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Chapter 17: OotP 5: Dept. of Mysteries

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someone goes back in time to change to the timeline in Luna Loovegood's body.

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Chapter 17: OotP 12: Department of Mysteries

(Young Luna's thoughts)

{Old Luna's thoughts}

[Selena, Luna's mom's thoughts]


They stepped out of the shadows in the atrium of the Ministry of Magic.

"Okay, Formation 6 on me, Entry Pattern 61," commanded Harry.

Even before Ron had been assigned as Sergeant of Squad G, he had been devising strategies that would take advantage of the fact that the members of the D.A. had trained together. Formation 6 meant that Luna would concentrate solely on blocking Unforgivables with her sword; Ginny and Neville would do nothing but shield the others from attacks to their front and sides; Amanda and Stan would guard the rear, be ready to take the place of anyone who was overcome and wore bandoliers full of healing potions that they could administer if the need arose. By specifying himself, Harry had indicated that he would be the one to concentrate exclusively on keeping up a barrage of offensive curses, jinxes and hexes, relying on the others to defend him. Entry Pattern 61 meant that they would enter doors one at a time in the following order: Luna, Harry, Ginny, Neville, Amanda, and Stan.

They made it to the Department of Mysteries without incident. From within the circular room, they could hear the sounds of a pitched battle coming from multiple directions. The first door they tried led to a room filled with desks. Standing on the desktops, a shaven headed black man was dueling a Death Eater. Without uttering a word, the two were hurling spells back and forth while shielding themselves from each other's curses. None of the kids had even met Kinglsey Shacklebolt before, but they were impressed by the skill of both duelers. Once his Squad was in position, Harry joined the battle. But this Death Eater, though hard pressed seemed to be able to hold them both off. Even Parseltongue curses couldn't penetrate the Death Eater's shields.

~Foetidus Nebula!~ hissed Harry as he tried a Parseltongue spell that would effect an area, rather than targeting the Death Eater specifically. Instantly the Death Eater was engulfed in a pea-green, sickly looking cloud of noxious vapor.

The villain threw up before he managed to erect a Bubble-headed Charm. Kingsley took advantage of his opponent's distraction and stunned him.

~Vertex Aura!~ hissed Harry as he dispersed the cloud.

"Harry Potter?" asked Kingsley and he turned and trained his wand on the kids.

"Yes sir," confirmed Harry.

"What are you kids doing here?" asked Kingsley.

"We came to rescue you," said Luna.

"Isn't it supposed to work the other way around?" asked Kingsley. "You know, the way adults usually rescue kids who have gotten themselves in trouble?"

"We're no ordinary Kids," said Ginny as Harry winced.

"Well, let's see who gave us such a tough fight," said Kingsley as he summoned the Death Eater's mask off.

"Professor Snape!" exclaimed Neville with surprise.

"As much as I find this news shocking, you're not the one we specifically came to rescue," said Luna as she dragged Harry out of the room.

After returning to the circular room, they tried another room, which contained empty shelves and a large amount of shards of broken glass.

On their next try, they hit the jackpot. This room had a series of risers that descended down to a flat area. Behind it, three stairs ascended to a stage area with a large stone arch from which a veil hung. The room was full of Death Eaters. Fighting them were Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Mad-eye Moody, and a woman with bubblegum-pink hair. In one corner, Voldemort himself was engaged in a furious battle with Dumbledore. Sirius was losing his battle against the Death Eater he faced. Her feminine curves were apparent beneath the tight fitting black robe she wore. Slowly as he fought, Sirius was backing up the steps towards the veil.

{This is it!} Thought Luna as she rushed forward and made a headlong dive and roll.

"Luna Wait!" yelled Harry.

"Avada-" began Bellatrix as Luna flung herself between the Death Eater and her prey, "-Kedavra!"

The killing Curse struck the sword and was harmlessly absorbed. Luna turned back and looked at Sirius. He had lost his balance and was falling towards the veil!

"Accio Sirius!" screamed Luna as she cast the most powerful summoning charm of her life.

When Sirius hurtled towards her and knocked them both to the ground, the sword slipped from her hand. Quick as flash, Bellatrix picked up the sword and fled the room. Dumbledore had been distracted by Luna's heroic near-sacrifice of herself and Voldemort took advantage of his opportunity to flee.

