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Thank You

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Spoilers for Reality Trip. A short poem from Danny to all the people who supported him when his secret was revealed. 'Tis sweet.

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Notes: This was kind of a spur of the moment type thing. I was in a poetry mood, and I felt bad that everyone forgot about Danny Fenton/Phantom at the end. I was kind of disappointed in his decision, but I understand why he chose to make everyone forget. Being famous makes it harder to fight ghosts, and I think he feels his parents would have acted differently around him. More self-conscious about what they said, and more protective of him maybe? Anyway, I thought this was an appropriate response.


Thank you.

Don't ask me for what,

I can't tell you.

It's a secret.

But I'm grateful for

Your help,

Your love,

Your support.

I just can't believe,

That all of you

Really like me.

I wasn't the freak anymore,

Or the loser.

I wasn't hated.

I wasn't hunted.

I was loved by my family,

And appreciated by my peers.

All because I was just...


I chose to change that.

I threw away

The one thing I wanted

More than anything.


But I'm okay.

Because I know

That if I need it,

It will be there.

I'm sorry I made you forget.

But it was nice while it lasted, wasn't it?

So thank you, for everything.


End Notes: Luv y'all.
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