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Surprise Me! (Gerard+OC Oneshot) FLUFFFFY!

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This is probably the cutest oneshot i've ever written. The ending is super cute too:3

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A/N Hey! Sooooo I promised a little One Shot for my friend Cordelia Serene :) She's got a bug at the moment but we had such a lovely chat today and I had to make up for all of the comments she's posted.

It's also dedicated to SexyDogBuns and AwkwardLikeMikey because both of you have commented on loads of my fanfics.

I love the end to this one guys, and i hope you do too!:D

"Never wann'ed to dance with nobody but you wouldn't take no for an answer you fucking biiitchhh!" I finished off the song with a little shimmy and continued down the road, please with my little dance move.

I was just walking home from my friend Rachel's house, and I was really hyper. Like, desperately, so I decided to take my mind off of it and have a little party sesh.

With myself.

In public.

Wearing my PJ shorts and tee, a fluffy dressing gown and giant sheep slippers.

Yes, I am that cool.

So anyway, back to the story. As I rounded a corner, the song changed to the theme tune to 'Strawberry Shortcake'. I'm not even going to lie, it's been my ring tone for going on four years and I'm not ashamed. I've seen almost every episode, but there is one box set I've never found which I've tried to buy for ages.

So, I was 15 back then, a bit of a misfit, albeit a proud one.

I had only one close friend, Rachel, who was obviously equally as strange to let her best friend walk around in her PJ's in public, but hey, why waste your childhood on trying to be grown up?

Then chorus came, my favourite part, and I had to step into the middle of the road and belt it out. So I half waddled half jogged, (those slippers were difficult to walk in okay?) to the road and made sure there were no cars. I took a deep breath and stood still, clapping and shaking in time with the music. The street lights began to spill their greasy orange glow, like a spotlight, across the glistening pavement, which resembled a black lake.

"THAT GIRL'S SO SWEET JUST LIKE HER NAME, STRA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BERRY! STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!" I remember collapsing in a fit of giggles and reminding myself I belonged in a nut house instead of a normal school.

My night was getting better as 'Fall For You' by Secondhand Serenade came on, which I sang along to because it's such a cute song.

So, there I was, jiggling and jumping down the street, singing my heart out, feeling freakin' great about life. I was just content with the music and I remember accepting then and there that I'd never be ...'normal' let's say.

But I didn't care! I had Rachel, I had music and I wasn't boring.

One thing I didn't have, however, was common sense. I didn't bother to check to see if there were any people witnessing my moment of crazy weakness, so I didn't notice the boy walking behind me until he began to sing along.

With me.

To my music.

Then it had dawned on me; I was being stalked!

But I must admit, my first thoughts were of how beautiful this kid's voice was. I spun around and jumped into a karate stance.

Okay, so I probably looked like an idiot because I don't even know karate, so I was bluffing when I shouted to the stranger in the dark, "I'm black-belt. Bring it bitch."

He just chuckled darkly and I genuinely melted. Not because I was shit scared and somebody was following me, but because his chuckle was even sexier than Jimmy Urine's voice. That is sexy.

"I like that song." He told me as I cunningly lured him towards a street lamp.

"That song doesn't like you." I replied, trying to sound as threatening as I could. That failed.

I don't even know why I said it. Songs can't like people. Actually, scratch that. I knew why I said it. I'd had a mind blank. Why I hear you (metaphorically) ask?

Because this boy was beautiful.

My jaw just dropped at that point as my eyes scanned his body. He was wearing a Misfits hoodie and black, faded, ripped skinnies. His black converses were battered and worn, but he was still so gorgeous.

Seriously, he literally took my breath away and I thought I was going to have a seizure at the mere sight of him. He had mid length, raven hair which resembled an inky black waterfall of feathers. I could see his pale skin which was being illuminated slightly by the glow of the street lights, and his lips were just perfect. They had a chapped, pinky tinge to them which complimented his cute button nose. His large, peculiar eyes stood out to me the most, however. I couldn't decipher what colour they actually were, but I just know that they were beautiful. They were like brown orbs with green and russet flecks splattered through the iris, both framed with thick black lashes and a smokey line of kohl eyeliner.

