Ginny. The Death Eater began screaming as the layers of his flesh began peeling away. The skin was the first to peel off. The pain center of his brain was the last part to go.

Amanda stunned the Death Eater that she had previously disarmed.

Stan charged towards Luna's giant.

Ginny had collapsed on the ground and was still trying to recover from that Cruciatus curse.

The first giant knelt next the pike men and tried to hit them in a sweeping motion of his fist. Again, the pikes sunk deeply into him before he pulled his arm away from them.

The second giant tried to stomp Luna again. This time, both Luna and Stan's swords bit deeply into his feet as they dodged out of the way. The giant howled as Stan's sword pulled a little bit of the life force from the giant.

Neville had dodged between the third giant's legs. Again, he cut deeply through the giant's ankle, this time on the other side of the same leg. The giant howled in pain as it sat down and clutched at the torrent of blood pouring out of his ankle wounds.

Harry and Amanda ran towards the giant that was fighting the pike men.

The first giant sat down held up his hands and said, "I surrender," in the giant language.

The second one limped away from the town as fast as his legs would carry him.

"He said he surrenders!" said Luna to Harry as she watched her prey escape.

Harry stood and pointed his sword at the captive giant while Amanda and Stan rushed to help Neville.

By now, Neville had sheathed his wand and picked up Ginny's sword in his free hand. With a blinding speed, Neville cut off both of the giant's hands. He then raced around the back and severed the giant's spine. The giant collapsed to the ground. By then Stan and Amanda had arrived and the three of them hacked at the giant until it had stopped twitching. All three of them were covered in blood.

They then heard the familiar "pops" of the Aurors arriving.

Scene Break

The next day, there was a bigger story than the giants in the Daily Prophet.

Mass Breakout from Azkaban!

Last night saw the biggest breakout in the history of Azkaban. En Mass, the Dementors left their posts and let all of the prisoners loose before they left. Amongst the escapees were: the Death Eaters: Severus Snape, Angus McNair, Thomas Rookwood, and the Le Strange Brothers, the self styled "Deputy Death Eaters" that killed several students and a teacher at Hogwarts last month, the disgraced former ministry administrator, Delores Umbridge, Barnabas Collins, who masterminded the Night Stalker conspiracy to turn all of Wizarding Britain into vampires in the1780's, George Dorn, the "Imperial Rapist," who used the Imperious Curse to rape thousands of muggles, Fenris Strucker, who has single handedly infected more people with Lycanthropy than even Fenrir Greyback. For a complete list of escapees, see section B, page 3.

Chapter 20: HBP 3: Madam Bones

(Young Luna's thoughts)

Old Luna's thoughts

Selena, Luna's mom's thoughts

The sword's thoughts


After reading the Prophet, Harry told Luna to call together the rest of Squad A to go to Gryffindor Castle. It was not a surprise to learn that Ginny had spent the night with Neville. I was more surprising to see Stan coming out of Amanda's room.

"Have you two made up?" whispered Luna.

Stan just shrugged his shoulders.

After they were all together, they held hands while Harry used his Gryffindor ring as a portkey to transport them to Gryffindor castle. Once there, he assembled Squads B, E, F, & G.

"Those of you who read this morning's Daily Prophet already know about this, The Dementors have left Azkaban and they let loose all of the prisoners before they left. Squad G, I need you to come up with new tactics for the situation. Squads B, E, & F, you will have to help respond to Dementor attacks. Your Squad leader will be given your assignments. Dismissed."

After the briefing, Ginny took Harry aside.

"Harry, I've been doing some thinking," said Ginny. "I don't think I can pull my weight. I'm resigning from Squad A."

"Ginny, if it's about last night, it could have happened to anyone," said Harry. "It's very hard to resist the Cruciatus curse. I couldn't have done any better."

"I think that the only reason I got onto Squad A is my long standing friendship with Luna," said Ginny. I want out. I'm not good enough for the most dangerous missions."

"Would you accept the leadership of Squad B?" asked Harry.

"What about Susan?" asked Ginny?

"She'll replace you on Squad A. This is probably a good idea anyway, considering our next mission," said Harry.

Scene Break

Madam Amelia Bones, the Head of the Division of Magical Law Enforcement, had just flooed home.

