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Mr and Mrs Insanity

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“I flushed some sodium down the toilets and... um, it blew up."

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Here's the next chapter, guys! I enjoy writing this. It's a lot easier because there's a lot of stuff that has actually happened to me. You're looking at most of my life through a fanfiction, guys xD Anyway.

Chapter Two; Mr and Mrs Insanity


“Beatles!” Jenna and I had been arguing all the way down the hall from assembly to the classroom. It was quiet, because the PE teachers would turn up and try to eat us if we were ‘louder than necessary’. Lucky for us, we had Miss James for History, who was the complete opposite from Nazi PE teacher. When she wasn’t teaching, she’d be sitting on the desk chatting to us lot, playing Green Day to the class.

The class was halfway between party and riot mode as we entered. Miss James was just sat at the front with her feet on the desk, chatting to a short guy in a black hoodie who I didn’t recognize. I slumped in my usual space at the back, next to our other friend Bob Bryar and, for some reason, Ray from the year below.

“Hey guys! I didn’t realize this was a mixed year class,” said Jenna, putting her feet on the desk. Ray shrugged.

“Neither did I, until I saw Bob. Penina’s in another class,” he said.

“Any clue who’s the new kid?” asked Bob, nodding towards the boy at the front.

“Nope,” I said.

“Yes,” said Ray. We all looked at him. “His name’s Frank. He was introduced this morning in assembly, didn’t you hear?” Us three just looked at him.

“You really think that any of us pay attention?”

“Good point.”

“Alright, guys, sit down! Darren, get off the light fittings,” said Miss James, standing up. Everyone gradually returned to their seats, and Darren fell down from where he was indeed swinging from the lights. The boy who was evidently Frank, was standing with his arms crossed over his chest covering the logo on his hoodie. I strained to see what it was, but his arms had barely moved before Jenna screeched.

“Misfits? Are you serious?!” she shouted, turning to hit me in the chest. Hard. The whole class turned and stared at us, including Frank. Sure enough, he was wearing a Misfits hoodie.

“Hey, what did I do?!”

“Jenna!” warned Miss James, placing one hand on her hips. “Guys, this is Frank. I introduced him this morning. Try not to bite his head off.” Frank nodded and pulled down his hood. The whole class seemed to jump back a bit as he revealed his face properly. His hair was black and flopped all over the place, the sides slightly shorter and dyed bright red. His skin was slightly darker than mine but so not much, and he was so small, almost elfin.

A girl at the front of the room burst out laughing. At Frank I could tell, because the silence that had stretched between him revealing his face and the hysterical laughter was just long enough for someone to make a stupid judgement.

“The voices in your head say something funny?” I asked, bitter at the laughing girl. She was one of those slutty girls that you find everywhere, her hair tied up messily and her lips FAR too glossy. Her name was Candy. Or something stupid like that.

“If it’s that amusing, Candace-” (so that’s what her name was) “-would you care to share what the voices have told you?” The whole class laughed at her. They loved it when teachers picked on students. Candace pouted and shook her head, pushing her fake hipster glasses further up her nose.

“Miss, he’s going to sit here so I can educate him and this other moron on how brilliant the Beatles really are,” said Jenna, glaring pointedly at me.

“I was going to suggest that, he’s met Ray already,” said Miss James. Frank grinned.

“I’m hoping you’re not actually going to murder me, because Misfits is about a hundred times better than the Beatles,” he said. His voice was quite husky, in a sort of boyish way. I was about to slap myself, but I caught sight of Jenna’s face, her mouth open in indignation.

“Well, fuck you, then,” she said, tossing her red hair out of her face. The class sniggered. I smiled as Frank made his way over to us, and nodded towards the empty seat next to me.

“Hey. I’m Gerard, nice to meet you,” I said, raising my hand in a lazy way.

“Frank,” he said, sitting next to me. I turned to him, intending to start a conversations, but.... whoa. I spazzed out a little bit when I looked into his eyes; they were the most beautiful hazely-green, a world of colour sitting behind his red-lined eyelids. The splashes of green stood out against the whites of his eyes and contrasted alarmingly with the red eyeliner, almost captivating in an eerie sort of way.

What the fuck did I just say? I shook my head clear, almost blushing. What? I didn’t blush. Oh, shut up, Gerard. Since when did I, Gerard Way, do sappy teenage girl monologues?! Since now, apparently.

“Nope, I have to say Misfits, Jenna, so please be quiet,” came Bob’s voice. I turned and saw him just looking straight at her. Bob often appeared to have no emotions.

“Ugh, you guys...” said Jenna, shaking her hair and looking directly at Frank. “I’m not often this bitchy it’s just... uh... you know, The Beatles rule and all...” She blushed bright red as she made eye contact with Frank. I smirked to myself; so it wasn’t just me. It was actually the eyes. But then, Jenna was always awkward around cute guys.

Hang on, did I just call Frank cute?!

Frank stayed pretty quiet throughout his first few lessons, or at least that’s what Ray told me. That first lesson had, so far, been the only mixed year class of the day. Luckily he had all his lessons so far with Ray, who was a bit weirded out that I wanted him to keep an eye on Frank but he understood why. Our school didn’t take well to new kids. There was a bit of tradition to see who could hit the new guy or girl the most on their first day. That, I think, was the other reason for Jenna volunteering for him to join us.

