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“Hey, nice to meet you,” she said, holding out her hand.

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Good afternoon my friends. Here is the first chapter of my rewritten story! If you read this and think 'hey, I've read something like this before', it's because it is a REWRITE. I deleted the first one because I had writers block sort of thing (or WADD as... someone on here put it, I can't remember who. Writers Attention Deficit Disorder. Whoever came up with that term, let me know?) and I deleted it. So now I'm rewriting.

Anyway, I'm blabbering. I hope you like this. It will by silly and cliche, blah blah blah. Get used to it. I hope you do enjoy! I won't update like alllllll the time, because this is the third one I'm working on, alongside all my other stuff. I shall shut up and let you read now.

Chapter One; Welcome.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Or rather, my day began with a sort of ‘YAHHHHHHHHHHHHH’. I flinched awake as the music screamed out from my iPod that sat on my speakers. I don’t know why I thought the best way to wake up was like this, at stupid o’clock in the morning. I scrabbled under the sheets, trying to find my way out, but I miscalculated the distance and fell onto the floor.

“Ow!” I dragged myself up and wandered over to the window, attempting to open it without opening the curtains. I failed and squealed as the sun burnt my eyes. Thank god it was also windy so it cooled the stifling heat of my bedroom. The sun that invaded my room was already hanging high in the sky, illuminating the red-bricked rows of houses that surrounded my own.

I huffed in disappointment. I didn’t like that sun. I preferred a cover of grey clouds, preferably accompanied with rain. Or, even better, the comforting, cool cover of darkness that came with nighttime. I loved nighttime. No such luck for darkness or rain today, thanks to the sun.

Yes, welcome to my mind! That of Gerard Way, currently a teenage zombie. Goth. Creep. Emo. Vampire, take your pick. And let me classify on that last point - I don’t sparkle under he sun, I don’t eat people and rip their throats out to survive, or anything else that the stories say. Although, to be honest, sometimes that last bit about ripping throats out is quite attractive. But I am stupid amounts of pale, with long black hair and weird teeth. I do hate the light so much, and I am pretty sexy (I really shouldn’t flatter myself) that everyone in school called me a vampire. Speaking of school, I had to go back to that hellhole today.

I groaned and yanked my curtains closed, turning towards my bedroom with my hands on my hips. I could still see really well, even if it as so dark. Just another one of my vampirish qualities. The walls of my room were covered in paper and posters, mainly of my own artwork and the bands I love. My wardrobe had a massive, full-sized poster of Billie-Joe Armstrong on it. Speaking of the wardrobe, I wandered over to it and yanked it open, staring at the clothes inside with my hands on my hips.

My school had a semi-uniform, so at least I wasn’t facing an entire clothing dilemma. We had to wear a white shirt and a black tie. Everything else was optional. Wait, when I say that, I mean yes we have to wear clothes, just the school doesn’t care what. We don’t just turn up with a shirt and nothing else on. I pulled on the shirt and tie, my favourite pair of torn grey skinny jeans and a black leather jacket.

It was pretty awesome that my school let us wear whatever, but it was annoying because it caused so many more clothing problems for us. I ran my hand through my hair and smudged on some black eyeliner. Yes it’s weird that I wear guyliner, but hey, everyone in my school wears makeup. Even the jocks had more fake tan and hairspray than half of my friends put together.

I trudged downstairs in my bare feet to where my younger brother, Mikey, was sitting on the sofa, tossing a cushion repeatedly in the air.

“Morning, Mikeymouse,” I said. Me and Mikey looked nothing alike. He wore weird square-framed glasses low on his nose, and his face was so much more angular than mine. His hair was also sort of light brown and straightened, but it was a little bit fluffy at the same time. I liked messing it up; a) because it was really soft and b) because he got really pissed off when I did. I loved annoying him.

“Hello, Geetard,” he replied, throwing the cushion at my head. I threw it back at him and wandered into the kitchen where my mum was. My wonderful, crazy, beautiful mum who always smelled faintly of peppermint.