Welcome home, Amelia," said a sinister sounding voice. "Too bad you won't survive the experience.

She turned to see none other than Lord Voldemort, sitting in her armchair!

Quick as Lightning, she drew her wand and silently fired a reductor curse at the Dark Lord.

Voldemort did not even get up from the chair as he casually cast a silent shielding charm. Slowly he rose from the chair, all the while, he effortlessly warded off her strongest curses. When he was fully erect, he pointed his wand at her and shouted: "Avada Kedavra!"

Unexpectedly, six teenagers steeped out of the shadows. Luna lunged forward and intercepted the curse with her sword.

"Retexo Severitas!" hissed Harry.

Voldemort flew up into the air until he impacted on the ceiling with a "Splat!" He then fell back on the floor with a second "Splat!"

Silently, Susan used a summoning charm to bring her aunt to the middle of the group so that they could shield her.

While she was flying through the air towards the teens, Madam Bones cast another reductor that shattered Voldemort's leg.

"Veneficus Contendo!" hissed Harry as a cluster of blue lights shot out of his wand and caused eruptions that resembled gunshot wounds.

"Sphaera Fortis!" hissed Voldemort as he was encased in a transparent red sphere.

Madam Bones' next reductor dissipated on contact with the sphere.

Luna pointed her sword at Voldemort and sent a blast of energy that burned his left hand off.

"Delibro!" shouted Harry as he cast the onion peel curse.

Voldemort started screaming as his skin began to peel away. "Resolvo Magicus!" he hissed to cancel the spell.

Madam Bones cast a stunner that dissipated on contact with the sphere.

"Admaturo!" hissed Voldemort as he suddenly started moving faster.

Voldemort silently cast a Stunner that bounced off the shielding charms that Susan, Neville, Stan and Amanda were maintaining.

"Derepofatum!" hissed Harry as thousands of spiders began crawling out of the woodwork towards the Dark Lord.

Luna tried to blast Voldemort with her sword again but missed him.

Madam Bones cast a Reductor at the ceiling above Voldemort causing him to dodge falling debris and step out of the sphere.

"Nubeculacaedes!" hissed Voldemort as a cloud appeared and engulfed his foes.

"Crucio!" shouted Voldemort as Madam Bones started screaming.

"Vertex Aura!" hissed Harry as he dispersed the cloud.

With a "popping" sound, Voldemort apparated away.

"What in Merlin's name are you kids doing here?" asked Madam Bones. "You could have been killed!"

"Luna is a seer," explained Susan. "Believe me, auntie, if we hadn't come to rescue you, you would have been killed.

"How did you all become so powerful?" asked Madam Bones.

"We've been training ourselves in Defense since second year. Much as I would like to stay and chat," said Harry looking at his watch, "We need to get going there is a Dementor attack we need to repel."

With that, the kids all joined hands and vanished as Harry activated his portkey.

Scene Break

When they appeared at Ravenclaw Tower, they stepped into a shadow and shadow walked the rest of the way to their destination. It was a farmhouse in the Welsh countryside. When then Dementors approached, they cast their Patroni, a stag, platypus, Kodiak bear, bison, eel and a bat and drove off the Dementors.

Scene Break

The next night, Auror Emmeline Vance was standing on a street corner trying to be inconspicuous. She had been posted there by the Order of the Phoenix. They wanted someone outside of the Prime Minister's residence in case the Death Eaters attacked. She was to act as back up to Kingsley Shacklebolt who, in addition to being an Order member, was also assigned to pose as the muggle Prime Minister's secretary by the Ministry of Magic. Emmeline was starting to get nervous. She kept thinking she saw things in the shadows. But when she would turn to look, there would be nothing there.

Suddenly she heard the familiar "popping" sound of someone apparating. With her wand drawn, she rounded the corner to see who it was and came face to face with a Death Eater. He was not wearing the usual skull mask that Death Eaters wore. In fact, he was dressed like a muggle. But she did recognize his face. This was none other than Severus Snape, who had been captured in the Department of Mysteries and had escaped from Azkaban when the Dementors left. He had his wand out and was prepared for her.

"Avada Kedavra!" shouted Snape.

In the nick of time, a sword of icy fire thrust out of the wall, which was in shadow. The sword was followed by six teenagers, who stepped out of the shadows.