"Amanda, Formation 4" said Harry as he commanded Ginny to go on the offense while Neville, Stan and Ginny shielded her.

Harry then raced from the room in pursuit of Voldemort.

"Harry No!" cried Luna, cursing his impulsiveness.

By the time she got back to her feet, it was clear to Luna that the Death Eaters were losing. A Stunner had managed to knock Ginny out of the fight though. After seeing that Ginny would be all right, Luna took off in pursuit of Harry.

_____________________Scene Break________________________________

Levanus Lovegood was a seer. He wasn't a very good one. But his gift did put him in the right place at the right time to catch stories that the mainstream media never covered. Since the Quibbler had gone underground, he was spending more time covering political stories and less time covering strange phenomena. Tonight his gift told him that the biggest story of his life was going to happen at the Ministry of Magic. When he flooed over there, he found The Dark Lord himself engaged in an epic struggle with the boy-who-lived, his own son-in-law, Harry Potter. There appeared to be multiple images of Harry swirling around and it was hard to tell which one was the real Harry. Also fighting Harry was a Death Eater who was holding a sword that was just like Luna's. When Luna ran in the far end of the atrium, the sword vanished from the Death Eater's hand and reappeared in Luna's.

"DADDY NO!!" screamed Luna as Bellatrix spun and aimed her wand at Mister Lovegood.

"Avada Kedavra!" shouted Bellatrix, as she felled him.

"DIE YOU HEARTLESS BITCH!" screamed Luna as she pointed her sword at Bellatrix and blasted a hole that was a foot in diameter in her chest. The hole completely disintegrated Bellatrix's heart and most of her left lung. The Death Eater crumpled to the ground like a rag-doll.

Although Luna hadn't seen Crabbe and Goyle Senior creep up behind her, Harry had.

"Delibro! Delibro!" shouted Harry as he cursed the two Death Eaters. Their screams rang through the hall as their flesh began peeling away.

When Voldemort spied Dumbledore entering the hall, he took advantage of the distraction caused by the screaming Death Eaters and apparated away.

Once the Curse had done its work, Harry walked over to the piles of blood and loose cells that had once been Crabbe and Goyle and intoned, "Praedia Bellica!"

Instantly a new pair of rings appeared on Harry's fingers.

"Harry, what have you done?" gasped an astonished Dumbledore.

"I've taken over their Houses," said Harry. "Their families serve the Dark Lord no more!"

"Are you quite sure of that?" asked Dumbledore suspiciously.

Just then, they noticed all of the people on the balcony gaping down at them.

"Dumbledore, was that You-know-who?" asked Fudge.

"Yes, Cornelius. Now do you believe me, now that you've seen him with your own eyes?" asked Dumbledore.

"And was he fighting Harry Potter?" asked Fudge.

"Yes, he was," said Dumbledore. "And if you'll just let me get him back to school, I shall explain just what has happened here tonight."

"No!" shouted Harry. "I will not be going back to school, not until you and I have had a chance to talk, in private."

By now, the rest of the Squad had arrived. Stan and Amanda did their best to console Luna while Harry followed Fudge and Dumbledore back to the Minister's office.

"Now, my boy, what can-" began Fudge as he sat at his desk.

"NOW YOU LISTEN AND LISTEN GOOD!" shouted Harry. "The only reason Voldemort was here is to get a prophecy about me and him! It says-"

"Harry No!" pleaded Dumbledore.

"-It says that I have the power to destroy him!" said Harry. "But I'll only do it if you agree to meet my terms!"

"And they are?" asked Fudge.

"One!" began Harry. "You will return the Quibbler's press and allow it to legally resume publication. Two! You will return my proxies for my shares of the Prophet to my agent, Remus Lupin. Three! In order to give me and my people the freedom to fight Voldemort, you will lift the restriction of the Under-age Wizardry Act. Four! You will reverse all these educational decrees you have made over the past year and cease interfering with the running of Hogwarts. Now if you will excuse me, I have a grieving wife to console. I leave Dumbledore to fill you in on what all has happened tonight."

________________________Author's Note___________

Praedia Bellica comes from a fic called : The Spoils of War by Aerie22
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