“How are you, love?” asked Mum, giving me a one-armed hug and handing me a mug of coffee.


“That well, huh? Oh, what have you done to your hair?” she said, tried to flatten down the bits that were sticking up. I batted her hand away.

“Stop it, mum,” I said. Mum smiled.


“Oy, Gee?” said Mikey, sitting on the table. “I just checked. The buses aren’t running. We gotta walk.”

“Shit,” I said, finishing the coffee. “We should go. Love you, mum.”

“Have a good day!” called mum as me and Mikey pulled on our converse and left the house.

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, yawning. I grabbed my bag and had to run out the house after Mikey, who had begun walking at light speed towards school. “Why the hurry?”

“Because we’ll be late, otherwise!”

“Mikes, it only takes fifteen minutes. School starts in half an hour. We have time! Why are you worrying, anyway? Meeting your secret girlfriend?” I asked. Mikey glared at me.

“Yeah, something like that," he said, voice laden with sarcasm.

“Oh, what’s her name?” I asked. Mikey remained silent. “Allllllright, then, what’s his name?”

“Gerard!” hissed Mikey.

“Hey! You know I’m not going to discriminate.”

“Only because that would make you a hypocrite.”

“In the same way you keep denying your relationship with your pink hair straighteners.”

“They do their job! Well, except on your sexuality...”

“All the girls can’t get enough of me, yet I’m as bent a dog’s hind leg!” I said cheerfully, swinging my bag at Mikey’s head. Don’t get me wrong, I love my brother, but god is he annoying.

“Ow! Don’t do that.”

“Stop annoying me, then.”

“Come on, Gerard, you know I’m joking. There isn’t a girl in the school who wouldn’t date you,” said Mikey, almost bitterly.

“Did I just detect... jealousy? Aww, is little Mikey jealous of his sexy big brother?” I asked teasingly, running my hand through my tangled black hair. Mikey took his turn to swing his bag at my head.


“Okay. Maybe I deserved that.”

We arrived at the school gates fifteen minutes early, just as I had predicted. Mikey strode off towards the music block straight away, leaving me sitting on my own on the brick wall outside the entrance to the school.

I did like the school, I guess. It had an amazing arts and performances program, and most of the teachers weren’t total assholes. Apart from the PE teachers of course, but then when had they ever been happy people? Scratch that, when had they ever been human?

“Oy! Fuckface!” I looked around to see where the voice came from, but I only caught a glimpse of a figure before my vision was smothered by something thick, red and smelling of hairspray.

“Jenna!” The tall, grinning figure of the girl that was one of my best friends pulled away from her vicious attack of bear hugs. She had been my friend for about forever, seeing as we had been in the same classes since we were thirteen. She was one of the happiest people I knew, always bouncing and caring, despite her rather insane exterior. I’d been sitting on my own on my first day of high school in English class, when she had strode over, plonked herself down in the seat next to be and started talking nineteen to the dozen.

“So, looking forward to school?” she asked, perching herself on the wall next to me.


“Neither am I. And we have an assembly first thing.”

“Oh, great,” I groaned. Jenna grinned.

“Isn’t it just? At least we get to see everyone again.”

“Are we having it with Year... Geez, we’re in Year 12 now. Shit. Are we having it with the Year 11s, like last year?”

“I think so. I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out when we go in.”

We must have been an odd sight to the other people who were walking in. I did mention earlier that it was stupidly sunny, so people were probably wondering why I at least wasn’t melting. But then again, people got used to used to us. Just your average vampire sitting next to his rainbow wolverine friend. Nothing usual there.

“Come on, we ought to go inside. The bells about to go and we want good seats in the theatre,” I said, jumping off the wall. Jenna nodded and jumped off after me, but thanks to her long clumsy legs, she buckled and fell on her butt. I burst out laughing.

“Shut up!” she said, scrambling to her feet. I just grinned and we went inside together.