"Potter," sneered Snape. "I might have known you would be here to foil the Dark Lord's plans."

Snape flicked his wand and a stunner shot at Harry. Harry silently cast a shield charm and deflected it as the rest of Squad A got in formation.

"Stay in the middle and you should be fine," Amanda told the Auror.

Harry went on the attack and started casting spells as fast as he could. Emmeline joined him and between them, Snape was kept too busy to do anything more than shield himself. As Snape dodged and weaved and silently cast counter jinxes he happened to step around the corner just in time to see his target, Junior Minister Herbert Chorley step into his car and drive away. Snape snarled in frustration and apparated away.

Chapter 21: HBP 4: the Fate of Karkaroff

(Young Luna's thoughts)

Old Luna's thoughts

Selena, Luna's mom's thoughts

The sword's thoughts


"Avada Kedavra!" shouted Igor Karkaroff as he popped up and cast a death curse out the window of the shack. He ducked back down as the Death Eaters returned the volley. His situation was desperate. After a year of being on the run, the Death Eaters had cornered him in this shack. He knew that he was going to die here today. But he was determined to take a few Death Eaters with him.

"We need to get him out of there so we can properly kill him," said Delores Umbridge. In Azkaban, her fellow prisoners had converted her to the Death Eater cause. Indeed, it was she who persuaded the Dementors to release them before they abandoned their posts. "Let's send the Dementors in after him."

When he saw the Dementors coming for him, Karkaroff kept firing death curses, to no avail. By the time he thought to cast the Patronus Charm, they had already sucked too much happiness out of him for him to concentrate on a happy thought. Over and over, he yelled "Expecto Patronum!" but failed to produce anything more than a vague mist. They glided through the door for him, restrained him in a grip like ice cold iron, then one of them brought its' hood near his face to administer the kiss.

Suddenly a bat flew through the window that appeared to me made of solidified light. It hovered between Karkaroff's face and the Dementor and forced it back. Then, a menagerie of other Patroni entered the shack and chased the Dementors out.

When Karkaroff had recovered himself, he looked out the window to see the Patroni chase off the Dementors. On a hill to the left, stood a group of six figures. The Death Eaters were firing curse after curse at them. But they were consistently blocked by various shielding charms. A witch who was wielding a short sword that seemed to be able to absorb the Unforgivables blocked even Death Curses. Each time a curse would hit it, it would glow incandescently.

"Delibro!" shouted one of his rescuers as a Death Eater began to scream. Over and over, he cast this curse until all of the Death Eaters were screaming in agony!

When the screams died down, the group came down off the hill and casually walked towards the shack. Karkaroff resigned himself to being captured by the Aurors. But as they came closer, he realized that he recognized one of them.

"You're not an Auror!" exclaimed Karkaroff. "You're Harry Potter!"

"Come with me if you want to live," said Harry as he offered his hand.

When Karkaroff took the offered hand, Harry activated the portkey and they vanished.

Scene Break

They appeared in a room elaborately decorated in gold and black.

"Vere are ve?" asked Karkaroff.

"Hufflepuff manor. You should be safe here," said Harry. "No outsider has been here except my wife and I since the 14th century."

"Vhat is it you are going to do vith me?" asked Karkaroff.

"The grounds are inhabited by a community of Mennonite witches and wizards," said Harry. "I thought you might like to help them work the land while you recover from your ordeal."

"So I am to be enslaved?" asked Karkaroff.

"Not at all," said Harry. "You are free to leave at any time. I just thought that you might find caring for the gardens more relaxing than fleeing the Death Eaters. It's just for the summer, until we can figure out something else for you to do."

"I vill stay," said Karkaroff.

Scene Break

After Harry disappeared with Karkaroff, Luna gathered the rest of the Squad together and prepared to use her Gryffindor Ring as a port key to get them back to Gryffindor Castle. They were about to join hands when a voice called out:


Luna crumpled to the ground screaming as the last remaining Death Eater, Umbridge shot her in the back with a Cruciatus curse.

Stan stepped in the way and took the curse for her. He was able to stay on his feet and he growled out a Reductor curse that missed wildly.

