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Run away kid

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I stood stunned in the door way of the kitchen. In front of me was the most gorgeous man I have...

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‘Sweetie I have to ask, where did you get all those cuts and bruses’ Alicia asked as she grabbed cloths and some towels.

‘If you don’t mind, I’d rather not talk about it.’ I whispered and she nodded.

’That’s fine sweetheart, here you go, the bathroom is down the hall to the right, you can have a shower to if you want, everything you need is in the bathroom’

‘Thank you Alicia, you have no idea how greatfull I am’ She smiles and squeezed my hand.

‘Your welcome Isabelle’

’Please call me Bella’ She smiled again and left the room. I looked down at the cloths and towels and sighed. I went for my shower and boy it was the most amazing shower I have had in a long time.

Once the blood and dirt had been washed away from my face, I didn’t look to bad, A black eye was forming and I had a small cut on my cheek and lip. Not to bad. My body on the other hand was a little messed up, but nothing to worry about. I got dressed and went out into the kitchen where Alicia and Mikey was. I smiled at them and jumped slightly as I felt someone walk past me into the kitchen, He turned and smiled.

‘Hi, I’m Gerard Way’

I stood stunned in the door way of the kitchen. In front of me was the most gorgeous man I have ever seen and he said something I can’t even comprehend. My mind is gone to mush right now.

’Gerard this is Bella my cousin, she’s just flown in from.. San Fran. She is going to be staying with us for a while.’ Gerard nodded and I gave a look of thanks to Alicia. I think she knows I already fancy this magnificent creature and would rather him not know I’m a run away kid.

‘Hi Bella it’s nice to meet you.’ He smiled and I almost fainted. Wait I’m already falling head over heals for some strangers brother who I’ve just met seconds ago… wow I really am I fucked up kid. Really fucked up.

‘Um.. nice to meet you too..’ shit I forgot his names.. fuck.

’The names Gerard’ He smirked and I blushed, and tried covering it with a cough.

’Um.. nice to meet you too Gerard…’ Alicia left the room calling my name so I followed. Mentally thanking her. I followed her into the living room where she was standing, read-faced trying not to laugh.

‘Wow.. nice one Bella’ She burst out laughing and I laughed too.

‘Oh shut it Ally, I’m sure you did that to when you first met Mikey’ She shut up pretty quick and new I was right. She flipped me off and plopped down on the sofa, me following once again.

’Cousin? Really Ally you couldn’t just say Friend?’ I laughed and she giggled.

’It’s the first thing that came into my head and anyway I really don’t think you wanted him to know you where a run away child now did you?’ She smirked.

’No I guess not, that would be awful now wouldn’t it’ I smirked. ‘You going to tell Mikey?’ She sighed and nodded.

’I’m sorry but I’ll have too, I can’t lie to him, I just can’t’ I nodded and hugged her.

’It’s ok, I’ll be gone soon anyway so don’t worry, Don’t look at me like that Ally, I can’t stay here, they’ll only find me and I can’t risk you or Mikey getting hurt.’

’Ok, ok but just promise me you’ll give me the heads up before you leave. Please?’ She looked so concerned and worried it broke my heart. Ally has been a good friend to me over the past few weeks. I got talking to her online somehow and when I got into trouble I contacted her, She said if I ever needed her help she’d help me out, and that’s what she’s just done. Little does she know there a lot more to the story then she knows … a whole fucking lot more that I hope never gets out.

Because it will haunt me till the day I die.

Hii lovely's.
Here you go, another chapter. Sorry it's taken so long, i was away on holiday in France, and man was it the most amazing week of my life.
Anyway, enjoy, its crap but it's something.
Love you all
-Cassie oxox
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