Frank’s POV

Yay. New school. This is going to be fun, I thought, rolling my eyes at myself. This school looked okay compared to my last one. At least it didn’t have some stupid uniform. I stood in the office, watching groups of students entering the school as the bell rung. They all wore a white shirt with a black tie, but apart from that they all looked different. There were a group of girls in tiny skirts parting the crowds, arms linked, with their heads held high. Behind them came a tall, pale guy with black, spiky hair. Then came a tall boy with straight pale brown hair and glasses, walking alongside a tiny girl with choppy dark brown hair and a thick fringe hanging in her eyes.

“Frank Iero?” I turned my head to see a tall, pale woman standing in the door.


“I’m Miss James,” she said, holding out a hand. I took it and raised my eyebrows. She was wearing a tight, knee-length pencil skirt and red blouse; she did mange to make it look rather modest, but the male receptionist was still sitting there with his eyes out on stalks.

“So, what do I have to do now?” I asked, adjusting my Green Day bag over my shoulder.

“You’re starting Year 11, aren’t you? You have a First-day-of-school orientation assembly with the rest of your Year, and the Year 12’s, too. You’ll receive your timetable there. I’ll show you the way?”

“Okay,” I said.

“By the way,” said Miss James as we made our way through the finally quiet halls. “I admire your taste in music.” She nodded towards my bag. I grinned.

“Thanks, Miss.”

“I hope you’ll like this school. There are some complete assholes, as in every school, but there are also some pretty good kids. I shouldn’t play favourites, but I do,” she said, smiling. I couldn’t held but smile as well. Finally, a teacher who actually seemed cool.

We reached the theatre and Miss smiled at me before we walked in.

“Good morning, guys!” she called as she walked in. The hall cheered and waved; Miss James was evidently one of the more favoured teachers in the school. I just hovered awkwardly in the doorway.

“Morning!” shouted a few voices from the audience.

“So, guys, we have a new student in Year 11 starting today,” said Miss James, turning towards me and beckoning me. My heart leapt into my throat; I didn’t know that I was going to be introduced to the entire fucking year! I walked out, suddenly really terrified. A few of the faces were looking at me like ‘Who the fuck is this guy’, especially some of the whores in short skirts.

“This is Frank. Be nice to him, okay?” said Miss James, looking around the hall. “You can go sit with Penina Dayne, I think she’s in your class. Where are you, Penina? I saw you this morning!” I peered up under my hood to see a girl with thick chestnut coloured hair and a full fringe waved at me from the back of the left section. I smiled and made my over to sit in the spare seat next to her.

“Hey, nice to meet you,” she said, holding out her hand as Miss James began to talk to the rest of the school.

“You too,” I said, shaking her hand.

“I would introduce you to my other friends, but most of them are in different years, except for Ray here,” she said, gesturing towards the tall boy with thick, curly brown hair sitting next to her. I shrugged.

“S’okay. I’m not very social,” I said, shrugging. Ray and Penina grinned.

“You will be when you meet the other guys. You feel like you have to compete with them for role of lead conversationalist,” said Ray. “Gerard, Bob and Jenna are in the year above, they’re sitting over with the rest of Year 12 -” he pointed towards the other section “- and Mikey and Anna are in the year below.”


“You’ll meet them at lunchtime,” said Penina. “But we have ten minutes of unprofitable boredom ahead of us before lessons start, so... yeah. We ought to talk later. Miss is giving us the death glare.”

Sure enough, Miss James had stopped speaking and was glaring at us three. I smiled and leant back in the seat, feeling that I had finally found a school that I could fit in with.

Ahahaha. So, this story is essentially going to be a mindless story of fluff and silliness. Lots of this will be based around my own school experience, so if you see something really stupid or awkward happen to Gee or Frankie in this story, chances are it happened to me. And go and read my latest one shot, please. It's called 'Christmas Cards'. Kindly Rate and Review, guys. Love you lots.

BleedingValentine xx
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