"Delibro!" shouted Amanda as she retaliated against Umbridge. Instantly, her skin started peeling off. After that, she collapsed as her muscles peeled away like an onion. This made her internal organs plop out on the floor. They then peeled away. Next, her bones disintegrated. By now, all that was left was a brain and nervous system. The nerves started peeling away, starting at the periphery and working their way inwards until all that was left was a brain. The layers of the brain peeled away from outside in. The last part of the brain to go was the pain center. In total, this process took thirty seconds to complete. Umbridge screamed for as long as she still had the requisite organs to do so.

By now, Luna had recovered enough to call forth her sword, but it was too late.

"Th-thanks Amanda," said Luna. "Guess we'll be going now."

After making sure that all of the Death Eaters were really dead, they returned to Gryffindor Castle.

Scene Break

One morning Harry opened the Daily Prophet and read:

Fudge Sacked!

After a disastrous week, Cornelius Fudge has been removed as Minister of Magic. His successor will be Amelia Bones the former Head of Magical Law Enforcement. It is hoped that she will be more effective against he-who-must-not-be-named than Fudge has been.

Scene Break

Dear Harry,

I think your suggestion that I hire Igor Karkaroff to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts next term is a good one. If you can keep him alive until school starts, he should be safe enough at Hogwarts.

Also, I would like your assistance in persuading a former professor to come out of retirement to teach potions. I will meet you at the Leaky Cauldron at eight o'clock in the evening, next Thursday if you are willing.


Albus Dumbledore

Chapter 22: HBP 5: O.W.L.s

(Young Luna's thoughts)

Old Luna's thoughts

Selena, Luna's mom's thoughts

The sword's thoughts


In Ravenclaw Tower, Squad A and Squad C, the research team, were sitting around a conference table going over the changes to the D.A. curriculum when a group of Owls flew in the window.

"It's the O.W.L. results!" squealed Hermione.

Harry opened his and read:

There appears to be widespread cheating in this year's O.W.L.s. Therefore, the written and practical portions have been graded separately. Any Outstanding scores are provisional until our investigation is complete and are only to be used as and aid to choosing classes next year.

Ordinary Wizarding Level results

Pass grades Fail Grades

Outstanding (O) Poor (P)

Exceeds Expectations (E) Dreadful (D)

Acceptable (A) Troll (T)

Harry James Potter has achieved

Ancient Runes Written O

Ancient Runes Practical A

Arithmancy Written O

Arithmancy Practical A

Astronomy Written O

Astronomy Practical A

Care of Magical Creatures Written O

Care of Magical Creatures Practical E

Charms Written O

Charms Practical O

Defense Against the Dark Arts Written O

Defense Against the Dark Arts Practical O

Divination Written O

Divination Practical P

Herbology Written O

Herbology Practical E

History of Magic Written O

Muggle Studies Written O

Potions Written O

Potions Practical E

Transfiguration Written O

Transfiguration Practical O

It had been difficult to persuade the testers to allow them to take O.W.L.s in subjects that they had never taken. After scanning them, they traded letters with each other. Neville's scores looked like this:

Ancient Runes Written O

Ancient Runes Practical P

Arithmancy Written O

Arithmancy Practical D

Astronomy Written O

Astronomy Practical P

Care of Magical Creatures Written O

Care of Magical Creatures Practical E

Charms Written O

Charms Practical O

Defense Against the Dark Arts Written O

Defense Against the Dark Arts Practical O

Divination Written O

Divination Practical A

Herbology Written O

Herbology Practical O

History of Magic Written O

Muggle Studies Written O

Potions Written O

Potions Practical A

Transfiguration Written O

Transfiguration Practical O

Hermione's scores looked like this:

Ancient Runes Written O

Ancient Runes Practical O

Arithmancy Written O

Arithmancy Practical O

Astronomy Written O

Astronomy Practical O

Care of Magical Creatures Written O

Care of Magical Creatures Practical O

Charms Written O

Charms Practical O

Defense Against the Dark Arts Written O

Defense Against the Dark Arts Practical O

Divination Written O

Divination Practical T

Herbology Written O

Herbology Practical O

History of Magic Written O

Muggle Studies Written O

Potions Written O

Potions Practical O

Transfiguration Written O

Transfiguration Practical O

Padma's scores looked like this:

Ancient Runes Written O

Ancient Runes Practical O

Arithmancy Written O

Arithmancy Practical O

Astronomy Written O

Astronomy Practical O

Care of Magical Creatures Written O

Care of Magical Creatures Practical P

Charms Written O

Charms Practical O

Defense Against the Dark Arts Written O

Defense Against the Dark Arts Practical O

Divination Written O

Divination Practical A

Herbology Written O

Herbology Practical A

History of Magic Written O

Muggle Studies Written O

Potions Written O

Potions Practical E

Transfiguration Written O

Transfiguration Practical E

"Well, guess it's not surprising that I would do badly on the Divination practical," said Hermione.