I remember staring into those eyes and knowing I'd be head-over-heels for him if his personality was as beautiful as his looks.

"Uhh- I just mmm..." I don't know where it came from, but before I could say Strawberry Shortcake's cat Custard and dog Pupcake, the boy chuckled.

"I'm Gerard." He introduced himself. I just nodded, still a little dumbfounded and distrusting my voice, before I decided I looked like a drowning goldfish and told him my name.

"A-Amelia." I smiled. It was a rather crooked smile, but a smile nevertheless.

"Nice to meet you. So what's a young lady doing walking the streets at this time of night? Hmm?" Gerard smirked and I nearly dropped to his feet.

I managed to stay... slightly balanced. "I-uhh.. I was at my f-friend's and I uh- I had to come home because we have school in the morning?" It came out as more of a question and I felt so stupid. Gerard grinned and told me he'd walk me home.

So we walked, we talked and we realized how much we had in common. Same music, movies, likes and dislikes, and we decided to see more of each other.

And theeeen we dated!

I remember our first argument. Gerard told me he wasn't right for me because I found out he was an addict. He packed his belongings in cardboard boxes and moved out for seventeen says. I remember collapsing on the bathroom floor, letting tears flow and choking on my sobs. I'd never been so empty. I genuinely believed he'd never come back, but on the eighteenth day, as I sat in my living room sobbing, I heard a knock at my door.

I trudged slowly, eyes threatening to spill more tears as I opened it up.

"I love you." was all Gerard needed to say before snatching me into a loving hug and gushing out apologies and words of hate towards himself for ever leaving me, and how I could do better than him.

I knew I never could.

Those seventeen days was all it took for him to get clean. Completely clean of all drugs, and he did it with one person in mind.


So, that's the story of how I found love with Gerard Arthur Way.

Now, I'm not going to lie, there are many more romantic ways of meeting, instead of being embarrassed out of your head, but here I am, on the couch after a date with Gee. It's our fifth year anniversary today, and Gerard took me out to a theme park and we had so much fun. He told me had a surprise for me tonight and aren't I excited to find out what it is?

Suddenly, my phone buzzes, so I scrabble around to find it. My heart warms at his very convenient nickname for me.

From: Geetard the Retard

'Hey Melia, had a wonderful day,

Happy Anniversary Shortcake!

Five years you've put up with me, so i'm outside your door with a surprise.

Love you lots, Gee xoxo'

I giggle and run to my door, swinging it open to see an empty street.

That arseholey.

"BOO!" Someone shouts and I scream as Gerard's gorgeous face pops up from nowhere. I giggle, letting him chase me into the living room before he picks me up from behind and swings me around.

When he finally puts me down, he kisses my cheek and smiles, resting his chin on my shoulder.

"What?" I say, wondering why he's all quiet. He walks in front of me smiling.

I nearly drop into a coma right then and there at what he does next.

Gerard gets down on one knee, pulls a little box out of his back pocket, and pops it open, to reveal the most beautiful diamond ring I've ever laid eyes on. The entire colour spectrum reflects off of it and I gasp, clutching my hands to my mouth.

"Amelia Rose Montez. Will you marry me?" Gerard says, looking slightly nervous but staring up at me so adoringly. Gerard's suddenly the only one that's on my mind. I forget everything else as I stare into the beautiful eyes I love so much.

Unable to form words, I nod about five million times as tears brim at my blue eyes.

"Oh God Gee I- I- Of course! I love you Gerard! I really love you!" I cry frantically. My heart feels as if it'll implode, but it's the most amazing feeling in the world. He holds me in his arms again before placing the ring on my finger so delicately.

So we gush and we kiss and we remind each other how much we're in love, before Gerard puts his finger up and says, "One more surprise."

He quickly runs out of the room to his coat and bags and reappears, holding something out towards me. My heart still hasn't calmed properly as I look down and the medium sized box. I take it from him, giggling and squealing like a typical girl.

"I love you Amelia." Gerard whispers, playing with my choclate coloured locks of hair.

I eagerly rip open the spotty wrapping paper to reveal what I've wanted since way before I was 15.

The final Strawberry Shortcake box set.
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