People didn’t like to argue with us. Bob was about as scary-looking as a rabid bulldozer; and that’s pretty scary. Jenna was tall and mental. Ray had a slightly wild look behind his eyes, and Penina knew exactly how to stand up for herself. Even though all of us were as sweet as can be... sort of... there was the rumour that we were vampires, and that we ate people we didn’t like.

I liked Frank. He seemed more confident than the usual shy first kids, and had a very ‘love-me-or-hate-me’ attitude. You were either going to be best friends or worst enemies. I was rather hoping to fall into the first category.

The only lesson I had him all to myself (muahahahahahaha) was Chemistry, fourth period just before lunch. I waltzed in and he was sitting there, on his own at the back.

“Mr Way!” I was stopped by the teacher before I could move over. I turned slowly and raised my eyebrows.


“I refuse to let you it with Mr Bryar this semester. Kindly sit elsewhere,” he said. I turned and saw that Bob was indeed sitting at the front, spinning a pencil in his fingers. He shrugged at me. I shrugged back and moved towards the back to sit next to Frank.

“Hey,” I said, smiling.

“Hey. Just a quick warning... Science isn’t my strong point, and I’m possibly the clumsiest human being ever,” he said. I smirked.

“Great!” I said. “We’ll probably end up blowing something up.”

“That’s how I got kicked out of my last school. I flushed some sodium down the toilets and... um, it blew up. Massive hole in the grounds where the pipes run,” said Frank, smiling. I laughed.

“The teachers are always careful to never put me and Ray in the same science classes. I set his hair on fire in Year Ten, and they haven’t forgotten.”

“How’d you manage that?”

“I had a lighter,” I said, grinning. “I was extremely bored.”

“You have a tendency to destroy things? At least there’s only an hour in which to fuck shit up.”

“One hour... you do realize how much could go wrong? Once, in Biology, we were dissecting frogs and I dug the scalpel right into my hand instead. Accidentally!” I added, seeing Frank’s cute little nose winkle up in distaste. (Stop it, Gerard. Stop thinking of noses.)

“It’s not that, it’s the whole dissecting animals thing,” he said. 

“Oh, so I can stab myself as much as I want just as long as we don’t hurt the animals?” I teased. Frank rolled his eyes.

“I’m a vegetarian.”

“How boring.”

“Mr Way, will you please shut up?” snapped the teacher. I still couldn’t remember his name. Bob turned around and poked his tongue out at me. I pulled a face at him back.

“This will be fun,” I muttered, rocking back on the back legs of my stool. Frank nodded in agreement and leant forward, folding his arms under his chin and resting on the table like he was going to fall asleep.


Finally, the bell rung to signal lunch. Before most people could react I had jumped up, grabbed Frank’s arm and dragged him out of the classroom with me. 

“Oy!” he protested but he kept up with me as I headed towards the cafe.

“Look, we don’t wanna get caught in the huge as lunch queue,” I said, bursting through the huge double doors. There were only a few people in the cafeteria.

“Yeah, but there’s a whole hour for lunch,” complained Frank, rubbing the spot on his arm where I had grabbed him. I shrugged, as we joined the very short line.

“Hello, love,” said Sarah, the snack lady, handing me my customary coffee. She was my favourite; the other dinner ladies were trolls. And I’m not joking. “Who’s your new friend?”

“This is Frankie,” I said. Sarah smiled.

“Well, welcome to the school, Frankie,” she said, handing him a brown paper bag. He raised his eyebrow at me.

“Trust me, you don’t want the other cooking,” I said. Sarah laughed, and Frank giggled. I mean, an actual, proper, high pitched, girly giggle. I mentally hit myself.

“A friend of Gerard’s is a friend of mine, love,” said Sarah.

“Well... thanks.” he said. “Ooh!” Inside the bag was a massive chocolate chip cookie, and boy could Sarah bake good cookies. I waved at her as we made our way outside, Frank munching on his cookie (that was, in all honesty, bigger than he was. It wasn’t that difficult).

The grounds of the school were a decent size. There was a huge courtyard in the middle of the building, but around the front there was a basketball court and a football pitch. Behind the school was a field full of picnic tables and shady trees; my friends and I had taken the circular table at the furthest corner.

Jenna and Bob were already there when Frank and I arrived. Bob and a third friend, Anna, were sitting on the table and tossing a tennis ball in the air to each other. Anna was in Mikey’s year, and we only saw her at break. She was absolutely tiny, with choppy brown hair and huge blue eyes she looked rather timid, especially seeing as she always wore and oversized hoodie over her uniform.

But don’t get me wrong - she is one angry little fireball. She’s hilarious, but if you don’t know her, or if she doesn’t like you... it’s best to stay away.

“Hey, asshole,” she said as I approached them.

“Nice to see you too, Anna,” I said, giving her a hug. I grinned at Jenna as she moved around and began to try and style Bob’s hair.

“Hey, you must be Frank,” said Anna, waving.


“You guys okay?”

“Yeah, just get this madwoman away from me!” squealed Bob, trying to run away from Jenna, who had a devious twinkle in her eye.
“We call them Mr and Mrs Insanity,” I said. “They already act like a married couple.”

“Do not,” said Bob.

“Do so.”



“Oh will you shut up?!”

So yeah, this was re-written a bit. The original idea was to use my own school as a set up, but I liked what I'm about to do to the story, so I removed the original ideas of tables and am going to describe their hideout in more detail later on.

Jenna is much like MYBESTFRIENDSEVER Lydia and Manuela, and yes, Darren really does swing from the lights. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter. Please Rate and Review. You'll get Sarah's cookies. And she is actually wonderful.

BleedingValentine xx
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