"Maybe you're an anti-seer," said Luna. "The reverse of everything you predict comes true. I think we should celebrate your scores. Let's go shopping!"

"You go on without me," said Harry.

____________________Scene Break ________________________________

Luna, Amanda and Hermione were shopping in Knockturn Alley. This was Hermione's first trip in the dark part of town. They turned into the Gypsy Moth, a clothing store. Inside was lingerie and kinky clothes to suit any fetish.

"What are we doing here?" asked Hermione.

"You liked my dominatrix outfit so much, I thought you might like one of your own," said Luna. "Also, Amanda needs a new one."

After looking around a while, Luna asked Hermione: "See anything you like?"

"Yes," said Hermione, blushing. "I was thinking that this red, fishnet teddy with the crotch and nipple holes might look nice."

"Oh yes! And you should get thigh high red leather high-heeled boots to got with it!" enthused Amanda.

"And what do you recommend for me?" asked Luna.

"How about a purple outfit like the one you have?" suggested Amanda. "For me, I want some of this!"

She held up a bottle.

"What is it?" asked Hermione.

"It is a potion that you pour on yourself," said Amanda. "It then spreads over your body forming a skin-tight costume that responds to your thoughts, taking on what ever shape you desire. It can be more or less revealing, depending on your whim."

"We'll take the lot and another set in size 12," said Luna to the clerk.

"What do you need a size 12 for?" asked Amanda. "You are a size 10."

"It's a gift for someone," explained Luna.

Next, they went to Doris' Dungeon, a store that sold dungeon supplies.

"What is this?" asked Hermione.

"Each of these clamps onto a nipple," explained Amanda. "With the chain connecting them you can pull on the chain and it will pull on the nipples.

This other clamp goes on your clitoris. Its' chain hooks on to the other chain in the middle. If you angle it right, you can pull all three at once. But some people get piercings instead of clamps. They are less prone to fall off."

By now, Hermione was looking at her as if she'd declared her love for Voldemort. While they had been talking, Luna had been picking out a variety of shackles, clamps and other torture devices.

"What are we doing in here?" asked Hermione fearfully.

"I'm building a dungeon in the basement of Ravenclaw Tower for Harry, me and our friends to play in," explained Luna. "Do you have any furniture?" Luna asked the Clerk.

"Right this way" said Doris, the Clerk.

Doris was wearing a black lace teddy, garter belt, fishnet stockings and high-heeled pumps. She led them into a room that had a variety of bondage furniture in it.

"Show me this one," asked Luna.

"Certainly," said Doris, "if one of you would agree to help me?"

"Why don't you, Hermione?" asked Luna. "Amanda and I need to see how this works."

"O-okay," said Hermione. "What do I do?"

"Stand over here," said Doris, indicating the large wooden X. "Hold your hands over your head. Good. As you will see, the submissive has complete control over the device. Each time they say the go word, "green," the device moves to the next level. Give it a try dear."

"Green. Eeek!" squealed Hermione as the manacles reached out, grabbed her wrists and ankles and pulled her taut enough that her feet were about an inch from the ground.

"Try it again dear," said Doris.

"Green. Eeek!" squealed Hermione as her robes vanished, leaving her wearing nothing but her bra and knickers.

"Again," said Doris.

"Green. Eeek!" squealed Hermione as the rest of her clothes vanished leaving her completely naked.

"From here, you can flog and spank your submissive to your heart's content," said Doris. "Once again."

"Green. Eeek!" squealed Hermione as she suddenly found herself facing forward, her body in full view of the women.

"This allows for torture of the submissive from the front," said Doris. "Again Dear."

"Green. Eeek!" squealed Hermione as she fell back wards until she was lying horizontally.

"This position allows easy access for shagging your submissive," said Doris. "But if you're a female dominant with a female submissive, there is still one more setting. One more time dear."

"Green," said Hermione as a pair of leather knickers appeared on Doris. Projecting out the front was a dildo.

"The dildo is specially enchanted so that is stimulates your clitoris when you touch it," said Doris. "It also stimulates your G-spot each time your pubic bones impact. Now if the submissive thinks things are going too fast, she can dial it back by using the slow word, "Yellow". Give in it a try."

"Yellow," said Hermione as the Leather knickers with the strap-on vanished form Doris.

"Excuse me, I need some help with the shackles," said Lucius Malfoy, between twitches. "Well, miss Granger, if I had know your muff looked so good when you were my student, I might have - - I think I'll come back another time, Doris."

By now, Hermione was thrashing around so much that she was threatening to break her own arms in her panicked attempt to escape.

"GET ME OUT OF THIS! GET ME OUT OF THIS!" screamed Hermione.

"Follow him, said Luna. "I'll calm down Hermione and settle up here. Hermione, calm down, you are in control of this. Doris, is red the panic word?"

Yes," replied Doris.

"Hermione, say red," said Luna.

'REDREDREDRED!" screamed Hermione.

Quickly the X folded upright, Hermione turned around, her clothes reappeared on her, and she was released. As soon as she was free, she leapt away from the device.

"I'm sorry, Hermione," pleaded Luna. "I didn't know he would show up. It's really not so bad when you have privacy."

Hermione was silent for minute, then, broke into laughter. She continued laughing until she fell to the floor and was rolling around on the floor laughing. On and on her laughter went until she was inhaling in great gasps between laughing fits. Luna was getting worried. A few times, it seemed as though the laughing was over but then she would start up again. Finally, Hermione was calm enough to speak.

"That would have been more fun if I had known I was going to flash him," said Hermione. "Next time you do that to me, I'd rather it is with someone who is at least a friend. Where's Amanda?"

"She's following Malfoy in the shadow realm," said Luna. "Doris, I'll take all the stuff I picked out in the other room and pull the Saint Andrews Cross. I'll send house elves to pick it up."

Scene Break

Lucius Malfoy's Dark Mark radiated magic. In the Shadow Realm it glowed brightly and allowed Amanda to easily follow him while shadow walking in spite of the wildly different geography of the Shadow Realm. She followed him until he left Diagon Alley, then, reported back to Luna at the Leaky Cauldron.

"He went to Borgin and Burkes," said Amanda, as they sat at a private booth having their dinner. "I couldn't hear well, but he appeared to be threatening Borgin. At one point, he showed his Dark Mark to him. Then he left."

"I wonder what he could be up to?" puzzled Hermione.

"He's looking for a way to smuggle Death Eaters into Hogwarts," replied Luna.

Just then, a hooded figure sat down at their both. She pulled back her hood just enough to reveal that she was Millicent Bulstrode, one of the Deputy Death Eaters that had recently escaped from Azkaban.

"I wish to defect," said Millicent.

Chapter 23: HBP 6: the Slug Club

(Young Luna's thoughts)

Old Luna's thoughts

Selena, Luna's mom's thoughts

The sword's thoughts


Just then, a hooded figure sat down at their both. She pulled back her hood just enough to reveal that she was Millicent Bulstrode, one of the Deputy Death Eaters that had recently escaped from Azkaban.

"I wish to defect," said Millicent.

Hermione gasped! But a look from Luna silenced her.

"Why?" asked Luna.

Millicent's eye's darted to Hermione.

"You can speak freely in front of the Gryffindor," assured Luna. "If necessary, I'll obliviate her or make her swear an unbreakable oath like Harry did."

Hermione's eyes widened as she realized that both Luna and Amanda had their wands pointed at her under the table.

"As you know, at school I had become so tough that no one dared touch me," began Millicent. "That's what drew me into Malfoy's gang. The Deputy Death Eaters seemed like the toughest gang around."

"And now that we've beaten you, you see the error of your ways and want to join the organization that is really the toughest gang around?" asked Amanda.

"It's more than that," said Millicent. "In school, in spite of being muggleborns, I was the girl that no one dared touch. In the Death Eaters, I'm nobody. I'm just some Mudblood teenager that every adult male and some females think they can abuse whenever it strikes their whim! I'm having to establish my reputation all over again!"

"Perhaps she could be a spy, like Snape?" suggested Hermione.

"With my resources, we don't need a spy," said Luna. "Besides, I wouldn't anyone to be in Millicent's position who didn't want to be."

"If you need me to, I could spy for you," said Millicent. "Constantly fending off rapists wouldn't be so bad if I knew it was for a better cause than my own stupidity. Besides, I'm a convicted user of the Death Curse. I'd rather do something to earn my freedom than go straight back to Azkaban."

Millicent shuddered.

"I said we don't need a spy and I meant it," replied Luna. "Besides, there's too great a danger of you getting caught. No, we don't need a spy. But we do need a traitor. Here's what I want you to do: Go back to the Death Eaters and stay with them. The next time you are sent out on an attack, you will put yourself in the rear and attack your fellow Death Eaters from behind. Try to get yourself sent on the highest risk assignment you can find. The more horrendous the crime you thwart, the greater the chances of you getting a pardon."

"Thanks, Luna. I really appreciate this opportunity," said Millicent. "Well, I'd better get back before I am missed."

Scene Break

When Dumbledore arrived at the house of Gaunt he carefully checked for any lingering wards. Finding none, he carefully opened the door and crept in. Great billowing clouds of dust were whipped up by his entrance. A simple bubblehead charm kept him from choking. There, in plain sight, on the floor was the ring he had been looking for. As Dumbledore bent over to grab it, Luna Potter stepped out of the shadows and grabbed his outstretched arm. Harry came out of the shadows right behind her.

"Don't touch that ring professor," said Luna. "It's booby trapped."

"Better let me handle it," said Harry.

Absumo hissed Harry as the ring disintegrated.

"Harry, do you know what that was?" asked Dumbledore.

"Yes, and now it's gone," replied Harry.

"Well miss- Mrs. Potter, it seems that once again I have underestimated you," said Dumbledore. "We still have a few hours before we were supposed to meet. Would you two like to go with me now?"

"Thank you Professor, but I need to get back home," said Luna as she activated the portkey in her Potter ring to take her back to Potter Manor.

Scene Break

Later that night, when Harry came home, Luna asked him all about that new teacher he had met.

"He's not too bad. Old, fat, looks sort of like a walrus," said Harry. "He's going to teach potions and become the new head of Slytherin house. Apparently After what happened to Snape and Vector, Sinistra didn't want the position. But that's not the big news. Dumbledore has offered to give me private lessons!"

Scene Break

As the summer passed, the Death Eater attacks became less and less frequent. Every time they popped their heads up, the D.A. was there to resist them. Even the Dementor attacks began decreasing as members of the D.A. were always on the scene to cast Patroni against them. Strangely enough, Millicent Bulstrode was not sent on any of these raids.

One day Luna confronted her two best friends.

"Okay you two, you need to stop it you're driving me crazy!" said Luna.

"What ever do you mean?" asked Amanda.

"This whole mess of refusing to be in a relationship with Stan, yet every time you two get in a battle, you come back here and shag each other's brains out like crazed Kneazles," said Luna. "You two need to stop torturing me with your problems and face the fact that you love each other."

"I'm not the one who is in denial," said Stan. "She's the one that insists that she's a dyke."

Amanda closed her chocolate brown eyes and thought for a minute.

"I might be willing to pursue an ongoing relationship with Stan," said Amanda.

"YES!" exclaimed Stan.

"But I want to be top," said Amanda.

"Switch?" countered Stan.

"Maybe, once in a while, but only when it is my idea," said Amanda. "And I want to be free to continue seeing other women."

"Threesomes?" asked Stan.

"Only if she agrees," said Amanda. "Do we have an agreement?"

Stan's response was to pull Amanda into a deep kiss.

Scene Break

There had been some debate within the D.A. about whether or not they would be returning to school. In the end, they decided that they needed to be at school in order to protect the students form the first battle of Hogwarts.

In Harry's school letter, McGonagall informed him that she had made him captain of the Quidditch team. Harry politely wrote back that although he wanted to remain on the team, he didn't feel that he had time to be team captain and suggested she give the job to Ron.

On the train ride back to school it was a surprise to find that Emily and Pansy were once again allowed back.

For lunch, Harry, Neville, Ginny and Susan were invited by Slughorn to join him. When they got there, Cormac McLaggen and Marcus Belby were already there. Slughorn interviewed each of the members of his "Slug club" in turn, as they rode the rest of the way to school.

Chapter 24: HBP 7: The school year begins.

(Young Luna's thoughts)

Old Luna's thoughts

Selena, Luna's mom's thoughts

The sword's thoughts


The starting feast was fairly uneventful. The Slytherin table looked strange without any 7th year students and only two 6th years. Professors Slughorn and Karkaroff were introduced. At the end of the meal, Phestus and Emily stood up and called out: "First Years! First Years! This way!" as they led the new members of Slytherin down into the dungeon. When they got to the Slytherin common room, Daphne Greengrass addressed them.

"Welcome to Slytherin! I am your 6th year Prefect, Daphne Greengrass, and these are your 5th year prefects, Hephestus Smith and Emily Le Strange. At this point, we normally begin a week of hazing for the new 1st years, administered by the 7th years. However, last year, there was an incident that left all of the 7th years either dead or expelled. Since many students consider Slave Week to be abusive, we've decided, as an experiment, to dispense with it this year. Instead, the older students will be having a series of classes and demonstrations over the next week where you will be taught the mysteries of Slytherin. And now, let us begin a tour of the Slytherin Dungeon."

The next morning, after breakfast, Professor Slughorn came over to the Slytherin Table to help Daphne and Pansy pick their N.E.W.T. level classes. Everyone else just went to their first class.

Scene Break

"Good morning," began Professor Karkaroff. "Velcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts, Level 5. Some of you may already know that I used to be Headmaster at Durmstrang and that ve taught the Dark Arts as part of the Curriculum there. I have received special permission from Professor Dumbledore to include some of these Dark curses and more importantly, how to defend yourselves against them. I also have noticed that Professor Scrimgeour did not include instruction on the Unforgivables last year so our first lesson vill correct that oversight."

Luna stayed after class to speak with Professor Karkaroff.

"Is there something I can help you vith," asked Karkaroff.

"Oh yes," said Luna. "Some of us have started a club to independently study Defense. I believe you saw our abilities first hand when we rescued you? Anyway, we are quite a bit above our grade level in defense and wondered if you could teach us some of the advanced Dark Arts that you taught at Durmstrang?"

"I vould be happy do so," said Karkaroff. "But after the display I saw ven you rescued me, I'm not sure I have much to teach you."

Scene Break

"I think that will be enough for tonight," said Dumbledore.

"Wait a minute! That's it?" demanded Harry. "You set up special lessons with me so that you could show me bits and pieces of Voldemort's origins?"

"Harry, I think the information I am sharing with you will prove the key to defeating Voldemort," replied Dumbledore.

"Aren't you going to teach me any counter curses or counter jinxes?" demanded Harry. "Aren't you going to teach me some secret spells that even Tom doesn't know? IF I'M GOING TO CLEAN UP YOUR FAILIURE, I NEED THE POWER TO DO SO! NOT SOME TOUCHY FEELY STUFF ABOUT WHAT A SICK FAMILY HE CAME FROM!"

"Harry, calm yourself," said Dumbledore. "If you really want to learn those things I'll teach them to you."

"Thank you!" huffed Harry.

"But only on the condition that you also let me share my knowledge of Tom's past and how it can be used against him," said Dumbledore.

Scene Break

"And now, I vill teach you the Advenius Jinx," said Professor Karkaroff to the senior members of the D.A. "This jinx sends your consciousness into the body of your future self. It does this by creating a duplicate of your soul. Vone of you runs the body normally, vhile the other you journeys into the future. Vhen you arrive in the future, the duplicate is annihilated and the soul from the past resumes its body normally."

"Why would anybody do this?" asked Hermione.

"Generally, it is done vhen you are vorking on a project that is so secret, even YOU are not allowed to know about it. It is accomplished by vaving your vand in this manner and saying the command vord, Advenio. Don't vorry. It is perfectly safe. At first you vill only be able to travel a few seconds into the future. Vith practice, you vill eventually be able to travel veeks into the future. So let's give it a try. Wone, two, Advenio!"

"Huh? Nothing happened," said Harry.
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